JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!


Happy New ZC Year everyone!

Snazzy fun title to start us off for January carnivore.

Everyone chat out what small goals or more they have to achieve in this new year.

Mine are simple. Keep an overall well being to my life. Just zc and chill :slight_smile:

Second is exercise thru winter. Move. I get so stagnant in cold weather, now is the time to commit to movement thru winter and not be as sluggy as I normally would be. A little exercise commitment shouldn’t kill me, well, we shall see on that :wink:

food yesterday was

1 lb. ribeye steak
2 chicken breasts
1/2 cup chili, no beans
sprinkle grated cheddar
2 rum drinks

and yes the chili and rum nailed me for heartburn. not terrible but I felt it. family wanted chili and I tasted it and darn good spice, drew me in a bit and I ate about 1/2 cup and then I had to stop…shut it down, knew it wouldn’t go over well if I continued to spoon that down :slight_smile: of course my 2 rum drinks sat like a rock on top of it…ugh HAHA No biggie, my big chili, rum drink NY Eve’s celebration is over and done.

I know one thing, with this strong group of carnivores, we will rock this year out in fine form!


3 slices middle bacon
4 eggs
60g Jarlsberg cheese
30g mature cheddar.
Black coffee on the rocks.

  1. 2MAD.

I think I’ll do some tracking and measuring to start the year.

Yesterday, after life challenging physical adventures in the ocean, blood ketones 0.2mmol/l and blood glucose 5.7mmol/l. Glucose a bit high but likely some exercise stress hormones involved. Ketones reflect a low insulin state.

The ocean was calm today, the beach hot and sunny.

(Scott) #3

2 eggs
2 bacon
1 sausage patty
1/2 rack of pork ribs
1 bratwurst

I intended on having a nice steak and lobster tail since it was my birthday too but didn’t have the appetite after the ribs. Waiting for the football games to start. Happy new year Carnivores!

(Vic) #4


Lobster, deer and beef steak.
A mushroom as spice


yea that was some post FB! You had me there with ya it was written so well! The ocean can take your strength from you very quickly…I know, me and hubby had an encounter I never care to repeat ever again!
Cool you wanna track a bit to see the new year and how your zc measures up.

Happy Birthday Scott!! :partying_face:
I do that too, you are so satisfied when we have a great meal and then boom, something special we did have planned we don’t eat! I was like that on the crab legs I bought the other day. All planned to eat up a bunch of those and boom, after my steak and taylor ham there was no way I could eat those crab legs, just didn’t hanker for them…in the freezer til another day I can truly enjoy them! I know your nice steak and lobster will be an epic meal when ya make it!!

beautiful pics of your meals!

@VirginiaEdie , I loved your post over on the other old thread. You are one who is walking into finding their eating style in such a correct and smart way. Total elimination menu, clear the body truly and if and when you decide to jump a bit into ketovore, you can absolutely see/feel/evaluate exactly what food you chose to eat again and how it will effect your body. You will have such clear understanding to truly make a custom eating plan that suits you to a T. Will be interesting to see what ya do later on :slight_smile:

To all, I can’t wait til everyone checks in and states their goals for the new year. I love reading how everyone wants to change themselves and love when they put in all the effort to do just that, shows such strength and determination of the spirit!!

oh and ya know what else is wonderful…we guys are here already. We will not be the ‘newbie starting out on Jan. 1’, we been there done that, we are the ones more comfortable on plan, already have a horse in this race, and we just need to continue our evolution and see where zc will take us! Love that!


Happy New Year Everyone! :butterfly::cut_of_meat::tiger:

My goals for 2021 reduced to bumper sticker size:

Eat meat.
Drink water.
Mind my business.
Keep it moving.

:cut_of_meat: :sweat_drops: :peace_symbol: :dancer:

(Sama Hoole) #7

Good news is the gyms are closed and with that dies my need for any carbs. I’d otherwise sip on some dextrose during workouts. So, for now, I’m clinically zero carb again.

But on the bad side, the gyms are closed.

(Karen) #8

Happy birthday Scott have a super day

(Karen) #9

Looks so good especially the lobster

(Karen) #10

Hi everyone 2021 yessss … here we come!
Goals for this year to remain fit healthy and happy.

Started the first day of the new year with my usual stair runs done as 4 x 25 of stair runs sit ups and pu’s followed by a 4 mile very brisk walk in the bitter cold, rain, damp and wind with my daughter, who incidently is in my bubble. Super quality time wlaking and chatting all the way round.

Felt ready to eat by the time i got home so had the middle piece of the beef as that was leftover from yesterday, a cup of rabbit stock made from my daughters rabbit stew carcass which was tasty and then had the last of the turkey dipped in hot camembert.

Now to sort out what to take to work in my pack up tomorrow as i have now finished just about everything in my fridge! I have some duck and defrosting a salmon fillet so probably cook the salmon later and take that with the sliced duck. Perhaps cook a couple o beef burgers later too just in case.

(Laurie) #11

@Karen18 , I wasn’t sure what to make of your photo, then I saw that it was melted camembert. Okay!

I don’t make New Year resolutions. But sure, I’ll commit to keep on keepin’ on for a whole year:

“Relaxed carnivore” (some dairy, some processed meats).

At least an hour of exercise per day (except my twice-monthly shopping day, and the day after). In the summer I might have a lifestyle change, which will complicate things. But I will also be in a better mood (because summer :sun_with_face: !), so it should work out.

Nice to see that everyone is off to a good start this month. Tummy aches and all.

(Doug) #12



my gosh that all sounds so delish.
especially the 'dipping in hot camembert cheese! wow

(Karen) #14

I have had that camembert in the fridge for a while wondering what to dip in it, in the past i would have dipped carrots and cucumbers etc but just was at a loss. I did think perhaps king prawns but forgot to defrost them however the left over turkey breast worked so well as it was just firm enough not to flake off into the cheese.


If someone had told me 12 months ago that I’d be eating carnivore, I’d think they were crazy. I’m currently 5 weeks in.

I feel really good on it. I have lots of energy, I’m losing fat, I enjoy the food that I eat, and I like the fact that cooking is really quick.

My biggest amazement was getting rid of my soft drink addiction. Willpower cut my intake right down, and keto helped, but carnivore meant that I stopped enjoying it. That’s a huge change and I’m honestly relieved.

Hoping for more body recomposition over the next few months. I think it might be another 10-12 months before I’m in a position to socialise with others, and it’d be great to have a transformation that will surprise others. A good way to spend lockdown, I figure. :slight_smile:

Food wise, I am currently having a steak experiment, with steak for each meal - supplementing with a couple of eggs, and sometimes tinned fish or pate for after if I am hungry. Going well so far.

If you’re like I was and you’re lurking in this thread thinking, “I couldn’t do that,” - I was certain that I was attached to my vegetables and attached to my soft drinks. The idea of ‘beef and water’ was horrifying to me, but it’s joyous; I don’t feel deprived, I don’t want anything else, I’m not hungry.

If you’re curious, give it a go.


wow that is just a wonderful post Septimius…full of great info for new people wondering about this lifestyle

so thrilled you are doing so well!

and I love how you said it isn’t your abstaining from your soda addiction thru willpower or other, on carnivore you truly do not want it! oh yes, our tastebuds come out in full truth, our bodies show us real fast what is ‘real food’ and acceptable and what junk should be forgotten…really great post!

(Daisy) #17

Wow, yum!!

(Daisy) #18

This is the year. Last year I learned all the things to do and not to do. This year will be optimization. Really listening to my body instead of listening to what others say I should or shouldn’t do. I will be doing no dairy (besides some butter) for at least the next 2 months and learning to listen to my body’s signals on salt, water, food, fat, protein, etc.
today was 2 glorious beefy meals. Meal 1 was some mystery freezer steak (round maybe?), eggs, and beef suet. Meal 2 was blue rare bacon wrapped filet, raw sirloin, and liver pâté.
image image

(Vic) #19

I love that.
It took me about 2 years before I was able to really listen to my body.
Lately I’ve been craving chicken and fish, so its going to be more of that for the next week.

The pictures are inspiring, the raw sirloin with some liver pate, yes thats is also going to be on the menu soon :heart_eyes:


Same here. I would kinda know what my body was asking for but I wouldn’t ‘hear it’ in full truth…then one day I woke up and just knowing what my body was asking for was so clear. It was a strange feeling knowing yourself so closely about what we need, be it lighter food, or more fat or just truly eat big beef cause our bodies are asking for just that.