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Even if he did, medical ethics would preclude talking about it.

But as you say, his hunch about what might have been happening with Dr. Saladino is interesting, and may well be right.


this guy has great, short, high quality(!) informational/inspirational vids. he lives in japan


Well we know that what he promises (super quick fat-loss and muscle gain) won’t happen to most of us… Especially not with a breakfast of 600g beef, 10 eggs and a little cheese :smiley: I actually can’t eat that much (and I thought I eat a ton sometimes :slight_smile: well I do but I need more meals for it especially on carni).
I had no problem with the other things in it but this one is misleading.


yea I feel ya but again the physical body requires not one plant carb for survival so??? but yea we are super individual but when a guru runs rampant LOL

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Hey, Karen, I wasn’t saying Saladino was right, but that Chaffee’s guess at what happened with Saladino might be right. But your point about the body needing no carbohydrate whatsoever is well-taken.


oh yea all good I feel ya on it :slight_smile:


I haven’t been keeping up. Guess I’ll have to dip back into the pool. I quit listening to Saladino a long time ago, something about him just didn’t sit with me.


yea me neither and he has lost the zc community for sure. :slight_smile:


South Park got it right long ago :slight_smile: click the crazy big link, I don’t know why the video of this short clip doesn’t come up but hey it worked when I clicked it so…

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