I believe I have nailed keto pasta


Cool! I got mine too, will post pics tonight.

(carl) #124

Actually, there is. If you email me I’ll give you a code you can use to get $15 off the $39 price for the recipe. carl at franklins dot net

(Jay Patten) #125

Ok, just take my credit card info and lets do this, lol! I can only do so much with riced cauliflower and zoodles.


Pasta e fagiole! :heart_eyes:


With a creamy gogonzola sauce… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Bzoodles

(Cynthia Anderson) #128

I pre-ordered. I am excited to try the noodles but it’s out of my price range to get the recipe now.

(Khara) #129

-Tuna noodle casserole (cream of mushroom and usually cheddar cheese with tuna, baked)
-Goulash (ground beef and tomatoes, baked)


Wow, that looks beautiful. Is noodle the recipe quick/easy?


It took me two tries to get it right, but mainly because my nonstick pan isn’t very nonstick.

So yes, it’s pretty quick and easy…

(carl) #132

I just made tuna mac salad today. I used 1/2 cup to make them extra thick. Cut the round in 4 rows. Came out great. Photos tomorrow.

(Khara) #133

Like a cold salad? Picnic salad? Fun!

You’re trying the baked tuna noodle casserole soon, right? :wink:


Ooh, maybe I can revive my once-famous pasta salad!!!

(Khara) #135

I didn’t make it often but there was a recipe using Italian dressing that was really good in my past life. Could totally be ketofied.


I have tried to make the bzoodles twice and just cant get it right. I used an infared thermometer to determine the pan temp and kept adjusting the heat. I set it at about 300 degrees but the pan kept getting hotter. Then trying to flip them they flopped down in a mess. Taste was awesome. I am wondering if a cheaper crepe machine would work acceptably?

(jketoscribe) #137

Carl, do you have people testing the recipe for b’zoodles? It looks a little fiddly and I’m wondering if others are as successful at making them as you are? Gatita’s sure look good!

I love thin, long noodles as in asian soups and dishes. And I’m wondering if they can be used for wrappers like a fresh roll?

Can’t wait until the cookbook comes out !!!

(Diane) #138

Yeah. Won Ton or egg roll wrappers would be great!


Don’t give up, it took me a few tries. Because my “nonstick” pan is kinda sticky, I ended up using some spray oil on it and it helped a lot.

I’m going to try running the “crepe” through my pasta machine to make thin noodles for an Asian dish I’m doing tonight. I’ll post a pic if it works!


See below – it took me a few tries to get it right mainly because my nonstick pan isn’t the best. So now I use a cast iron griddle with a little oil and it’s way easy. I bought a new skillet I’m trying tonight.

(carl) #141

You can certainly try a crepe machine. Sounds like you need a cooler temperature. Some people have made them on a sil-pat in the oven.

(carl) #142

I’ve had several customers send me success stories and photos. You do have to practice a couple times to get it right. Sounds like you need lower heat? Did you ever get it working?