I believe I have nailed keto pasta

(Adam L) #63

Looks good, very interested. I hope you make money out of this, would hate to see your hard work and innovation given away for free only for someone else to capitalize on it.

(Andrea Miller) #64

Exactly my thought.


Looks amazing! Hope you are willing to share it - even if you are wanting to market it.

(Paul) #66

Yes please, looks awesome…


Nice work!

(Terry Engelmann) #68

I am!!!


Thanks, Carl! Just FYI a few days ago the link only showed one line to fill out. I put my email address but then redid it today with name as well. Excited to try it when you’re ready for the next step.

(Cindy ) #70

Carl- you are little devil for showing those delicious pasta pictures! Can’t wait for the recipe, also I hope it’s worth a million dollars, you deserve a home run!

(carl) #71

Thank you!

(Vladaar Malane) #72

Truly looks like pasta. I haven’t had pasta in 4 years. I have used zucchini slices for lasagna though and love it.

(Tammi) #73

So very excited to add my name to the list. While I really don’t miss pasta, my partner grumps about it every now and then. I would love to have something to bring back for HIS nostalgia. Not that I would complain about eating it myself!

Keep up the great work, Carl.

(Gina Emory) #74

Wow! That looks amazing and your taste testers sure seemed to enjoy it!! I am looking forward to finding out more!

(Todd Allen) #75

Carl, animal based pasta sounds fishy… like “Pasta Del Mar” made from Alaskan pollock?

(Debra Abel) #76

Would love a recipe. Please!


It’s tripe, isn’t it? I got no problem with that if it is. Love me some tripe.

(Coco Flores) #78

ok actually laughed out loud at “Ravio-less” :slight_smile:


I’m so excited :postal_horn::postal_horn::postal_horn:

Signed up on the Google Doc, and enjoyed watching the tasting vids. The fact that these noodles absorb some sauce differentiates them from everthing out there afaik.

Can’t wait to learn what you call your company and hope you distribute to the USA too…!

(Mayra Blanco) #80

Looks yummy! Me please :slight_smile:

(Anita) #81

Sign me up.

(Steve Leonard) #82

Please sign me up too for the pasta recipe. Thanks Carl!