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some oxalate info:

Sometimes mysterious lingering pain gets diagnosed as fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome without any knowledge as to why the pain is occuring.

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99,9% of animal food is eatable and healthy to humans.

99% of all plants are uneatable and toxic to humans.

Its so obvious what we are, and its not cows or sheep.

We have not evolved to deal with large amounts of oxilalates, perhaps we shouldn’t eat it.

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Humans do have a gut bacteria that can breakdown oxalate, but supposedly taking antibiotics during our life time kills them off.


great video on daily life for us

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I gotta say I like her doing these reports LOL :slight_smile:
hey some one has to take it on :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Haha :joy: she goes wild over the blue pills. Hilarious.

Lucky I don’t need them anymore, carnivore fixed that. :relaxed:

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Thank you, Fangs! I don’t usually go for informational videos (I’d rather read the facts), but that was good.


I like videos ONLY when they are kinda short LOL
I don’t have patience for those vids that are like 1.5 hrs long…omg kill me on those HAHA
shorter and to the point the better :slight_smile:

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posted on another thread but should put it here too

fast video on carnivore meats and how they rank and why beef is usually the biggest preference

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Im definitely not one of them.

My preferred meat is Pork, beef comes 3th place after lamb.

Still eat a lot of beef though, but then I eat a lot of all of it :grin:


oh yea I am one :sunny:
pork second for sure
third would be seafood cause I love being a surf and turf person.

Amazed how I whittled down to just a few meats now and my carnivore menu is very limited but not restrictive to me…just how I walked thru this journey of what I want and don’t want anymore.


from Lewis and Clark Expedition

So if these people where working their butts off breaking new trails and combating nature on this level of exploring??? Can’t we in our lives easily eat at least 2-3 lbs. in our hectic lives?

we sure can :slight_smile:

Eat up Carnivores!!