Replacement Most of us like food, cook food, and enjoy eating food. But for those who just want to take a pill or a shake this category may be for you. recipes, Recipes, RECIPES Post up your keto Recipes, improve on ours from the podcast, or create something new, delicious and keto - and share with the community. Meat Cuts of Meat , cooking tips, and just generally meatiness. Zero Carb / Carnivore <a class="mention" href="/users/amber">@amber</a> is taking the lead on this category. She lives it and has all the carnivore smarts. Vegetables Vegetables, Vegetarianism, and Veganism Fat How do you get fat to Satiety? Kids This section is for collecting topics relating to the proper feeding of children Keto in the wild A place to share photos of keto food out there in the real world, maybe a restaurant near you has a keto option, or a food product in a store fits your macros. Share a photo. #BoringKeto In 2014 a Dietitian once told <a class="mention" href="/users/richard">@richard</a> "Even if science shows a ketogenic diet to be advantageous, no-one can keep to such a boring diet. Keto Bargains Use this topic to share info on hot keto deals at supermarkets and online. Sous Vide For people who like to do things low, long and slow Kitchen Tools & Gadgets We all have our most-used and loved kitchen tools and gadgets so here is a place to share that love, drool over wished-for items and ask for recommendations. Protein Is protein the most important nutrient? Alcohol This category is for discussing low carb options for Alcohol as well as science specific to alcohol metabolism by a fat adapted human. Speedy Keto This is the place to look for quick and easy keto meals when time is of the essence. Keto on a Budget Can you still enjoy keto if you are on a budget? Of course you can. We can’t all afford the best products and gadgets, however much we would like them. There is artistry in budget cooking though. Some of the tastiest dishes in history have come from peasant kitchens where they had to create something tasty from very little. So roll your sleeves up and get creative! This is a place to share all those tasty dishes you have already created or discovered as well as finding new tips and tricks to make your money go that bit further.
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