Avocados - Is it worth it?

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I stretch the carbs to the limit, eat an avocado most days and some other dirty things. My test strips suggest I’m comfortably Keto … are they lying?


Avocado isn’t dirty at all. It’s keto like everything if you use it at the right amount (maybe individual things interfere, I don’t know). I ate banana every day on my original keto, it never caused any problems (the majority of my carbs still came from vegs, oily seeds and eggs, each and every day so I never could spare much on fruit so I needed the effective, very flavorful ones). That wasn’t dirty either as I did KETO, not carnivore :smiley:

I don’t know about test strips though I think they easier give you a false negative than a false positive…? But if you keep your carbs low, it should be fine. Of course we can’t possibly know what is our personal carb limit, 10g or 40g or 100g but if you have any signs about ketosis and fat adaptation, you may figure it out (well, it may change too so it’s not that easy but if you don’t change important looking factors - exercise, carb intake, even choice of food items, maybe - and things go well, it should be okay)…
20g is usually fine for everyone (there are some exceptions but it’s pretty rare) so if you are below that, I wouldn’t worry unless there are signs hinting at you being out of ketosis.

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Thanks Shinita :grin:
I was hoping I might be able to get away with 50g+ … not sure I can test that, other than go out of ketotosis (assuming those strips are good)


I definitely couldn’t :slight_smile: 40g was fine but 50 was off. I wonder if higher activity could change that but I won’t test it (at least not intentionally) as even 40g is way too high for me now (unless it comes from animals , that’s fine. though I never did it for longer term).
And all my such knowledge comes from my early days when I actually could tell apart ketosis and not ketosis. Nothing changes now when I go on and off so I have no way to tell. But it’s fine, my body still tells me what it wants and I try to eat accordingly, way below my ketosis carb limit (unless I manage to go near it with only animal products and that’s very rare).

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If your urine strips are showing ketones, then you are doing okay. The idea is to keep carbohydrate intake to a level that lets use remain in ketosis, whatever that level might be for each one of us.

Avocadoes are mostly fat, not too much carbohydrate, so they are popular with ketonians.

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I would suggest not trying to think about “what I can get away with?” and more about “what can I safely eat an maintain optimal health?” If you can stay in ketosis eating 50 g/day of carbohydrate, then well and good. But you want to keep your insulin as low as possible for as much of the time as possible, and that means avoiding carbohydrate. Fat and protein don’t stimulate insulin secretion nearly as much as carbohydrate does.