JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Vic) #443

I get most of my fish directly from local fisherman, cheaper and straight from the source.

After the holidays is a good time for monkfish, its usually expensive, but this time of the year its cheap, less then 10euro for 2pounds

(Edith) #444

Today’s food:

Breakfast: 1/2 pound bacon, 2 eggs
Lunch: 2, 1/3 pound hamburgers
Dinner: 3/4 pound flank steak (carne asada)


I keep reading about the 2lbs mark. How desperately important is it?

The reason I ask is because my usual day is:

lunch and dinner:
1 x steak (227g)
2 x eggs
cooked in ghee (so when I cook the eggs, they absorb a lot of that ghee)

I’m rarely hungry after that, but if I am, I have some pate.
Sometimes I’ll swap the eggs for 3 x sausages for variation - so I’m looking at between 1lbs and 1.5lbs.

I have had a week or two where I’ve been really hungry, which I suspect was hormone driven. On those weeks I ate well in excess of 2lbs (nearer 3lbs) - not deliberately aiming for it, just being driven by appetite, e.g.

lunch and dinner
2 x steak (227g+227g)
3 x sausages (200g)

On those days, those meals didn’t touch the sides - I was hungry and I enjoyed it.

Having read the posts yesterday about 2lbs, I tried to do the same - I cooked 2 steak for lunch, and omitted the eggs in case I was filling up on the fat from the ghee.

But it didn’t work - I was far too full all day to eat again at dinner.

So, am I best to be dictated by appetite and accepting that most days I am steady and happy at 1-1.5lbs, or should I be forcing the issue to get to 2lbs?


VE, hmm, that seems like a good amt of food in your day. It doesn’t seem like you are not eating enough kinda…is that a typical day? If it is then I would think seeing that intake that you are doing kinda good on your food.

I can’t say your days food was bad in any way from my personal opinion LOL

Seems like a good array of fat and protein but the only thing I can say is IF YOU feel you are undereating then maybe do smaller situation like upping your eggs to 4 which wouldn’t be hard to do ya know and then I would eat something with your burgers or add something else to your steak meal. I do alot of pairing. Steak and shrimp. Burgers and some chicken, like that.

But from your food list I would think you would be ‘ok’ but again I don’t ‘know what is zc’ ok for you of course :slight_smile: in that if you are feeling any more hungry at all in your day then the key is to fill that void with zc food.

you got me a bit perplexed VE, haha. I say keep rocking it, eat well of course, be careful on extra nibbles or diet coke cause those will then throw out your ‘self experiment’ on yourself as you try to figure out what might be causing your feeling off ya know.

No do not force 2 lbs per day. That is just a usual area that most people do eat on zc and most people do well on. But we can vary on our eating alot for each of us individually. And how long on plan.

I am like you. Some days I can eat 3-4lbs if my body calls for it or I can settle into a 1.5 lb total food the day easily. So ‘around that 2 lb.’ mark is where most of us zc people usually land so we recommend saying if you eat in that range area you should be doing ok, but each person will be different.

If you are eating as you see fit, suits you, are not hungry, feeling good then you are doing ok!!

It is good to see you eat to your appetite. One day alot more, the next time less. That is ok too as long as you never ‘purposely under eat’ ya know…just eat as your body wants.

Sounds like you are following what works for you well and are eating to satiaty and enjoying it :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thanks @Fangs - you’ve put my mind at rest!


yesterday was

1 lb NY Strip Steak
1 lb. bag of shrimp (count was around 20 shrimp)
1/2 lb cheeseburger patty
tin of sardines

I know I can safely say I ate about 2.5 lbs of food yesterday :slight_smile:

It was a more hungry day for me. Also I can eat more cause I have to say 1 lb. of shrimp is like eating air to me kinda. It isn’t like they are a heavy hitter like steak. Seafood is a light weight food in my zc life, but darn good and I love to pair it with a steak of course!

Not sure how my eating day will go today but I got a nice steak waiting for me as usual. after that, hmm, chicken maybe? who knows :slight_smile:

(Edith) #449

Yesterday was day one of trying to eat more.


oh, ok that was you eating more in your day…so before that it wasn’t a typical day…very good on eating that much and I hope it made you ‘feel good’-----did you feel like that amt of food was a good thing for you and felt more energy or anything?

yea eat like that every day and you got it made VE! :slight_smile:

(Heather) #451

I just wanted to chime in on the amount of food consumed each day.

My 14 yo DD who is CV, is going through a heavy eating period. She’s averaging 2.5-3.5 pounds per day. She is not very active at all. She is also close to Aunt Flo time, so that may have something to do with it.

Some days I can eat close to 3 pounds, other days it’s closer to 2 pounds.

It’s really hard to get rid of the CICO mentality, but I’m working on it.


yea that was a hard concept for me to drop too but boy when ya forget all about it, we shine on zero carb :slight_smile: You and your DD are carnivores to the max!!! It sure is the ‘carbs’ in plants that make one have to ‘watch kcals’, something we don’t have to truly care about in that aspect.
Love that part of our plan LOL

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(Karen) #454

Everyday has been a contrast to the one before and today has been no exeception … it has snowed and the snow is likely to stay till at least tomorrow midday as we are going to -3 tonight. Tomorrow is forecast glorious sunshine all day!

Today i wasn’t hungry again and made myself eat at 1.30pm or there abouts and had my usual chicken. Late afternoon i had a small amount of mature blue stilton followed by the lamb leg. Then a burger topped with a sprinkling of cheddar, a mug of home made chicken stock and the finished off the lamb and knawed the bone lol … best bit!

Did 5 rounds of 20 stair runs 24 deadlifts 18 hang cleans and 12 shoulder to overhead press.
Thoughout the day i kept adding 3 extra flights each time i went to loo so clocked up 140 flights again. Keeps me going as i have been staying indoors. May have to take advantage of the sun tomorrow and get out for a walk.

Don’t feel at all tired on carni in fact i think i am getting more energy.

(Edith) #455

Today’s meals were

Breakfast: 12 ounce ribeye

Late afternoon snack: about 1-2 ounces of chicken liver pate on pork rinds

Dinner: 6 ounces carne asada and 2 egg puddings (2 eggs, 1/2 cup beef broth total)

I have a feeling this would be considered in the not quite enough food category?


that is great Step Queen! I love the energy I get from eating like this!
and -3 and snow…brrrr…that is rough weather

yea this could be considered a little low but I have to say…you ate well yesterday, so if you go a tad shorter today and you felt wonderful eating this way and full and happy, it is an ok thing in my book. Key is don’t eat ‘too light’ for too many days in a row, that can work against you…so think a little heavier for tomorrow ya know. That bit of ‘balance’ on give and take works good for alot of us zc people with heavier eating days balanced with a few lighter ones, but never ‘eat too low’ too long cause for most of us that just will work against us usually…but give and take is a good thing alot of us do.


What about -20C for a week with strong wind? :smiley: We have that sometimes. And we went out and saw 1.5m high snow here and there… And it’s just Hungary, the average winter day has no frost during the day… Sometimes I think about way colder places. I wouldn’t like those. I would like 10-20 Celsius all year I presume except I do like the huge variation we have. And I wouldn’t like a rainy or dry season for sure.

But the frost and snow is in the past here. The warmer sunny days continue! I like this. I don’t even need a jacket for a nice walk! It often feels like spring, we went searching for the first flowers in the forest but nope, it’s still very early for them.
There surely will be real winter, I just hope it won’t be like a few years ago when we had a warmish winter without snow and we had a huge snowstorm with much snow on the 15th of March (it’s an important day in Hungary, one of our big revolutions and I wanted to attend a celebration where my choir sang… would have, at least, I think it was cancelled… just like last year but that was due to Covid).
If we have winter, I want it in January and February and then I want spring with flowers! I so totally can’t make good food photos but I can make nice enough shots of flowers…

@VirginiaEdie: That would be a light day for me. It happens and no problem with that, main thing you eat well usually, whatever it means. I know how much I need, definitely significantly more than that. But my body notices it, my light days never last for long.
So I totally agree with Fangs. And it’s not only for ZC, it’s true anyway. Too little food is bad long term but okay short term. Almost everyone has not hungry days.

(Karen) #458

@Shinita i wouldn’t want to be anywhere colder. When i lived in Berlin we used to get lots of extremely deep snow and it was a lot lower in temo but a different dry cold where it didn’t feel as cold as it does over here in UK. Ours is always a flippin damp bitter cold. It is starting to melt and fall off the branches now. The sooner it goes the better!


Yesterday I ate 1kg of mussels. Steamed them. Ate them. Then had a large fillet of pan fried Atlantic salmon and a small eye fillet steak for dessert.

Standard 3 egg omelette at lunch with bacon today. Tonight I had a scotch fillet steak, an eye fillet steak, 3 eggs, a tin of mackerel and some cheese.

This surf and turf mix is satiating.


Hey all. Totally lost count of the snow storms and inches, but, I know we got around 12+ inches in one deluge last week. Temps dropped down into the single (F) digits.
My days off of work have been whittled down greatly to covering for other mgrs with sick family members that need care. The paycheck is nice and all - but- I do savor my days off. I needed a to take a day off to drive my daughter to get her wisdom teeth pulled. I left notes for the scheduling mgr, and even input the date into my availabilty app.- like 3 weeks ago. The appt is over 2 hr. drive one way and really needed the whole day off. She has medical issues, and since she has to go under anesthesia, I wanted to be there to take care of her afterwards. No biggy, right? I got yelled at when I reminded the scheduler of the day off request. Here I am - covering everyone else’s shifts at a moment’s notice - and the ONE time I need to have day off - give over 21 days notice- and weekly reminders - and that is the response. I was like, wow. I get that everyone is stressed, and there are multiple health challenges that people deal with. But seriously, to get pissed at the one person who covers everyone else’s shifts? Not cool. Sorry. Just needed to vent.
Carnivoring is going pretty well. Having chicken thighs, turkey, steak, tuna, eggs, beef bologna, sausages…yep. Not starving one bit. Going through some kind of hormonal hell again - massive hot flashes,unable to sleep at night. I hate to do it, but thinking some Benadryl might be on the evening menu - I feel like a zombie today.
So. Coffee, a couple supplements (doctor’s orders), and some scrambled eggs and butter. Gotta head out to work now. Hope y’all have a great day!!!


FB, surf and turf is one of my most desirable meals definitely. I love it pairs good protein but not alot of heavy fat coming from the seafood side, it is a lighter fare and it just balances so well for me. Darn you are listing great meals!!

ow, ow for your daughter but yes I would sure take her where she is best cared for and I get ya on venting about work…work always wrecks the most valued employees cause we are reliable and honest and more and when we ‘need’ they get irked…I tell ya humans are so backward in how issues are addressed in life? ugh…glad you carnivore days are going well…and darn that 12+ but I know you are well lived in that climate :slight_smile:

-------------------good carnivore morning

had to run some errands and hit different grocery store.

got me a duck :slight_smile: Was gonna get a reg old chicken roaster but this store had a frozen duck so I said, oh yea, time for duck. Hope it is good, we shall see what frozen duck is like nowadays, haven’t had duck in ages!!

of course I grabbed more NY strips for the freezer but darn, they did not have my shrimp that was on sale. Down to 2 bags shrimp left, poor me, will search more sales as I can.

Everything going well…just zc chillin’

(Edith) #462

I take a dose of Natural Calm, which is powdered Mg citrate, before I go to bed at night and I’ve been sleeping great. You may want to try that instead of Benedryl.

I think you should say something at work. They were wrong. It’s not like you were taking a day off for fun.