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Hey Fangs, thanks for this! I RARELY (hardly ever) watch videos or listen to podcasts. But I seem to have found my groove in carnivore and have been not replacing many supplements as they run out. So I watched this one. (Ive never taken C.)

Now I only take K2/D3 (I hear everybody needs this?), potassium, and some magnesium for regularity and help w/sleep.
Am I good now? I feel so good, I am assuming I am. Lol


yea you are good I would think.
I know alot of carnivores who still take that D and seem to do fine.
Potassium and magnesium isn’t one alot of carnivores take ‘for longer into’ this lifestyle. Those are kinda dropped by many when they feel like they wanna drop them cause we do get all that thru our meats ya know but that ‘extra’ D seems to be a contender to hold for alot of zc’ers.

I don’t take anything at all now. I did some mag when I started but dumped it kinda fast and just never required it again.

A few supps ain’t gonna kill anyone :slight_smile: but it is also great when you can get off any supp also ya know.


good add onto this thread—focused on why not to take a calc. supp but has tons of info about calcium and this lifestyle too.


around 50 min. mark he mentions why carnivores avoid sugar of all kinds, mainly it takes very little for addictive reactions to increase the use of sugar in our bodies. little sugar intake from honey or fruit or bites of this or that, within 6 mos. most carnivores are then eating pizza and other crap and off plan.

longer post, but packed with good info in it!


longer chat but great one with Amber!


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Another great for need to know on ZC lifestyle!!

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While I personally don’t think people who claim to eat carnivore should be eating honey or fruit, that’s a slippery slope argument. As such, it may or may not be true.

As someone who started LC/keto on 1/1/14, I can tell you that I’ve had the following things, multiple times each:

  • beer
  • pizza (real pizza made with wheat)
  • ice cream (real ice cream made with real sugar)
  • other (real) desserts
  • bread (real)
  • chocolate desserts (real)
  • other carbs including french fries, rice, rice noodles

I’m still low carb/keto. Not everyone who eats “off plan” ends up covered in candy wrappers or back to what they ate before.

Will some? Absolutely. Those people know who they are and should avoid eating trigger foods.

But to say that eating honey or fruit means you’re going to end up completely back to where you were is wrong.

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Well said


95% of the failure rate of people on ‘diets’ who walked backward allowing more food like you listed will tend to disagree with you.

Long term values are key here. Anyone can walk back and bit and yes, like 5% can do it all the time and be fine…again chat up with the 95% failure rate of those that can’t make a year or even fathom they could ever hit any longer…so…

I will not pretend ever on what it takes for the majority of people to achieve long term success. I won’t pretend cause the numbers are stacked against those and the numbers show full on truths.

from the net: The diet industry. If dieting really worked you’d only need to do it once. But the US Federal Trade Commission suggests that diets have a 98 percent failure rate, which means big money for the diet industry.

heck they put it at 98% and I thought I was being kind at 95 LOL

blurb from the net: Although the research team drew the conclusion that Weight Watchers was “more effective” than self-help, it doesn’t take a degree in statistics to realize that the diet program failed to produce a lasting significant weight loss. This is the first real clinical proof of what we have been saying all along: diets are not effective as a long-term strategy for weight loss, in part because people regain most or all of the weight they lose. If the scientists had followed their subjects for another three years, we are certain that the weight regain would have been even more dramatic.

If WW worked, WW would be gone by now, it is around and doing well cause it hasn’t given anyone long term success.

-----------there are that ‘tad’ few that can straddle the fine line, but I believe there are not many and those WHO BRAG the most about ‘making it’ might just be back in a year or 2 saying they regained all their weight and OH MY, what happened and then we all get to read their ‘backward horror’ story on how it all happened with ‘just that one extra’ meal they had that didn’t effect them before, but this time bit them in the arse :slight_smile: yea, don’t worry, many of those posts usually come around early January HAHA hmmmmm


great shorter video! real ‘facts’ that hit home with us carnivores!