I believe I have nailed keto pasta

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #42

I resent that statement as I don’t believe I am owed anything so please don’t assume you know how I am feeling about the subject.

It wasn’t about the product, it was about the delivery. Little bit cloak and dagger.
I’m not even remotely interested in this pasta recipe, but I did feel strongly about the approach.

And that was besides the point :joy:

Carry on :stuck_out_tongue:


Step 1: Make a bank selling the keto pasta
Step 2: Buy all the doctors from the nutrition field and enforce keto diet as a public norm
Step 3: Generate even bigger bank and bet against every sugar abusing corporation in stockmarket and drive their stocks down
Step 4: Buy all the shares from those corporations when the stockshares are dirt cheap and convert them into keto based corporations
Step 5: Go to the bank and get all the cash to buy lifetime supply of bacon for @PaulL

(carl) #44

LOL! That’s how it’s done in the sugar biz, eh…

(carl) #45

You will be able to do that again. I promise. :slight_smile:

(carl) #46

This will be affordable. The ingredients are affordable. In fact, it costs less than $2 per serving in raw ingredients.

(Ann) #47

You are amazing! I’m so ready to try Pasta again. Not just any pasta, but Carl’s Pasta!
Way to go!

(Full Metal Keto) #48

Okay chef, so now you really have my curiosity up!

This is animal product and there’s a “mix”?

Like with a shelf life and no refrigeration?

I was expecting a fathead dough variant. :man_cook:t3:


No nut flours? I love nut flours, but they don’t love me so I’m very excited with your innovation. Thank you for sharing your journey, knowledge and hard work in everything you do to educate and lead. Lots of sacrifice in that to make it easier for us. Can’t wait!

(Ashley) #50

To be fair he’s allowed to show what he’s made even if he doesn’t tell you how to make it yet. Some chefs don’t divulge everything. In order to get a product which he seems confident will do well he has to share it with people without giving away what it is without having it invested in already. It’s like a kickstarter or anything related like that. You have to make sure the cookbooks good before you sell it. Maybe the way it was presented wasn’t the best? Seems fine to me but then again I can understand him wanting to share what he’s working on without giving away the nitty gritty details. All products that become sold do this. Advertising is a thing, it peaks interests. I mean, if I was really good at cooking and could do cookbooks and different sorts and peak interests of others and show people a healthy way of cooking then I sure would. You have to have consumers to sell a product. It has to be known about before the product sells, it has to be advertised so people know “hey this item is going to be a thing”. It’s done with movies, video games, books, clothes, food, and all sorts. Some of them things we literally know about for years before they even are close to become a consumer product! Do you get angry seeing a sequel or a trailer for a movie that won’t be out for months and months? It’s kinda just how it works!

(DN) #51

Well said! It’s not like people can’t live without it.

(Gary white) #52

I would love to know the recipe please.


I really hope this is as good as it seems! Great job! Any idea how long I’ll have to wait to give you all my money? UK based btw.


Yes I would love the recipe!!! :pray:t2::pray:t2:

(J) #56

I’m in…thanks.


Where do you sign up?


I wanted to sign up cause it looks very good to me! Definitely interested.
However, the sign-on form isn’t clear whether you add an email or name…it seems to indicate either, so I am unsure what to fill in.

(Angela Nunn) #59

You can buy keto pasta from this site… and it’s soooo good

(carl) #60

Both name and email address


I very much appreciate the 2ketodudes podcasts and this forum.
Thank you!


I’m in! If it’s as amazing as it sounds, I would totally be willing to pay for that recipe. I have some keto friends who would, too.