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I am NOT a salt addict :slight_smile: I love he reminds me of this LOL


How Many Walnuts Can You Consume In A Day?

There is no scientific consensus on the ideal dosage of walnuts. But an ounce of the nuts (7 whole walnuts) a day should do. You can make them a part of your diet and not overindulge.

So we see this from the article: allergies, gut issues, bloating, big D, pain and they rob your body, large kcal intake for small amt of food and easily overeaten for weight gain vs. ‘all that great giving’ they are recorded to give to you :slight_smile:

------refer to phytic acid as an anti-nutrient, because it blocks the absorption of certain minerals into the body. Low iron is a big issue if too much phytic acid.


I loved them. I would eat easily 8 oz from a 16 oz bag. I could inhale them and I PAID dearly. I knew every time it would be ‘a long bathroom issue’ for me but darn I loved them right? OMG what an idiot I was back in the old days :wink:

just thinking of walnuts and how so many ‘love their wonderful benefits’ but rarely ever look at the rotten side of nuts and seeds. Believe me there are more negatives vs any positives to me, again, personal opinion on it too but the negative side weighs heavier in the positives in reviews I’ve seen on this evil culprit…yes evil culprit cause walnuts caused me alot of grief thru my life. A few minutes of bliss eating them, alot of trouble after that was never worth it.

just a personal chat on it for me and how I am the happiest person in the world never eating another walnut again in my life…leave it to the squirrels who make a better meal for me than the walnuts HA


big dairy truth from Dr Berry! and why it is ‘suspect’ on the carnivore menu for many but can be enjoyed in ‘the correct’ way on zero carb lifestyle.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #165

This is one of the best sendups of the idea that nitrates cause cancer—but only if you get them from meat! :rofl:


Diet soda and all so is evil say I! Me! I say that LOL and anyone drinking soda should know this is the most useless product on the planet, along with cereal…and yes this is MY SUPER personal view on it LOL


I can’t quite wrap my head around someone thinking Diet Soda is a meat product. Carnivore WOE, by definition, is animal-based food. Diet Soda IS NOT an animal-based food.

I don’t consider it food, but no matter how I look at it, animal-based it is not!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #168

Actually, I think the article said if soda came from meat, it would be okay on a carnivore diet, but since it doesn’t, then . . . .

And come to think of it, all the non-sugar sweeteners on the market derive from plants, except for one, the name of which I can’t remember, that is derived from coal tar.

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So. From plants :smile:

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #170



great simple read on how to approach carnivore and what to expect a bit when starting!


we all have to face the real world out there with restaurants and more…some tips :slight_smile:


So eat your liver, and don’t worry about Vitamin A toxicity.
This crazy, too much Vit A from liver is circulating the carnivore scene, don’t believe it :slight_smile:

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Restorants are not necessary for carnivore travellers.

For Travelers, A supermarket or butcher is the best place to buy carnivore food, not restorants.

Its a big plus if you like raw food.


I agree for sure but times in this lifestyle, now on this planet means ‘convenience’ foods will have to be eaten due to work issues, travel issues, and more.

but I am SO over it too where we ‘find out that our life we want’ is not ‘food on the road’ but I am longer term and get it LOL but when I started I was having to dodge restaurants and more on vacations and hubby wanting to eat out…so tips came in handy.

I get ya, but some people vary on life issues on this one.

(Vic) #176

Another tip is, no appetizer, no wine and no dessert, just 2 or 3 main dishes instead.

Those who travel a few weeks for holiday can budget that in, health may cost something more?


So agree as we are out and about and KNOW we are gonna get dragged into those situations, more for newbies here, but MAKE A PLAN on how you will stay carnivore and hold plan. It can be done for all :slight_smile: but longer people sure got a handle on it like many of us.

another tip is if you are big doubt and food is not what you want…don’t eat! Hey there ain’t one of us on this planet that has to excuse eating some lesser crap cause we are out and about…we truly can survive til we get the food we ‘want and desire’ and suits our plan as we want it! Not one of us is gonna die without a friggin’ meal at that specific time…I drank water many times while hubby and kid ate a meal cause the restaurant was non-compliant for my needs, yes it can be done and I lived :wink:

good chat Vic…all about what it takes to ‘stay us’ in this big bad world and yea, it is food time bomb laden for sure :slight_smile: but we can learn to navigate!


Appreciate the links - I’ve been having a good read of the whole site this morning. :+1:


I know right :slight_smile: nothing like real carnivore info and science sites to help us learn along the way and make us ‘feel very secure’ in our path…well heck how we feel so much better is a massive key here but learning that others ARE PART OF US and our changes is very calming :slight_smile: So yea I love carni sites that make me feel ‘oh so good and in control’ of my path.

maybe a bit of a longer chat then what you are thinking but like mindedness and results means so much to me for my ‘group’ I take on!

We are a very unique group of eaters that have figured out what works for us at all times and never takes from us…I like that!


Thank you! I never worried and never felt the need to search for this but now that you put it here, I am interested. So the problematic amount is super high? That’s nice.
But now I can’t wrap my mind around polar bear liver… It’s a bit like when I looked up the cholesterol in pig brain. And people say eggs have much :smiley: Some animal parts are so weird. But I like weird infos.

I agree about skipping meal… It’s so, so way easier on carnivore (or even just being fat adapted) than it was before in my carby times… I couldn’t do it for too long but waiting for some hours if needed is no big deal now. On the other hand, having some wrong food may be a problem, more or less, it depends.