I believe I have nailed keto pasta

(Kathy L) #143

I preordered the book & downloaded the recipe last night. Haven’t had time to try yet - but am wondering if I take these to work for lunch, can they be heated/ microwaved to warm them up (& melt butter) before eating?? Anyone try that??

(carl) #144

Yes, they refrigerate, freeze, and reheat easily.

(Kathy L) #145

Awesome!! Thanks Carl! Just got my “other” ingredients from Amazon (literally delivered 2 minutes ago) can’t wait to try!! Love you guys!!

(carl) #146

Puctures, or it didn’t happen!

(Kathy L) #147

You asked for them (& I got em!!!) LOL ! Parsley buttered Bzoodles!!! image|375x500

(Kathy L) #148

Next time I’ll try rolling up when cool, and cutting -hope they won’t stick to themselves!

(jketoscribe) #149

I found them better after a night in the fridge. When I first made them, they were a little tough and chewy, but after a night in the fridge where I guess they reabsorbed some moisture, they were PERFECT the next day.

(jketoscribe) #150

I paid the impatience tax and I’m so glad I did The b’zoodles are great. It’s so much fun having noodles!!! This weekend I’m going to try to make them thin enough for pho noodles!

I think on the b’zoodles site Carl said someone was successful in making them in the oven on a silicone sheet. Is that anyone here? I can’t imagine how, as hitting that hot pan starts setting the batter, doesn’t seem like it would work, but I’d love to try as that would make it easier to make pho-type noodles for sure and less waste along the edges. If you’ve done it, please tell us the technique and temperature for baking.

I had good success rolling the crepes to slice into noodles with a sharp knife. The secret is to make sure it’s really cool so that nothing sticks. And it’s kind of fun unrolling the noodles–I grab the free end and flick my wrist to unroll them.

The other thing I think might work is something like this to cut the noodles: Multiblade herb mincer If I could roll in a straight line it would be great!

I may also try chopping up the edge waste or maybe the crepe itself for “rice”. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower rice and I haven’t found a good substitute.

(jketoscribe) #151

Today’s b’zoodle yield was pretty paltry (triple batch) because I had some failed experiments. Still haven’t worked out how to do a flat crepe in the oven.

So I finished off in my nonstick Pan.

The bottom baggie is “riced” bzoodle. It’s made from the cut off edges and one miserably failed crepe, chopped up in the food processor. The crepe seemed to give the edges a little moisture so that the texture is more fluffy and rice-like. I’ll see how it works with food.

Tomorrow I will make another batch but use the pan that works best and try to make a lot to freeze them. I’m tempted to go out and buy a larger non-stick pan but we made a commitment not to buy any more non stick pans and we have too many frying pans already.

I had noodles all week and it was wonderful.


For those who have made the “noodles”, how long did it take you to perfect the process? I’m trying to patiently wait for the recipe to be released…but may have to bump up my payment and add the impatient tax. LOL.

I’m dying to try them in browned butter and some myzithra cheese.


If this is entirely new have you patented the recipe?
Can a food be patented?

(carl) #156

So awesome!

The noodle making machine is on it’s way to RD86! I can’t wait!

(carl) #157

No, a recipe can’t be patented as far as I know.7

(Wendy) #159

I know this is a little late but there was this Mushroom ravioli dish I just love from a restaurant called Maggiano’s. It is creamy with mushroom filling. Heavenly.
Just looked it up and they call it Mushroom Ravioli AL Forno. It has an Alfredo sauce. How Keto right? Well with your Bzoodles they could be!

(carl) #160

I think that might be in Norwich, no? Definitely easy to do.

(carl) #161

We unboxed the bZoodle machine today

(Wendy) #162

I don’t know. I live in Illinois. It is a chain restraint though I don’t know how big.
I just ordered the book. Can’t wait for July!

(carl) #163

The bZoodle maker works! I gave it a test run yesterday with good results. Still needs tweaking but I’m confident we will have them at Ketofest!

Here are my photos and videos:

All set up and ready to go

First Run

The next run didn’t quite work, but the consistency of the noodle is perfect!

Take a look at the consistency!

Finally, on the third run I got one long noodle, but still not smooth

Fourth run. Smoother, but not perfect

Cutting that long piece

(Chris Wolfgram) #164

Spaghetti squash is better than “okay” it’s freaking awesome ! Taste wise anyway. But I was just checking carbs for all the ingredients (with sauce) and honestly, I think a big plate would be like 50 carbs… I haven’t eaten anything that high in carbs since I started Keto. Hmm.

(jketoscribe) #165

Oodles of B’zoodles.