I believe I have nailed keto pasta

(carl) #1

I am not giving out the recipe yet, but I am gathering names and emails of those who would be interested in it. Click on the Google Doc link below to register.


If it tastes half as good as it looks you might be on a winner!

(Monique) #3

Dude- sign me up!!!

(Jill F.) #4

It makes my inner carb addicted chubby girl squeal! Please share!

(Janelle) #5

Me, please.

(Raj Seth) #6

Me 2!

(Lori) #7

Yes Please! :slight_smile:

(Raj Seth) #8

Need to click on the Google Doc in Carl’s post to send in your email address…

(Janelle) #9

Thanks! That wasn’t quite clear.


If you are not ready to give it out publicly, and for free, don’t post about it.


(Lauren) #11

Dear lord…yes please!

(For the love of my hubby) #12

Yes - sign me up please:)

(Bob M) #13

I ate pasta every day for 20 + years. Now, when I want pasta, I just make meat sauce. For me, no fake noodles are necessary. Noodles stress my stomach, spaghetti squash is OK, but I really find I don’t need it.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #14

I’d have to agree with Alexia.

Why dangle something in front of peoples faces if you have no intention of sharing it in your community forum, which has a recipe section?
What if I don’t like giving out my email?

Oh, I guess i’ll just be singled out :joy:


Quite disappointing to see that kind of “teasing” and “ email fishing “ here and from someone so reputable as you… I have no interest in your pasta recipe, my greatest achievement to date is having thoroughly adapted to live a life without carb-cravings… haven’t missed pasta since July 2017! That’s what this forum is really about… about encouragement not about tempting!


I will be singled out with you too then :joy: we can start a new forum called “The Ravio-less”


With you!:+1:

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #18

I think he’s just excited about it and wants to share it with people but also thinks he can make some money out of it!

(Running from stupidity) #19

Yeah, no comment here, I learned my lesson.

(Cindy) #20

From the Google Doc

I have been tight lipped about the recipe because I think it is SO revolutionary that I may start a company to produce it. In the meantime, if you sign up below to be notified, I will let you know if and when the recipe or a product becomes available.

So yes, a possible company/product based on the recipe, so not giving it away makes sense. Email sign-ups can be a way to gauge actual interest in the product. I don’t think it’s meant to be a teaser any more than a KickStarter campaign or something like that.