JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!


Wonderful pics, guys!

We go shopping tomorrow, we badly need it but had to postpone it today due to the weather.
I really want a fully carni day already (but can’t, we will have beef again and Alvaro will cook it. with the highest-carb vegetable he could possibly find. ouch. I almost never eat beef so I won’t give it up when I don’t even have momentum right now. but I cut off a little beef all for myself again!), I am horrible lately, I eat nice carni food but it’s not enough (or there was the day when the piglet took a lot of time and I was hungry… I tried some eggs but I was still hungry) and something gets squeezed in… I really should be better prepared all the time and ignoring Alvaro’s food and eating pattern. It’s a bad idea for me to eat before noon like I did again… But I don’t eat horribly, it will be not very hard to use the extra help of a new month to get back.

I plan to buy chicken (it was so long ago I had some! it was always turkey), duck necks for a nice soup (I like neck anyway :slight_smile: Alvaro doesn’t understand me), more pork, sausage, quark and sour cream. I had no sour cream since… 3 days?! I learned barely use any but it still comes handy often.

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The flooding had all but gone though I am sure the ground would have still been waterlogged. Then we had the snow which would have compounded the waterlogged fields. Then the rains came last night and this was the result. See if i can get that second pic up

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The countryside looks lovely.

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It looks nicer when it isn’t under water lol. I am very fortunate to live within walking distance of our nature reserve but that means we get this every 6 years or so.
The second photo was taken from the main road where the horses are sometime put to graze. They have been taken round to the stables now which is just the other side of where i live. The small river that has risen so much is situated just in front of the small trees in middle of photo and it passes round the back of our row of houses and round alongside the stables and underr the main road through to a park area opposite my house. That park always ends up flooded to but i haven’t gone over to see how bad it is.

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Water consumption is something I’ve been thinking about lately. I was thinking back to when I was a kid in school. I didn’t have a bottle of water with me at all times. If I drank something, it was a sip at the water fountain or whatever drink was with my lunch. That was it until I got home from school. Playing outside? We had no water with us. We played outside for hours.

I also imagine in villages in Africa, for example, where people don’t have running water, they are not drinking a constant steam of water from their water bottles.

Do we really need to be drinking as much water as we do? Maybe we are really over consuming water and causing mineral deficiencies.

Just some musings…

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I guess we could just go by the colour of our wee. If it is straw like then it is fine and we are hydrated, the darker the urine the more we should drink. Mine is just like pure water as i have been drinking water regularly throughout the day. Sometine I find that even in the morning my first wee is crystal clear. However I tend to drink less at work and then my wee is a fair bit darker.


I drink according to my thirst. And I am a very thirsty one… So yep, lots of water is needed for me, my body wants it. I surely don’t try to drink more than what I feel like.
Sometimes I barely drink until mid-afternoon but no problem with that. So I guess we don’t need to drink all the time, at least not much… But we are all different. Alvaro never use a water bottle if he leaves the house for just a few hours. Once he run a half marathon distance without water, it was accidental and not very pleasant in the end but he did it without huge problems and I would have died… (Or rather I would have come back after 1 km… 1.5 hour walking is my limit but not in hot weather, not in the morning when I had only a tiny water in the last 10 hours and no running should be involved at all. But if it’s more than 1 hour, I make sure I bring water. Once I forgot, that’s how I know I can survive 1.5 hours under the right conditions.)

I am so happy drinking is something I don’t need to worry about at all… Except what I drink. I try to skip coffee again… Well a few days and I run out of it, it helps :slight_smile:


I tell ya that shot is wild, looks like a pic of the Mississippi River or something, not just a flooded fields. wow

yea don’t overconsume water. but even on any ketogenic menu we do require a bit more water. Our bodies don’t ‘carb hold water’. Our bodies use and discard our water, there isn’t any ‘carb bloat water’ sources in us to draw on. We can go dehydrate faster than you think. But yea, don’t go overboard truly, but our bodies function best on water, with water, having water truly so since we are fortunate enough to have it, indulge in it. But with smarts. We don’t wanna do much or too little for sure. I love my water, I truly drink alot and do fine on it.

If one does eat properly one doesn’t have to worry about flushing out minerals/vits etc. Having too much is less of troubles vs. having too little, dehydration kicks in fast and we don’t go into distress that we notice very fast, but dehydration does effect how our bodies work. So I always would err on the side of more than less.


so my spatchcock duck became 2 halves of a duck

halves of a duck

hubby cut right thru HAHA

here is a pic…hubby called and coming home from work…into the oven in a bit.

would you believe with my steak, my pork loin earlier and I had 1/3 lb cheeseburger patty around 3 I am NOW not hungry at all, but I will see how much duck I can hoover down LOL


NoFUN breakfast. Last night I could not eat all the lamb I cooked. I experienced that abrupt hunger “off switch” where between mouthfuls my body says, “do not eat another bite”. So, I don’t. I love that experience. So I ate cold, baked lamb rib cage for breakfast. And I want to write about it.

Lamb as meat
Lamb is a common meat where we live. Equal to pork in allocation of shelf space at markets and butchers. This is farmer butchered meat. So, in the photo you can see the fork tines touching a flap of meat. This is on the inside of the ribs. If you imagine the ribs as a cage this meat is on the inside. It is the diaphragm. Butchers would often trim this muscle out. It is delicious. A hard-working muscle, like the lamb heart, it is tender when baked.

There are the usual intercostal (between ribs) muscles and membranes. On the outside of the ribs, on the outside of the cage, like a budgie’s night blanket, some of the thin, flat side/back muscles were still present overlaying the ribs. These are ‘skirt’ type cuts and are often cast off as trimmings as there are membrane sheaths between the muscle layers and quite a bit of lamb fat. But this was farm butchered, so those parts were still attached.

Lamb is nice meat to eat. Some people love it.

Lamb collagen
The thing about meat on-the-bone, like ribs, is that you can eat and chew on non-meaty bits. I eat this meal with my paws (washed hands), so I can hold bones and strip tissues off the bones with my teeth and at the same time exercising my jaw. Being of viking barbarian heritage, this way of eating with hands and teeth is a traditional practice.

Around the ribs many of those thin muscles extend into ligamentous sheets. Those membranous sheets of connective tissue are full of amino acid building blocks that build collagen and keratin. If you want younger looking skin, nails and hair, get stuck into this stuff.

Lamb fat
In the picture look at the white fat. This lamb is from the fridge. The lamb fat is hard and waxxy. It is like tallow, because that, when rendered and collected, is what tallow is. We often hear of tallow being rendered suet. And suet being the fat from around the organs of beef, in particular from around the kidneys. But suet can also come from mutton (or lamb), both are names for the edible meat version of sheep.

The exciting thing demonstrated by the ‘hard fat’ (when cooled) of this very well fed, pasture fed lamb is that it is full of long chain saturated fatty acids, such as stearic acid.

Sheep are small ruminants. They have four stomachs, in which their gut biome ferments and digests the plant material they eat into fatty acids for fuel. Those fatty acids get stored as saturated fats in the animal. Ruminants have a much higher ratio of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated fats in their tissues than non-ruminants such as chicken, fish and pigs (pork/ bacon).

Lamb and beef fat is a much better fat for human health due to the higher concentration of saturated fat, if eaten on a low-insulin, low carbohydrate diet. Just noting here that meat muscle protein can cause an insulin response (more so if accompanied with dietary carbs).

Theory of human fat cell insulin resistance
Here is the thing I would like to test on myself in FabFatFeb. There is a biological based theory that visceral fat cells become insulin resistant in a high saturated fat diet. The high saturated fats switch off fat storage as the fat cell surface enzyme lipoprotein lipase is desensitised to insulin in the blood stream. That means fat storage becomes resisted by the fat tissue cells. But lipolysis and fatty acid release from fat tissue continues. This is despite the general increased insulin sensitivity in other body tissues on a low carbohydrate diet.

High saturated fats from animal sources are found in pasture fed ruminants, cattle, lamb, sheep, bison, deer, buffalo and goats. So, I’m going to eat those for February.

No bacon
It means one key restriction for me and that is no bacon for one month. I could get around that and find bacon from wild pigs, or free-range Berkshire pigs that are not fattened on grain mash or porridge, so that they have enough saturated fat to make ‘hard fat bacon’. But I will avoid supermarket bacon. Also, no (slimy fat) chicken. No big deal as I haven’t eaten chicken for months. It just fell away like the heavy cream did as I continued with carnivory. If I crave seafood, I will eat it, because I am after the ocean minerals in that food as much as the protein and fat.

Not aiming at weight loss
The health goal is to reduce visceral fat. A proxy for visceral fat is abdominal girth measurement. That will be the numbers game. Scale weight is not important in this planned exploration.

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Looking forward to following you in February @FrankoBear.


enjoyed reading all of that post

February Mad Scientist at Work

your ‘visceral fat’ in the container is screaming at ya, scared for its life!!


food yesterday was

NY Strip steak
1/2 lb pork loin
small cheeseburger patty

My duck was, eh, ok. Skin was to die for of course :slight_smile: Meat, I overcooked by a little bit…you know when you check and and think, ohh, just another 15 mins will finish that off…then you walk away and do something else and darn near 40 something minutes you think…oh damn my duck…HAHA…yea dry and chewy a bit but ok on taste.

Will I buy more any time soon. Nah. Could tell it is not a ‘holding powerhouse’ meat source for me. Heck I swear I was hungrier after eating then before I ate it LOL

Future duck I run across I might eat but won’t go out of my way for duck.

Beef is key for me. Put the money on the beef and life is just a glorious existence but duck every now and then, sure…

Doing well…we are winding down Jan. and going whole freakin’ hog at Feb in great carnivore form!!

I didn’t lose my little 1/2 lb or 1lb…not for a few months :frowning: HOLIDAY time and winter time I eat more—always have—but I feel like I am going to cocentrate on big beef for hunger satisfaction and see if I can shift off a lb or 2 for Feb.

Other than that all great on zc! Rock on guys!!


We are back from shopping. 40 eggs, 6 chicken “thighs” (thigh+drumstick (lower thigh for us, I never ever will be okay with that, it’s not the thigh)+part of the torso), a modest amount (660g) of sour cream and that’s it as they hadn’t the other stuff I planned to buy. No problem, I have enough stuff for now.

(I thought I blur the dish name chili if I blur beans… The second too easily comes from the first, after all.)
Alvaro is cooking chili but as the beans are canned and already cooked, it becomes stew first so I didn’t cut off any beef, I will grab some stew, perfect, no work for me. It’s our very first chili that contains meat! We don’t think about ratios here as Alvaro need to use everything he has… It will be a small chili especially after I grab my beef and it was 750g beef to begin with… We used the same slab of meat for various successful (though unnecessarily carby for me) experiments.
Beef is very precious, expensive and not available here (and no idea when we go to the city again) so that’s not what I base my next 2 days on. It’s just the star in them :slight_smile:
2 chicken “thighs” are in the oven (I can’t fit in more than that). And we have eggs as always.
It will be nice.

The racka from the “beef farm” many months ago was PERFECT. I think it’s my favorite meat (together with good, perfectly fatty pork).
I’ve read some people has problems with mutton due to the taste of fat. I find it perfect when it’s still with the meat and the ratio is right for me. I just don’t eat the rendered tallow, ew. It’s for the cats and birds here.

So, FabFatFeb? I like that! :smiley:

I have this with all fowl meat, it seems (not exactly hungrier, that’s carbs but a ton of it leaves me hungry)… It’s still nice as variety and side dish :slight_smile:


absolutely agree. fowl fat is far inferior to beef fat for sure.

glad you got a good haul shopping and what you couldn’t get you will later :slight_smile:

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I’m still having stomach issues. I ate twice yesterday. Within a few hours of both meals I had nausea and the runs. I haven’t taken magnesium now for several days so it’s not that. Plus Mg does not cause nausea.

I did see in my oxalate group, that dumping can cause nausea and diarrhea, so it could be that. I don’t think I’m sick because I feel fine if I don’t eat. I’ll see what happens when I have lunch today.

@Karen18, flood waters receding, yet?

@FrankoBear, I enjoyed your post about lamb. I love learning new things.


VE you are doing diff fat intake and more of it and you are ‘off mag’ so it is a ‘new detox experience’ for the body as you are changing it up—or that little thing that throws us off thru virus etc…but just hold strong here!!

but never think it is NOT food related ya know or ‘maybe a bad bit of food’ and can be a normal issue.

let is all come out :slight_smile: believe me it is best cause once that ‘gets outta you’ the restart is what is a great sign and control the the next ‘feeding’ we do the body for sure

Hang strong and sorry ya feel icky, but better will come thru that ick for sure.

go beef. just eat as you feel. not in the mood for alot of fat don’t eat it, want more protein beef just eat that and ‘work on you’ and how you want your FOOD intake to be ya know…I walked it, it can change up alot when one like you is on a longer haul and needing truly to find food that works with and not against.

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Meatscraps in mayonnaise, scampi in full fat cream and a pork sausage.
So for lunch

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No Edith they’re not. Forecast changed and we had rain today. Not in my garden yet though thankfully. Wont be able to check where it has got to until tomorrow afternoon when i get home from work. Will keep you all updated zx