JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

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@Fangs this was the last time we had flooding . Picture taken from my bedroom window. In 2006 and 2013 it reached the back fence but it flooded the last few houses along the road from me as their gardens back on to the river that goes round the back of all our houses.

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Dinner today, made by my daughter.
Had some raw beef after this plate


Nice news, Kellyn! :slight_smile: Yay for the pillow and self-persuasion! And the loss. Wow!

It’s quite cold now but it will warm up soon.

I ate leftovers, it was a nice day despite I slept unwell and started to eat at 8am. I am spoiled on carnivore(-ish), I may eat whenever, it’s unlikely I will overeat. I surely didn’t focus on food today, I mean, I thought about food but when I actually ate, that was just for fueling my body (except my coffees with cream), I have such days.

Maybe a bit too much cream and coffee today, I surely didn’t needed them and it wasn’t as good as I expected but I can’t do everything well.

Alvaro seems to be just perfectly fine without a meaty dish so I postponed the beef stew and the roasted piglet though not for long. I have serious freezer space problems and need to eat something substantial anyway. We have fish and sausage for tomorrow and I probably will make soup (turkey) and hope he can eat up his ~8 liters of cauliflower soup in the next few days. He keeps doing these things… I understand the charm of cooking as much as possible, it’s highly useful but only if it’s not a chore to eat up and it’s safest if the food is freezable. At least it’s some low-cal soup, easy to eat even using a lot of sour cream.

My “social” eating (having something when Alvaro is eating) is so-so. Sometimes I do it, sometimes not (I need to be perfectly satiated for that) but it doesn’t cause any problem. I get satiated very easily now so I actually need multiple meals. It’s so easy now, I missed this feeling. It’s very motivating, I would be an idiot to mess this up. And this is only one very motivating reason.


super congrats KP. Hold the plan just like you are and great things will come your way…yea we have to fight thru our changes some days, but if you are the type that tackles challenges as well as you are, you got this…happy your neck situation is getting better!

darn girl that is getting too close for comfort. that pic is wild, water flooding is the most worrisome for me. water does such damage ya know, not an easy cleanup at all.

@Shinita— I have serious freezer space problems—sorry for you on this. I wish you could get your hands on a bigger model for you. Freezer space truly is dear to me :slight_smile: Any chance you might be upgrading soon?


Well we surely will need a new fridge at this point but this one is still working… We usually use every machine until it’s mostly working (I so wish to replace our microwave oven, that’s not expensive, ours more than 20 years old, ugly inside and has no grill function but it’s working dutifully and has number buttons we adore. if I need 99 seconds, I enter 99 seconds. the typical one I see is horrible, I can’t tell 20 sec and 60 sec apart on it, I will need a more precise one - but I can’t buy one with number buttons anymore, it seems. so I enjoy mine with them until I can). I will ask Alvaro’s mom about the mini freezer (that is about 2.5-3 times as big as ours) that she wish to replace with a bigger one from someone but the Covid situation put things on hold there.
It’s not that bad, I can have a nice meat supply in my freezer - as long as I eat as little meat as I do but I could just buy more meat in the village and cook it immediately, I can store more fowl meat in the freezer if I prepare it first and remove the bones… And pork is nicely compact just like beef (except the half headless piglet, that has a weird shape, it’s the main source of my problems now, I have some theoretical space but if I put anything there, it probably fall out and this current freezer is high. my next one will be at the bottom). We will eat most stuff and then I defrost my freezer, it’s too icy now, reducing the space. My next fridge will do it by itself, it’s a chore I dislike. It’s winter now but I don’t want to put all my meat outside, the cats would be too excited… So I always defrost my freezer very quickly, using hot water and serious efforts.
I hope I complained enough about this and won’t address it again… I imagine it’s boring. I will optimize better. And never put a whole piglet into it…

Blur as I wrote about fruits and my garden and birds again…

And I still have 2-3 boxes of fruit inside, I should figure out how to make Alvaro eat them raw - I didn’t keep them there since ages to ruin their rawness now… They slightly bother me since June but it was the last year they did that, I am done with putting fruit into my tiny freezer (except a very little for decoration, it’s a few tiny strawberries per 1-2 months). Too many jars bother me too but the space they take is a bit less precious and there are more options to eat those (after I convert them into jam. not my favorite chore but the method I use is little work and it’s not too bad except I need my precious meat roasting oven pan for that).
But I still adore my fruit garden (I only will be more violent towards the very thorny and very quickly growing blackberries I don’t even really like. I just like having various fruits for some reason. I tend to collect things. and they came with the house and I have problems with taking out bigger plants even if they bother me a bit. I have fruit trees without fruit since years and they aren’t even pretty. My big hazelnut bush is in the way but it’s very beautiful with deep red leaves :smiley: Almost no nuts, that’s fine, what would I do with more than a few hazelnuts? I just wanted it for my collection and it’s really gorgeous just grew big but I cut it a bit so it doesn’t completely block my way).
Birds love my fruits too (both the ones humans eat and the ones only birds eat, I have plenty of decorative bushes with berries - and thorns, of course, half of the bigger plants have thorns in my garden) and it’s fine, they can have all the top fruits from the fruit trees and some more :slight_smile: They finished the apples in the last few days, I guess the snow made them more enthusiastic, the chickadees are eating more here too when it’s snowy and cold.

At least I have no problem with water here, living on a hilltop… And I so adore to look down at almost everything else… I always enjoyed such views, not having it where I grew up, in the Big Hungarian Plain… It’s very big, I came so far and it’s still only 10 km away… The hills here are tiny even for this country but the view is still nice and I have plenty of uphill and downhill when I go cycling.

Water can ruin so many things, I am so glad I managed to avoid buying a house with problems regarding that.
And we don’t have very serious floods and forest fires anyway. Or wildlife that would want to kill us. Hungary is pretty peaceful. I have read about some horrible Australian thing again and it’s a plant… My plants just sting me. I have a very nasty one with zillions of huge thorns and I don’t know how but it manages to paralyze part of my finger to some extent… I call it “Australian bush” but Australia has way worse and way more painful living beings. But so many other countries has dangerous wildlife. We don’t even have a killer spider - yet, black widow is super near due to climate change as I’ve read. Or a venomous snake except a few very very obviously patterned ones in forests and they are even rare. I take a walk and the only potentially dangerous beings are humans and dogs as I am not even allergic to bees and our bees are wasps are cute anyway, their sting isn’t even very painful. Peaceful place. And we barely have fishes in our waters (without putting them there in the first place) let alone something really dangerous. Birds are fine too…

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Cheese burgers for lunch


yea I hope that does come thru for you. I sure understand covid situation slowing everything down for sure…but hopefully you can get back on that radar and hopefully do well with her when you ask later.

------------good carnivore morning

food yesterday was a surprise

gonna get ready to cook a steak and hubby says he wants BBQ from the joint up the road…oh goody, MY fav ribs.

ate a whole rack just for me :slight_smile: oh my so delish. ate 3/4 in one shot and then ate rest later in day with a tin of sardines for dessert.

but ya know I went to bed a tad hungry. not enough food really for me so I will make sure I eat 2 nice steaks today. ZC ON!!!

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Lovely meal for dinnner.

The whole day was less then 5 euro, totally satiated. Who said carnivore is expensive?


I have way less money for a day but as long as I pretty much avoid luxury items like beef or seafood (I run out of hake fish, that’s cheaper and I so, so don’t like it, after all. I won’t buy more. I can get pork on sale for the same price!) , it’s pretty good.

Are those chicken hearts? I never was into hearts as I am a huge liver fan. I just eat the single ones when I buy a whole bird. Nice but liver suits my taste better.
I am curious about the heart of a bigger animal though. I only had it once when we bought a half of a goat kid.

And now comes Zornfast! :slight_smile: I actually need some strictness right now (yesterday wasn’t carnivore at all. I fall apart too often in my weakened by stress state, it starts to get very annoying. and I don’t even enjoy my food enough. double annoyance. I need to get better until February). I plan to do it without dairy. Eggs and meat, what could go possibly wrong? I am not sure about coffee but I try to keep myself from it. It’s easier lately, I drink one cup a day. And I don’t enjoy it even with whipped cream so I surely will stop, it’s no fun this way. Yay.


Do you eat hearts on St Valentine’s Day as well Vic?

I ate some lamb hearts last spring and it was the best lamb I had ever tasted.

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Yep, except 1, The heart I stole 26 years ago.

For lunch a simple steak:


Simple zc day for me yesterday

10 oz NY strip steak for breakfast
10 oz NY strip steak and 2 pork chops for second meal


all going well.
just zc’ing along and doing ok.

ordered me a chest harness for my metal detector. My neck/shoulder area is not acting too good to me, so I figure in order to continue detecting I will have to have support…finally got me a cheapy harness and can’t wait to try it out. Got a beach trip planned in April and I can walk miles but when my heavy detector takes a toll on my neck and arms, I have to cut it short for trips, but with this chest harness to support the detector…hmm, no telling how many miles I could walk and detect. Neck/shoulder area ‘just off’ enough ya know where I have to watch it and not push it.

I need to move. I eat zc and my body says MOVE with the energy in it, ok, I will listen, I will start detecting more if my harness helps me, sure hope so!

ok, just chatting…zc is going fine and all well in carnivore land here.

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I got my second COVID vaccine Monday morning and was laid out all day yesterday with fever, chills, and body aches :weary:. I am feeling better today though. I slept a lot yesterday. I ate some sausage and a steak. This morning was 3 sausage links and 2 eggs. I brought a large tbone steak for lunch.

interesting…I think metal detecting would be fun. It’s nice to have a hobby that will keep you moving.


Turkey stew seems not satiating to me (well it’s fowl so according to my stronger and stronger hypothesis, I can’t expect something else) but it wasn’t a big amount, more experiment would be needed but I actually find it extremely inferior to pork/mutton/beef stew, they are all very good. I like the taste of turkey and I liked chicken stew as a kid but the turkey lost its skin (I fried it into a crisp, yum… and it wasn’t much, it was 2 drumsticks so much meat, little skin) so it isn’t fatty enough - but rabbits are totally lean and rabbit stew is very good… I don’t understand these things.
But I think I had enough of fowl meal for a while. Alvaro promised to cook beef on Sunday and I decided to get out the half piglet from the freezer on Tuesday. Finally. And I bought chicken liver again. Liver is special, I can’t get bored of it and it’s available for similar price everywhere, only the chicken one but pork liver isn’t hard to get too and there are amazing sales sometimes. It seems people like it way less than I do.

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I know we have eleven days to go, but I think I will be back on board for Ferocious February or whatever you decide to call it. I had some veg over Christmas and have been gradually phasing them out again.

When carnivorish I have no cravings and feel good in my own skin so time to get back there I think.


@KellynP, ewwww, that sounds rough KP…hope you feel even better soon and glad you are over most of that nasty!!

yea been detecting for many years. I love finding diamond rings! got a few in my time with gold bands and more, no great treasure, mostly beer cans I dig up HAHA but it sure is a fun time for me and always looking for that big golden treasure :slight_smile:

Well darn it, I love that!!! We got a name if it is OK we use it. Ferocious February, just what a good carnivore name should be :wink:

huge diff. adding back in stuff cause then we can see how they effect us and when you dump them again, yes you will feel better so I am glad you will have no cravings and more…all great zc benefits!

-------------------SO I AM OUT shopping and took my 92 yr old Mom to the grocery store and she wants ice cream. So this nice lady said excuse me I need to get by you guys and then she said to my Mom…have you ever tried these wonderful yogurt ice cream bars? Mom says no but they look good…and she says, yes my husband is diabetic and he eats 2 a night for dessert and he loves them. I said let me see the box, and it says 100 calories and 5g protein on the front and I say, hmm, and she says OH that is great, only 200 calories for a dessert he loves. He has to have them for his diabetes. I flip it over and say to her that kcals mean nothing, it is the total carbs per serving. 1 yogurt bar has 22g carbs. I said to her it is not a good ‘diabetic dessert’ and said with 2 he is eating 44g per day in ice cream yogurt alone ----and then I get the ‘total blank stare’, so I just stop and smile…and she says, oh, but they are great for someone needing to be on a controlled diet…and I was ‘gonna say alot more’ and then I thought, screw it, I flipped off my zero carb lecture coming and said instead…so glad he loves them and have at it and enjoy with a big old smile on my face. And a flash at her cart…alot of flavored sugary yogurt and soda bottles and I thought, this ‘diabetic’ has no idea what a friggin’ carb is at all…but hey…I kept my mouth shut at that point. Live and let learn to all. ugh.

Oh I wanted to say so much but when their eyes go into a dead zone the minute I say carbs, that blank stare and that no understanding at all of ‘carbs are sugar’ literally I just have to not even go further…wish them luck and move on LOL

just chatting cause I thought, omg so many could be so healthy if only…

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I would be honoured to have you use “Ferocious February” and join you all for 28 days of fabulous zero carb* eating.


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This is an incredibly sad story if you think about it. She obviously loves and cares a lot about her husband and that love will be broken due to slow poison.
Just checked for the carbs I eat from yogurt dip and carnivore ice cream. Ist about 3%. Lets caal it 3gr when I have a day with ice cream or dip. Its nothing like the 22g in that ice cream bar, must be a lot of added shugar in there.

Love it :sunglasses:

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Sardines for breakfast


@Carnivoor, yea it is a sad story cause it happens all the time. So well meaning people trying to change and handle med issues and falling into a no clue situation, and even I would assume that the Dr. treating the person gave them carb info? They might have and the people still don’t understand or they pretend they are following guidelines :slight_smile: Whatever it is, I know people try but it is so sad carbs/sugar is so misunderstood. ugh. on an epic level out there across the world.

-----------------good carnivore day

yesterday was

10 oz NY strip steak
4 slices bacon
12 oz Tbone steak
2 cheeseburger patties

I ate very well and enjoyed it all. I got a seafood hankering coming :slight_smile: Thinking alot of shrimp today. Maybe hit up some scallops also.

All very well in my little zero carb land I am living :slight_smile: Hope everyone is holding fine and doing ok!! We got a tail end of Jan here and will rock it out and into Ferocious February we will go!!