JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Edith) #483

Hi y’all. Just a quick note for today’s meals:

Breakfast: 10 ounce New York Strip, 3 fried eggs

Snack: beef stick

Dinner: 5 ounce pork chop, salmon burger (4 ounces), 1/2 pound of chicken wings.

I would say that was definitely a good quantity of food. Also, eating almost a pound of meat at breakfast really hangs in for many hours. It makes 2mad much more doable.

(Edith) #484

I wish I could get my daughters to at least eat low carb. :pensive:

(Heather) #485

I’m thrilled my DD is ZC, I wish I could get my hubby on board. He needs it much more than she does, but at this time, I’ll take what I can get. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alvaro is HCHF for life but as long as he is thriving on it and manages to have a healthy, mildly active life even beyond 100 years old, I am fine with it (and I couldn’t do anything about it anyway). I STILL wasn’t motivated enough to make a small miracle and give him a low-carb day… My own eating is challenging enough sometimes. And chaotic. I don’t even do IF and it always was natural to me. The piglet is pretty much irresistible though (and triggers small meals so it’s fine I have more of them) :smiley: And very fatty but I complained about it when we ate the first half. This half isn’t leaner or meatier… And Alvaro gets the leanest, biggest meat pieces as he barely can handle those. But it’s nice just hard to eat much at once so I have multiple smaller meals now and eat many eggs too. When we finish the half piglet, I can tell our average meat consumption. It probably will be below 2 pounds per day for us two, me eating the bigger part.

We had snow but it will melt soon. We still have sunshine every day.

(Karen) #487

Are those roll mop herrings? I daw some at Liddl and couldn’t believe how many carbs they had in the pack. May have to look in the local fresh fish shop. My gran used to have these amd i loved them but haven’t eaten them for a long time. Looks great x

(Karen) #488

Crikes! Managed to catch up again.
Went to work for overtime yesterday. Did my stair runs at 4.45am and thought that would be it for the day as i was guessing i would be sitting watching the contractors revamp our new video link. However they had to work in the roof space so that meant I ended up doing a further 30 odd flights of stairs. The contractors were young lads but were soon mumbling about how many stairs they had to climb… isn’t there a lift in this place? lol I just had to smile and tell them it was getting them fit!

Packed lunch yesterday which was just the usual chicken butter and melted cheddar plus some chorizo and corned beef. Wasn’t overly hungry when I got home and didn’t fancy cooking so I just had the 4 remaining bratwurst that I had cooked up the day before, not quite the tasty dish I fancied so followed it with some soft goats cheese. Went to bed early as I new I had a fairly busy day today.

Did a good workout this morning incorporating the 100 stair runs… 4 rounds x 25 stair runs 25 russian twists w/6kg kb 5 pull ups 20 big boy push ups. Not done the CrossFit wod yet may do it later if I fancy.

Been out shopping for my daughter as she and hubby have to isolate till Sunday as she was tested positive for covid and dropped that off at the door. Picked up my friend Raymonds shopping and popping that to him shortly after I have eaten brunch. Did a covid test yesterday at work and that was a negative result so I will have a cuppa with Raymond. Haven’t seen him since wed last week with daughter having the positive test and also working at the prison on the wing and being up close and personal with the lads … unavoidable unfortunately! Then about 3.30pm car to tyre man for the other front tyre to be changed. Good job I have all the energy to fit everything in to my day!

Brunch today will be to finish off the chicken with cheese and then later I have a slow cooked beef brisket to enjoy … tummy just starting to rumble!


Cruisin right along here. Eats yesterday:

3 eggs w/butter

Chicken breast

Dinner 1/3 # ground beef w cheese.
Had some ginger tea before bed, thought it might help me sleep. No such help.
And, much to my dismay, have not lost one.single.pound. In fact, I’ve gained 8 pounds! So…going to do a little elimination here - and get rid of the cheese for awhile. Not sure if that is the culprit, because I’m not eating much at all. I was miffed about that.

On another note, my 15yo daughter has really taken to the “almost ZC” - she still has a few net carbs here and there, but, is still doing really well. She is down about 16 pounds - and feels much better. She, like me, enjoys cheese. That has done a number on her acne. So…I think she might be willing to cut down the intake if I do too.

Going to work today in a bit. Have to work on re-doing a section of the store. Its hard to do while the store is open, so I’m going in at 5am tomorrow with another mgr to work on it. Got a dinner at church tomorrow night…As a special occasion dish, I am thinking of doing a keto cashew chicken. Not sure yet. I just know I’m not cooking 30 ribeyes. Maybe just one for me. =)

Then, Friday morning - gotta get up bright and early to take the oldest daughter to get all 4 of her wisdom teeth pulled. They have to put her under to do this, and if she’s like me - she’s gonna barf afterwards. Anesthesia and I have a love-hate relationship. She’s never been “under” before, so, I don’t know how her body will react. And…she can’t eat prior to it either. So, take a kid with low blood sugar, who passes out easily, can’t handle needles, can’t eat, yank 4 teeth, so she still can eat…what do we do with that? I’m thinking a thermos of warm chicken broth or bone broth might be my only solution. Of course, I can think of all the little premade, sugar-filled cups of things she might want, also. I’d rather not go that route. But…we will see.

Snow finally stopped for the most part. Its gorgeous out- with the snowfall we’ve had. Only about 10F right now though. Better skidaddle off and get ready for work. Have a great day, and attack every task lwith the confidence of 4 year old wearing a super-hero cape. Makes the impossible- possible. =)

(Heather) #490

Congrats to your daughter! Isn’t it great to have a cohort in this way of eating? My daughter and I keep each other accountable. We both gave up processed foods and dairy as a New Year’s resolution. We’ve both done really well!


great carnivore day

took hubbys phone and got a pic of my steaks I am eating in just a minute.

woke up SO hungry and I am gonna hound these bad boys down in a bit. about 1.25 lbs NY Strip

you see in pic I cut my side fat down the line and then cripsy that up real good and do the steaks more towards blue rare.

omgosh I can’t wait—off I go :slight_smile: wish me luck…luck? I need no stinkin’ luck :wink: I will polish these off with great style and enthusiasm :partying_face::100:

(Karen) #492

I got a bit hooked on double (heavy) cream when i first started keto in May last year. I seriously think it increased my weight, that and the amount of cheese i was eating. I had lost 4kg in first week (and i really didn’t do it for weightloss) and i got a bit xomolacent i think. Anyway i put 9n some lbs and wasn’t happy with that so thats when idecided to give the Carni a go at the start of November and completely cut out cream and have recently cut back quite considerably on the cheese. I don’t weigh myself, was guestimating at the start by the way my work trousers had so much waist room in them, and i know the weight has come down again and i feel a whole lot happier. I have more energy with less dairy and also no cravings and i am not constipated as i was to start with either. Loving carni/zc life.

(Heather) #493

I cut out cream, dairy and salt since January 1 and the scale is down 4 pounds and trending downward. I had been stuck at the same weight for a year!

I was sad that I had to give up cheese, because I enjoyed it very much, but I was having the same issues as you - cravings and less energy.

I’m proud of us! :clap:

(Heather) #494

Yum! They look beautiful!

(Karen) #495

Me too we are doing great on this Carni journey! I am still eating cheese but not in excess asI had been doing… it was my go to but I would go to it just for the sake of it and far too often. I found myself buying so much of it everytime I went to Lidl and it was always in my pack up to graze on. I seem to have eliminated most of my grazing too as I just don’t feel the need.

(Karen) #496

Those steaks look amazing. Do you fry them? I never thought about cutting the fat like that, I guess you start with the rinds and then add the steaks to the pan. I like mine rare too. Thing is I find that it has to be a good piece of meat to save it being chewy and I find the Lidl sirloin steaks a bit of a lottery hence I tend to buy more ribeyes than sirloin.

I could do with some good ideas on how best to cook rump, perhaps slow cook it, rump is a cheaper cut, not that I usually worry about what I spend on my food these days. Not going out anywhere, still in lockdown … got to have some pleasures in life eh?

(Vic) #497

Yep, the ingredients of these are herring, vinegar and unions, if you don’t eat the unions its zero carb.

(Vic) #498

Todays meal, had also half a pound leftover chicken with that.


3 days until the end of smaller pants. I’m feeling great. But I can see some slip ups involved with work and stress. So, that is an area to work on.

I’ve tried to go back to fasting during the day on work days then eating a ZC meal that night. But it’s 11:30am, I’m at work and I’m hungry. If I try and block this hunger with coffee, I will get agitated and set off the wrong hormone signals. My body has been tuned during January to break fast just after noon. I think we talk a lot about eat when hungry and putting some effort into food availability to increase ZC success. I think of Fangsy buying up on specials and keeping a well stocked freezer, and how other people cook bulk things like roast meats and boiled eggs to eat when the fridge staring starts and we don’t want to become a cheese escalator.

Yesterday I had bacon and 2 eggs and a large iced long black coffee for breakfast. During the afternoon at work doing paperwork at a desk I got snacky cravings. I used some willpower to wait and had a massive set of baked beef ribs for dinner. Each fork full had a crown of double cream brie cheese on it. I only got through half of what was served to me. So, I have cold beef ribs calling to me from my home fridge (I’ll need to pick up some brie on the way home). I wish I had some beef bone broth that I could add butter to and some extra salt to help me through this work day.

I have been listening to more information about eating saturated fat and losing body visceral fat that may have been accumulating linoleic acid PUFAs for years and it has given me something to try for Fabulous Fat February! FabFatFeb for me. I hope just to eat ruminant meat and fat for February. But I will continue with seafood in the mix. I’m not ready for beef, salt and water just yet. That means no chicken or pork. So, that means no bacon in breakfasts but I’ll gladly swap that out for all beef sausages. The ruminant meat is higher in stearic acid, long chain fatty acids. My aim is not to lose any weight, but to continue to lose belly inches.

You get tallow after you render suet from beef or mutton. tallow makes me think of a Lady Gaga song… We’re in the tallows now


Its around 4am here, 0 degrees F. Gotta leave for work in a few. It is too early (for me) to even be hungry, so I’m just having coffee with collagen powder, and a couple of my supplements. Depending on how the day goes, I may just do a 24 hour fast. M gut feels bloated and uncomfortable- and, in the past, fasting has always helped/healed that sort of thing. Then, I’ll just go carnivore from there again.

Off to work! Cheers!!!


very true. we do get hangry very fast on zc.

key to the beginner carnivore is eat what you love and enjoy. Eat as much as you need at all times. This allowance is what changes us. This allowance to eat as needed at all times is what gives the body only the meat/fat nutrition it requires to put all the work into changing us and then our appetites on how we eat will change by its own natural course.

So yea, you eat and enjoy FB!

Plus every time we lose any fat we are releasing the stored toxins in that fat into our bodies. So there always is a little battle of life happening in our bodies as we lean out and shrink a bit more…even slow small fat release means your body is dealing with that situation.

FabFatFeb…love it!

FerociousFabFatFeb…getting a ring to it now :slight_smile:

yea a crockpot is great for those tougher cuts of meat. I did alot of slow cooking of roasts but now the taste isn’t as favorable on roasts for me. Just a taste change that came over time. I could inhale 3 lbs of chuck roast in a flash from the slow cooker, so yum but now it isn’t a draw. But even a dutch oven in your oven does great for making tender meats too. Don’t mind the oven on now in winter, but summer it never goes on so I am kinda dutch oven cooking in colder weather, hot weather crockpot. Just the way I rolled.

------------------good carnivore day all

I ate those steaks early in the day

then before hitting the road I ate 1/2 lb cheeseburger patty and tin of sardines around 3

got home around 9 and just too late to eat…but omg I was very hungry when I went to bed. I just thought of ribs, steak, crab, scallops and shrimp and a whole roast chicken and that food just cycled in my head for over an hr. My stomach was growling for food and begging but I could not eat at 12 at night, would nail me. I haven’t been in actual ‘feed me now hunger’ for a while. I was surprised how much I did not like ‘being hungry’ to this level LOL

Woke up ravenous! It is only 7:30am but I am gonna have to attack food in a bit. Hitting the road today also and should be home around 1-2 and then I sink into big steaks. And no where to go tonight so I will also eat again I am sure.

no joke I am in total ravenous feed me mode right now and I like it as long as my butt can get to food LOL

All going well. Just being zc and enjoying it!

(Edith) #502

I’m impressed with your changes this past month.