I believe I have nailed keto pasta


I’m not going to chastise someone like Carl who has given so selflessly to the Keto community.

I’m also not going to judge because he wants to potentially make a buck from a keto pasta product. These forums and podcasts don’t pay for themselves y’know.

Some of you seem to have a skewed sense of entitlement about what he owes you.

(carl) #23

Hey, y’all.

I appreciate your sentiment. This is truly a huge deal. I DO plan to share it with everyone. BUT when you stumble on something this good you have to be smart about how you deliver it. That’s all. I just want to know how many peeps are actually interested in a keto pasta. That will help me figure out the best way to bring it to the public. At the moment, I’m planning a Kickstarter campaign for a cookbook, followed by sales of a dry mix that, combined with eggs, will let you cook it at home. In the end, everyone wins. Think about it. What would YOU do? :slight_smile:

(Lee Jones) #24

It’s been nailed already I’m afraid Carl


(Terry Engelmann) #25

I NEED this recipe! Please

(carl) #26

Not even close, Lee.

(Lee Jones) #27

Mmmm sounds interesting.

I look forward to hearing some reviews.

Good luck with it :+1:t2:


Pasta means paste. So if you make a sheet in the pan, then slice it up, is that ‘cut and paste’?


My parents-in-law are Sicilian. This may bring me in from the ‘cold’ (ever try to pasta demure at an Italian family dinner?).

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #30

@carl it looks amazing and to be honest I’d happily have the recipe but I’d be quite likely to buy the dry mix regardless of whether you made the recipe public or not. Package that shit and ship it to me ASAP my man!

Side note: I only really got back into pasta after I discovered shiratake noodles. Before that, I didn’t really miss them, but it’s nice to have an easy meal to fall back on once in a while!

(Full Metal Keto) #31

He’s an administrator, he can look at your email if he wants to already.


Yes please

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #33

I personally don’t miss noodles and tend to not eat anything that requires a type of nut flour, but it’s a nice option for those who are missing them. The people in the video seem to be really enjoying them!

(carl) #34

Ah. no flour of any kind in my recipe. It’s all animal products.

(Clare) #35

Quite excited about this! I might even be able to get my mother to eat some! :smiley:

(bulkbiker) #36

Wow carnivore pasta… that does sound interesting…


I signed up. I’m glad to hear no nut flours! I understand the need to make a living and take advantage of any monetary opportunities. Esp when it comes to big breakthroughs and potential game changers. But I do admit that part of me is like “dammit. I do NOT need another high priced “luxury” product to covet.”

I don’t particularly miss noodles very often. BUT. I do have kids and would like to find a palatable alternative that my entire family could eat. Or at least something besides zucchini noodles for myself occasionally when they do have “normal” pasta. In my mind, it’s about having more options available (homemade or not…) that can make getting dinner on the table easier and/or more enjoyable for everyone.

(Deborah ) #38

It looks soooo good! Can’t wait for either the recipe or the opportunity to buy some!

I love noodles and do miss them! One of my favorite things pre-keto was to cook up a batch of egg noodles, toss with lots of butter, then throw in a can of stewed tomatoes. YUMMM!!!



(Deborah ) #40

THIS!!! :arrow_up::arrow_up:

(Brian) #41

It does look good. But lots of things look good. I’d actually be interested in the basic ingredients of it, at least enough to know whether it’s something I’d want to try. As a for instance, if it had soy in it, I wouldn’t be interested because my wife is allergic to soy. If it has flax in it, I probably wouldn’t be interested because flax has a very nasty taste to me (while I know some people love it).

Saw some bread on the shelf at the store today that could possibly fit into the macros of keto, barely, but one piece wouldn’t be huge, like 8g of carbs. But the ingredient list was really an awful lot of stuff I don’t want to eat and would be questionable for my wife’s allergies, too. So I kinda have to be careful, even when it’s “keto” or “low-carb”.

Anyway, good luck, Carl. Hope it works out well for you!