Avocados - Is it worth it?


I love avocados. But one medium avocodo is 80% of my daily allowance of carbs. That doesn’t seem worth it. Am I missing something?

I should add that this is my first week so I’m still trying to get a handle on everything. I’m tracking my macros and these are the goals I have set:

Carbohydrates 15 g; 5 %
Fat 93 g; 70 %
Protein 75 g; 25 %

Calories 1200


Oh, do you go for total carbs? The net carb content is way lower, that’s one reason so many ketoers eat avocado.
But many of us don’t.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it for you. It’s definitely not needed and I could do much better things with my carbs too…

1200 kcal is quite low. It’s surely okay for some people but it’s way too little for most of us. I hope you know what you are doing.

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@angdilla Welcome to the forum!

Of course you’ll get a wide range of opinions around here on many things, but my own (regarding avocados) is that they make an outstanding high fat, low NET carb, menu item. I typically eat one a day in my leafy green salads.

Otherwise, I’ll have guacamole as part of lunch or as a burger dressing.

Whether it’s “worth it” depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re going about it.

Net vs Gross carbs will factor into that calculus.

Not knowing anything about your situation leaves us to guess what might work to accomplish your health/metabolic goals. But I will say that 1200 calories is pretty bleak. Not sure why (or how long) you plan to go that route.



I would eat avocados when I remember to…but then again I don’t count calories because some days I’m a bit over and other days I’m way under.

My main ‘gripe’ with avocados is that they are quite expensive, and it’s hard to get them to perfect ripeness. i.e. I find they are either under ripened and too hard; and then when I try to leave them to ripen them I invariably ripen them too much, they turn to mulch and I have throw them out…bit of a waste.

Occasionally I ripen in the fridge for a few days and they turn out fine. Or you test squeeze in the shop and buy a ripened one for eating that day. But yeah that’s what puts me off them.


I honestly don’t know why I’m going with 1,200 cal. I guess because I can’t fully wrap my head around eating all that fat.l for weight loss. :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m shooting from the hip.

I’m 5’3", 180lb, wanting to loose 30 lbs of fat.


I absolutely do not know what I’m doing :grimacing:

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Ah, I understand the inclination to limit calories when trying to lose (body) fat. It’s a very common approach drilled into us by well-intended but misguided “common sense” (as opposed to scientific) advice.

There are many threads here and elsewhere on the topic, but I’ll simply say that if you UNDER-feed your body for any serious timeframe, it will shut down your metabolism … you will not lose weight … you will invoke the starvation response and your body will do everything in its power to preserve your life.

This will include, sapping you of energy (so you burn fewer calories), making you feel like crap, and turning down your metabolism. It can be extremely difficult to get out of that metabolic spiral once you get it underway.

Many others with personal experience with this costly mistake can weigh in on this forum, so I’ll refrain as I don’t have direct experience myself. It’s a mistake I didn’t make (although I’ve made my fair share of other mistakes in life!).

I know it’s counterintuitive given all the poorly-based advice we’ve gotten over the years from the “experts” but suffice it to say that - as long as you’re consistently restricting your dietary carbs, e.g., 20g/day net carbs or less - yes, you MUST wrap your head around the benefit of eating those fat calories.

If you can’t get the healthy fat-based energy - and you’re not eating those carbs - then you cannot get enough protein to fuel your daily energy needs alone. Nor would you want to. And if not, then what? How will you thrive?

There’s one other benefit to eating healthy fats (with adequate protein) once you cut out the carbs: you will NOT be hungry. You can eat to your natural satiety. In other words, it’s a “way of eating” not a “diet.”

In short, if you don’t embrace healthy fats, don’t bother trying keto. You will ultimately fail in one way or another and miss out on the health benefits… which happen to include shedding that excess body fat you’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ll stop here and let others weigh in. :vulcan_salute:


What everybody else said xD

But personally for me, I couldn’t be without my Avos. Delicious, sumptuous little bombs of goodness that they are. It’s rare that one doesn’t make it into my one meal for the day.

I too only measure net carbs, and I’m managing to keep to around the 20g mark without any struggles.

As was also mentioned, I think you’re shooting a little low with your caloric intake there so a fatty little avo friend will be a good thing most likely : )

I know it’s a total headbleep to think about getting most of your calories from fat and still losing weight, but when you dig into all the biology, it all makes very good sense.


That’s always been my approach. I buy the ‘ripen at home’ ones, and leave them out on the counter until I see them starting to turn dark brown. Quick test squeeze to make sure they’ve got a bit of give and into the crisper drawer they go. Hasn’t failed yet… yet


Well yeah we with not a huge energy need shouldn’t go overboard with fat… But that doesn’t start at your level for most of us. Actually 93g fat doesn’t sound so bad even for me, I would barely raise that but I would almost double the protein :smiley: But that’s individual. I need high protein for reasons, other people has different needs and views.

Your numbers are very close to mine when I started to lose fat (I just had more extra fat). I ate as little as I could, barely over 2000 kcal on average, 130g fat on good days, 200+ on my fatty ones… It went well for a while, I was very pleased with my result. Your metabolism may be slower and your desired fat-loss pace quicker but still, I am not SURE 1200 kcal is okay for you. Especially in the beginning when just doing keto may be challenging enough without tackling a serious calorie deficit as well. I know I couldn’t do it, I needed my 2000 kcal until fat adaptation or else I was hungry like crazy.

I am all for just doing keto, getting used to it first, not worrying about calories. If they are too high, we will notice and we can change something then.
I don’t know if you have any idea about your energy need to begin with. I surely had no idea, I had to figure it out. Calculators were ridiculous and as it turned out, were pretty off in my case. But being crazy with hunger is unbearable to me anyway so I just did my not fat-adapted keto times with zero fat loss and it was fine for me. I understand not everyone is this patient but 1200… May be unnecessarily low. May be metabolism slowering low, I can’t know from your numbers alone.


By the way, first I thought it’s 1200 because that’s The Number for woman on a fat-loss diet so often… I met that stupid number zillion times.

WHY people think that all women are the same and have almost no energy need (or some desire to lose fat like crazy… not like that could happen to most even with 1200 kcal…) I can’t comprehend.
I have read an article about OMAD linked on this forum today and OMAD days were 1200 kcal ones and there was some advice for people who can’t eat that huge amount at once… 1200 kcal never could last for a day for me. And there are bigger, more muscular, more active women than me (I am pretty bad at all, maybe not in the last but I mostly just walk and lift in my lazy way).

I don’t know how much harm this idiotic number did this far but it’s surely huge.
I have even read articles for cutting women who worked out with advice like they should keep the protein low-ish (I don’t remember but I imagine, like, 1g/kg for LBM?) as it has calories… And it was a bodybuilder site. Scary, really. I get very few calories from my over 2g/kg protein and anyway, protein is special and may work in interesting ways but I badly need it here.
Good thing I never listen to stupid advice, authority means about nothing to me… And even if I make a mistake there (it happened… when high protein was considered bad for keto), my body overrides it and hits me with hunger signs and worse things until I eat more protein… My body is smart and knows what is good for it.

So… If I am there, don’t be afraid of protein. High protein isn’t good for everyone, sure but most of us can eat all the protein we desire without overdosing protein. That level is just too high for most of us to reach because protein is usually quite satiating. And we usually get enough fat with it and that helps too. But higher protein is better for some of us. Fat can’t satiate me nearly as good as protein but I obviously need a bunch of both.

Of course, if you raise your calories, don’t keep the percentages, they aren’t important anyway for keto. Individually they may be, there are therapeutic keto percentages, people have their individual fav ranges… But carbs should be low enough, no matter if it’s 1% or 8. Our protein needs are in grams. And fat is the part that isn’t protein or carbs, that’s the most flexible one. But don’t let me talk about flexible macros because I probably have the most insane ranges.
I just want to encourage everyone not to be afraid of leaving some super small target area when they feel like to do it unless they have a good reason to stay there. I saw too many people with such fears and it’s sad to see sometimes. Like, people being hungry but some of their macros (like protein) are up… No, it’s not enough reason to eat pure fat. Or to stay hungry. If you ask me (the hedonist who once was determined and went to bed hungry. Worst sleep ever).


%'s don’t work, and 1200 calories is extremely low. Avacado’s have a lot of fiber. Not sure what your stats are, but your macros seem unrealistic.

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I don’t bother with them at all, and would also starve on 1200 calories.


I started 6 weeks ago with the same maths as you. the first week was terrible because I was under eating so much. I felt sick, weak and dizzy the whole time and couldn’t do my job properly.
I was 5’6, 220lbs and wanted to loose 40lbs. So not to different from yourself.
The calculators told me to eat 1600cals a day.
I started eating 2200-2600 cals a day and was loosing weight every day without even exercising.
Now ive started exercising 5 times a week i am eating 3000 cals a day and still loosing 3-5lbs a week.

If you have been eating poorly for a few years, then the first rule has got to be to start eating the right food.

whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain, get smaller, bigger, stronger fitter, you have to start by eating right.

then worry about the number of calories and how much exercise you are doing.

And to answer your original question. I have been calling 1/2 and avocado as 1g of net carbs.


HELP! I’m so confused.

I’m using my fitness pal and put in my % goals.

Carbohydrates 5 %
Fat 70 %
Protein 25 %

At 1200 calories that puts me at 15g of carbs/day. Made sense to me. But if I increase my calories to 2000, my carbs will be at 25g. Shouldn’t I be trying to stay under 20g?

Also, am I tracking total carbs or net carbs? Huge difference, right?


Tracking net carbs makes more sense.

As others said in your new thread, forget about your percentages and just aim to track 20g net carbs or under per day, then make up the rest of your caloric intake with whatever else you’re planning on eating. You’ll likely be surprised how easy that is if you’re eating things like oily fish, fatty meats, and dairy if you can tolerate it.


This is me for the last couple of weeks.
Red = Fat, Green = Protein and Blue = Carbs. My average carb level is around 17g.

Don’t know what was up with August 9th… had to force some food down me xD

I don’t weigh because I don’t want to. But in 6 weeks of the above sort of pattern, I’ve lost 4 inches off my waistline, gained back what feels like about 10 years, sleep better, look better, feel better.


Thank you! This helps a lot!
What are you using to track?


Cronometer. I like it better than My Fitness Pal : )

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I allow them, but like only as an occasional ‘treat’ if you know what I mean. They’re full of good stuff too, so I feel like they’re something worth going a bit high on the carbs for. But it really does depend on your personal preferences,