I believe I have nailed keto pasta


Carl, I can only hope it is good as it sounds and looks! Wish you the best of success with your book and product development! Thanks for the podcast and other things the 2 Keto dudes have provided over the years, with your help, my A1c was 8.0 and is now 5.4, my weight was 250lbs and is now 195Lbs. You deserve all the best wishes and success as you guys have truly help thousands of folks like me reverse their health conditions and heal themselves! Thanks, and Keep Calm by Ketoing On!

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Please include me. I’m having trouble accessing the Google doc link.

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Sounds cool! I signed up… I’m excited to try it out. Can you tell us the net carbs of a serving & how much?

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2.6g of carbs in a 4.8 oz serving

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Very interested, looks tasty!

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This comment mystifies me. In these forums, the man provides us a service for free that costs him a pretty penny every month. Isn’t he entitled to earn a little back?

Can’t put it any better than this.

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I’m taking pre-orders for a noodle cookbook that will come out in July. It will have my noodle recipe as well as a BUNCH of pasta/noodle dish recipes.

The cookbook is a PDF download, not physical.


You have 2 options, both include the recipe and cookbook.

a) Pay 15 bucks now and get the cookbook when it comes out in July.

b) Pay 99 bucks now and get the recipe immediately - AND the cookbook when it comes out in July.

Come to think of it, you have another option. Do nothing at all. :slight_smile:


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I have pre-ordered. Thanks for the work you have done on coming up with this recipe.


Color me intrigued! I’m pre-ordering soon as I get paid.


Of course he can try to make some money from the members - running places like this cost money and time.

But there are ways of doing it that are less objectionable than others. I think the thread title and first post were very enticing. Who doesnt love a good plate of pasta! And those look very good!

I guess however I was just a bit too innocent to think he was doing it for everyone’s benefit, and for free. But…If he wants to sell something, feel free. Go right ahead. His place, his rules. But tell us up front that is what is happening. It would have been far better to say that in the very first post that this was a money making venture.

Dont get me wrong, I like both money and making it… but I don’t like being teased - especially with pasta! And the product isn’t even ready!!

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I will definitely be pre-ordering that cookbook. Thank you sir.

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To be fair, he totally said before he even posted it here on 2ketodudes podcast that he was looking to possibly turn this into a product. I don’t think he was in any way deceiving. Maybe he could of clarified it better in the first post sure. But either way I think people are making it into a way bigger deal than it needs to be. Whether he gave it away for free or made it purchasable was his choice. And I think if for some reason people don’t like his approach to it, ( because we are all different) then they can move on and kcko!

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Have pre ordered, looking forward to it, thanks Carl

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My pre-order is in! If I had extra funds… I’d have sprung to get the recipe stat! So many months!



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Thank you @carl ! I just pre-ordered the cookbook and can’t wait to get it. I hope you have great success with it; you certainly deserve it for all your hard work and dedication! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Carl! I pre-ordered the cookbook. It will be fun to try it!

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Those noodles look too real…lol


Signed up, hubby will love you for it!