After 90 days of keto, I strongly dislike the taste of coffee. Just me?

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After 90 days of keto, I strongly dislike the taste of coffee. Just me?

I have been a coffee addict for decades.

However, after 90 days of keto, I am finding the taste of coffee more and more repulsive.

I’m having to add more and more Stevia and cream to tolerate it.

I find this to be very odd.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I’m wondering what the cause may be?

The best hypothesis I have is that rapidly shifting from a diet of “processed foods” to “real food” has made my taste buds more sensitive to the presence of poison.

My understanding is that coffee is a poison produced by the plant to deter herbivores.

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Just you. Lots of keto folks love and drink coffee black and otherwise. Coffee is not a problem - I can’t say the same for stevia.

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And cream! Depends how much cream you put in and how many coffees you have. I’m convinced that my own recent weight gain is due to putting lots of cream in many hot drinks per day.

As for your question, no, I still like coffee. (Even black coffee.)


Several years after going keto (I do it on/off all the time though but seeing others it doesn’t matter), I still am kind of addicted to coffee but I am working on it.
I needed years on/off keto (or getting more coffee addicted as it happened after I went keto first) to be able to drink black coffee, though (not black is still better)… Even when it’s not black, it’s very low-cal. And I usually dislike it sweetened now. I drink it unsweetened since quite a few years now. Things taste the same (many ketoers say it changed for them, not for me) but my sweetness perception and need changed. It’s coffee, not some sweets (even if I use it as a dessert sometimes… still, it’s dessert, not a sweet dessert), I don’t need it sweetened. But a sweet coffee (the way I drank it in the past) would be undrinkably sweet anyway.

I never see anyone with your experience regarding coffee but it’s possible there are some people. We change into interesting direction. Keto doesn’t make us prone to dislike coffee, it’s very apparent… Not even carnivore, sigh. I lost all my food addictions there but I continued to drink coffee and I wish to stop that already. I made some progress.

I lost interest in many things in carnivore (not on keto), right away at that but coffee is an exception. I think it’s not just liking the taste, it’s a multiple layered bound between me and coffee… But I fight against it and I will win one day. I already don’t drink coffee before 3-4pm, it’s something :smiley: But it’s nice to do it here and there…

I stopped eating too processed stuff ages ago (I mean I eat some processed meat and cheese and the like and there are exceptions very rarely), it changed nothing regarding coffee.

My taste buds don’t care about poisons, toxins as they find my fav alcoholic drinks very tasty as well…

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@alexryan Congratulations on 3 months of keto - and welcome to the forum.

Nope, I love my morning coffee (can’t imagine ruining it with stevia, though).
Still, your tastes will likely change over time when you are no longer “addicted” to carbs and related flavors. Roll with it! :+1:

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I have always disliked the taste of coffee, but for some reason I still drink it…alot.


I’m a regular espresso drinker (black) and keto has not changed my desire to drink it.

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Though I think if you do dislike the taste of coffee…you could save quite a bit of money. Might not be a bad thing.


It depends. If I stopped drinking coffee, I could save maybe the price of one pound of the cheapest beef a month? Not so significant. And I don’t drink the cheapest coffee, I drink one of the cheapest but still nice and not too bitter instant coffee :D. Of course there are quite expensive coffees… But if they give joy, they may worth it. Unless if someone is poor like me so unnecessary luxury items don’t worth it regularly.
(Well okay, I drink very weak coffee and now not even 10 a day…)
And disliking coffee doesn’t necessarily means one stops drinking it. See, the OP just adds more cream and stevia… Of course it’s possible it will lead to stopping drinking it but many people drinks it not because of the taste.


That’d be a nope. A coffee bean is the pit of a cherry. A coffee tree is a fruiting tree. Maybe you’re just tasting bad quality coffee that you didn’t before? Your taste buds can definitely re-sensitize, but what kind of coffee we talking about? A quality one? Fresh ground? Keurig stale out of the box k-cups?

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There is something wrong with you. LOL
If I started not liking my stevia and heavy cream coffee…. I would be questioning the purpose of life.


I started adding salt to my coffee some months ago and now if I try to drink it without it tastes strange (not necessarily bad, though).


You put things into perspective for me. I am not so bad of a coffee addict :smiley:
Though a “luxury coffee” (when I use cream, maybe lots of whipped cream and other things in my coffee) is a really nice thing to have. Now and then. Not all the time. Nope.
(I only had very low-cal coffee when I drank it all the time but it still wasn’t right.)


never drank coffee, always hated it but I can say as I went down the carb ladder into zero carb…omg the amt of food and drink that tasted disgusting was huge. Surprised me actually but once we get a more healed body and cleaner taste buds, we truly can taste for real what drink and food is to us and what we once loved, we ditch easily!

don’t add more stevia and cream to tolerate. take the body hint and give it up :slight_smile: No use trying to keep something your body is telling you point blank to ditch. Just a suggestion, cause more fake sweetener you add, the worse you body might react in some form but this can be very personal of course to each of us.

Listen now when your body is saying ICK :sunny: Don’t overthink or question to much what the body is showing you loud and clear. It is OK to change ourselves and dump coffee if that is what is best for you :slight_smile: Walk that bold path!!

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What’s crazy is I always drink decaf. So it is definitely the taste I am addicted to, not the caffeine. And I am so committed to my coffee (day and night) that I just factor in those calories. They are like oxygen. Need ‘em.


from the net:
Yes, decaf coffee is addictive if consumed regularly. The small amount of caffeine in a cup of decaf is enough to cause a dependency in individuals who rely on the drink in the morning or to accomplish daunting tasks. As little as two mugs of decaf coffee per day, consumed regularly, can get you hooked.

YOU ADDICT YOU! :clown_face::clown_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hello, my name is Robin and I am a cofeeholic.



Your decaf is fooling you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:

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@robintemplin Stop beating yourself up. Folks who don’t like coffee will never like it and that’s their problem. They compensate their loss by denigrating both coffee and those of us who like it. Enjoy.


I agree with Michael, if one enjoys coffee and does well on it then drink it and don’t look back :slight_smile: no issues on that one for any eating plan changes someone tackles, but if one is finding the taste offensive, darn wake up and smell the coffee HA