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I am on zero carb forums on facebook…only strict carnivore ones :slight_smile:

here is a post I found interesting and will post without naming the person.

guys says:

It’s been 1 year on ZC for me.
I celebrated with a rib eye,
so it’s business as usual.

someone asks him about his weight loss on plan-----

his response is this:

First my weight dropped which felt great. Then I started to gain weight even though my waist line became smaller. My thighs became bigger and muscular, my shoulders spread out and showed good definition,. I only work out once a week, and then it’s light. Getting up in the morning was a breeze, and my body started to look young again. I’m 68.

------------------see the purpose is to show with SO MUCH focus we put on the scale and a number…this guy lost and gained but is healthier, thinner in his waist, put on muscle and is older, putting on muscle at age 68 doesn’t happen for many truly!! So his benefits are just wonderful for a year on carnivore.

WE ALL MUST forget the scale truly. Forget ‘controlling macros’ and thinking ‘we need, we must supplement, we must must must…’ NO WE don’t…key on carnivore is TIME and CONSISTENCY of staying on plan to receive any benefits and the good ones are great as we know…better guts and bathroom issues…sleep better, we are energized, feel nourished and whole and our bodies not wanting food thru cravings, we are healing inside the hormones and more that balance our moods, give up insight and clarity in thought, we do lose lbs but not on some ‘week scale challenge’ we set up for ourselves, we might gain some but in the end we are leaner/meaner thinner bodies thru our composition which goes against what the scale number should mean :slight_smile: We find a peaceful food existence vs. battling crazy dieting schedules we all mostly hate.

and a ton more…

so just chatting out some stuff about zc. We on this plan get it ya know :slight_smile: but newer people need to see how others success will be their own success…only time and consistency on this plan will mean something different for each of us but also give us benefits that we couldn’t obtain on other eating plans.

SO HOLD strong everyone who wants carnivore!





THIS IS US REQUIRING zero carb eating…great chat with Kelly and Charles W.



for those with bit of a struggle this is a great chat on how to move forward with zero carb!


For newer carnivores…wonderful chat on how to gain control on this plan when you start, how to cut carb cravings, and more…alot of great info!!


Enjoyed all of these recent videos by Kelly - thanks for sharing!


@Septimius, I like her also being so carnivore successful but especially because she puts herself out there for others to learn! That takes alot of time so I applaud her for that!!


Not sure on alcohol and how it fits into carnivore? Here is some good info. Personal choice on this drink option for each of us.


no excuses if you require this plan ever! :slight_smile:


What to eat on carnivore!

Think of it like this: You’ve been assaulted with an endless barrage of foods that trigger your immune system. And yes, that even includes vegetables. Why? Because everything in your diet is brand new in the evolutionary scale of things.

If evolution were a 365 day calendar we’ve only been eating mass produced grains for 2 days and common vegetables for 1 hour.
Whereas we’ve been eating animal foods for the entire year (talk about a great year).


good one

(Troy) #195



great article on lifespan vs. your healthspan thru your entire life and also smart info. on why one SHOULD NOT mirco manage your food life to the smallest degree cause one can’t truly work out all the chem. and life processes and control anything to that level…

just a great read to me


So cool and funny on that organ experiment…loved when she said WHY is it COLD :slight_smile:

interesting saying the chicken hearts reminded her of chicken wings.

thanks for posting an interesting video for carnivore!

(Linda ) #198

So much information in this video great to watch.


great chat, not too long but gives alot of great gut info!


Younger group age realizing the food out there is their sickness and it takes time but they find the way…good vid of someone who took a bit but got there on carnivore.