JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Karen) #543

Up at 5.15am and did my daily 100 stair runs before heading off to work.

A good day at work … on my old wing with a couple of old mates. Haven’t worked that wing during day for about 5 years but it felt like yesterday as so many of the prisoners were on it back all that time ago and they always remember my name and want to tell me their life story which is a bit scary lol

Took my pack up of sliced beef brisket with some dripping, corned beef and chorizo.
Came home and finished the steak mince I bought from the butchers. I was going to do it as a meat loaf but there didn’t seem enough really so after squishing it into the loaf tin I decided to make one massive beef burger :grin:

Then finished off with a bit of cheddar…


@Karen18, ok seeing the word prisoners I am wondering what exactly is your job? :slight_smile:
nice big ol’ burger patty, great pic. I eat mine just like that too!

-------------good carnivore LAST day for Jan. Lets rock our carnivore plans today straight into Feb!

Weather has me a bit blue. Some little snow last night and OH SO cold and turned into sleety icy pellets for a while but back to rain. Days of this happening. I just want that big sun and hot weather, but have to put in my time thru winter first now I guess :slight_smile: The dark gloomy icky weather makes me feel like that but will get thru it, what else can one do :sunny: :sunny:

All going well on plan.
Feel wonderful.
Eating very good meals and just enjoying the plan.

All us guys will head into Feb and do well. Think of any little goals you want to accomplish and sum up how you did in January. I feel Jan went well for me…time to put a check on it and done :wink:

(Vic) #545

Fish for lunch with Laurie style dip for some added fat.

(Laurie) #546

January was fine. I’m tending toward more beef. I still eat pork, salmon, eggs, and homemade yogurt dip.

I eat almost no cheese now, and I’m totally turned off chicken for some reason. (Except for my homemade chicken liver pâté.)

My February “little goal” is to eat some beef every day.


Convinced that lack of sleep (due to these hot flashes) is messing with hormones and eating trends. I fall asleep just fine. STAYING asleep is the problem. I fasted for the better part of the day yesterday. Ate a handful beef pieces at work in the late afternoon. Ate a handful of cooked chicken pieces when I got home. Slept like a baby, but woke up super early. Played with Rufus, made some coffee. Got bored so I made coffee, then cooked breakfast for hubby, and woke him extraordinarily early. I decided to make a few fried eggs for myself- which I really enjoy…and those nice yummy yolks give me a nice, shiny coat. =)
Not sure what to make for a meal to take to work this afternoon, tho. Have to dig around in the meat freezer and see what we got.
Looking forward to a meaty February!

(Jane) #548

How do you make ZC chili? Or is the amount of tomatoes so small in 1/2 cup you don’t worry about it?


@Janie – yea it is regular chili I make for the family.

I eat a little every now and then and it is negligible. doesn’t effect me but I have to eat very little cause the spice can make my tummy a tad burny. but eat it like, hmm, 4 times a year maybe if that LOL Family isn’t a monster chili group and I only make it in colder weather so it isn’t around all that much :slight_smile:

you had me laughing you getting a shiny coat from your eggs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yea lack of good sleep sucks rocks, can mess with ya for sure and hope you can get in some good winks soon!

(Karen) #550

@Fangs I am a prison officer (warden) partially retired so only an average of 19.5 hrs (2.5days) a week. That’s over a 36 week period so some weeks I do more and some weeks less. I do 1 in 4 weekends. When overtime is available then I sometimes take advantage of that as there isn’t anything else to do in Lockdown. So tomorrow is one of those days … all goes towards my retirement in 2.5 years tine, unless I decide to finish a little early lol.

Daily 100 stair runs done before setting off for work this morning. Had a good early shift and was home by 2.15pm. I like the early finish shifts just to be able to get home and chill instead of thinking about getting straight to bed. I get quite tired with getting up at silly o’clock in the morning!

I took the remaining beef brisket with me as I didn’t want to risk feeling ravenous and ate that about 12.30. I had a cheese omelette when i got home and popped 2 rolled breast of lamb piece in the oven for later. Probably cook the lamb leg afterwards and pop some of the butchers sausages in with it to eat cold tomorrow at work… if i can resist them that long :thinking:

I have had a great 3 months of this woe and have noticed how my taste and appetite has been changing. My body temp is definitely hotter especially at night in bed. I used to have 2 heavy quilts over me plus a hot water bottle at this time of the year but although I have still been taking up the hwb it has been banished to the other side of the bed just in case I get feeling any chills during the night.

Also noticed that my mood is lighter and feel that I find it easier to shrug things off and feel much more easy going. Things a progressing well with my food choices. I don’t need to add lots of salt to my beef and I love not having to constantly think about what I am eating. I still use cronometer but only because I like stats and I am a bit anal at noting things down. I used to write everything down in jotters when I was managing my weight because if I didn’t, it was easy to forget what I had had and get to the end of the day and think … gulp I have stuffed myself with rubbish. I would love to feel confident to be able to not bother with keeping an account but it does keep me motivated to drink more water so I will stick with that.

Oh and the water has receded a bit. The field the horses sonetines graze in along the end of my row of houses is now just waterlogged rather than looking like a massive lake!. However my daughter sent me a photo yesterday while she was enjoying her first day of freedom (after isolating with covid) out walking on one of our fav routes along the canal and river to the nature reserve. The canal path had totally disappeared under water! Quite shocking to see how flooded it was. Hopefully we won’t have anymore heavy rain for a few days. Just freezing now. British weather at it’s finest!

(Jane) #551

We already have a ribeye thawing for dinner but now I am wanting chili! LOL. Tomorrow, I guess.

(Edith) #552

In years past we would use fleece sheets. I called them the “fuzzy sheets.” I think I would absolutely melt if I used them this year.

@Janie, yes, it’s gotten me thinking about chili as well. I think my kids would enjoy some.

(Karen) #553

I have to admit i have the brushes cotton sheets on the bed. Sleeping on my own i usually need all the help 8 can get to stay warm. Think it is time to go back to cotton :grin:


I never had problems staying warm in my bed :slight_smile: Blankets and clothes so nicely keep me warm, I was fine in the coldest room except I tend to hide under the blankets (a single one is enough if it’s warm and fluffy enough) so air quality drops. My nose dislikes cold air.
I even have “sleep heat” as I call it (maybe it sounds sillier in English? it’s fine in Hungarian): after I wake up, I feel exceptionally warm for a while.

We got snow but it melted again. It feels like spring so often, lots of sunshine and almost surprisingly warm weather (we had 20 Celsius at Christmas several years ago and a big snowstorm on the 15th of March a few years ago and as a kid, I couldn’t sleep in my tent due to the cold in the middle of July once so weather can’t surprise me easily, I know there is huge wriggle room)… Not a typical January at all but I don’t complain. I saw snowdrop in the garden of the “egg lady”, snowdrop leaves and a few hellebores in the wildlife park! 1-2 weeks and we get lots of early wildflowers! My crocuses obviously do nothing yet, they aren’t very early.

So, tomorrow will be February and I truly get back in track! It will be nice. I got quite close in the last days of January and that nice satiation returned, I have no hunger problems lately and my desires aren’t all over the place either. Satiation and satisfaction, I need both and I am fine regarding eating. My meat supplies are low though but we will go to some place with a supermarket at some point (20km is just too much distance alone with a bicycle for me) and I am fine for a week still… I should visit the pig farm shop too, even a little smoked pork can help me out sometimes and I like the variety. But I can’t use it as my single meat of the day anymore I guess. I did that even in the beginning of November… And before that, we had one meaty dish per week, I used it for 2 days and had only smoked pork for the rest! How could I do carnivore that way I can’t imagine. It’s like being a vegetarian without eggs that I did for 1-2 years…
Oh well. Now I always try to have some kind of proper meat, preferably multiple kinds. Tomorrow there will be chicken, basically unlimited amount of fried liver (1kg for us two but it’s plenty, I can eat as much as I want), a little beef stew, even bacon if needed (still from the 500g pack I bought some months ago, I have plenty still)… It will be enough with eggs and some dairy.

I have plans and I know February will be nothing like January, I shook off the lingering effect of December that somewhat ruined my January. But I learned things like there is an amount of stress and emotional distress where I lose most of my usual tiny control… That wasn’t nice. I wasn’t too wild as I am still a hedonist and I want good for myself, at least while eating and a big bunch of carbs isn’t what I desire even temporarily but the fact that my tiny resolve (I was aware I probably won’t be perfect) broke instantly… That was scary. I need training.

So! I don’t know if I can do a better February than November but I surely can try and it seems realistic even without the huge determination I had before and in the first half of November.
I will focus on a proper meat supply more than ever. My optimist caused problems in the past, it’s better to have more options and bigger amounts than what I think is needed…

I run out of coffee today so I start with no coffee and we will see.

Special rules/goals for February? I surely want to eat simpler. I tend to have multiple course meals and I understand I needed them at some point but I probably can do it better now.
It will help my experiments. I want to test how easily different items bring me satiation. A few eggs (or not but it’s hard to imagine without) and a single something else until satiation! I am curious. I have some general idea what satiates me (pork, ruminants, liver, eggs and not much else) but I want details. It usually doesn’t change much if my circumstances are similar, that helps a lot. But I will make multiple experiments with the same food item. The options are pretty low anyway, it’s mainly some perfectly fatty pork. Red meat is too expensive and not enough available, I tested fowl and didn’t work (though I didn’t tested it under the right circumstances and repeatedly… still, I felt it’s not good enough)… The other option is fried liver but that’s too lean, I would need very much to get enough energy and I don’t eat liver that way. But I will still test it tomorrow :slight_smile: I miss liver already, I like it very much and it goes so well with eggs.

Our microwave oven went wrong some days ago. It’s interesting to do things without it, we both used it several times a day… It was maybe 25 years old? More? It was Mom’s, I moved out almost 20 years ago and used it for years… We buy a new one (and get beef too) whenever the MR machine of the hospital will be okay again and Alvaro gets a new appointment. No idea when that will happen.


Had a pretty stellar day as far as eats go. Eh, I guess work went pretty good too- come to think of it.
So. Coffee/a blip of HWC for breakfast with 3 fried eggs. (for my shiny coat, ya know!)
Lunch…New York strip -done medium. Salt and butter only.
Snack at work - 3 beef sticks.
Dinner…two burger patties, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 stick of cheese, and a coffee.
Drank water in between.
Came home, and ate three more fried eggs for a snacky snack.

I got out a pack of 4 ribeys to munch on tomorrow. Not sure, but I am leaning towards not sharing. Well, going to do a suduko puzzle, and try and settle down then hit the sack.
Have a good one.

(Polly) #556

My Ferociously Fabulous Fat February is starting well. (As FB put it once I live in the future here in the UK)

Looking forward to a great ZC month.


a warden. now that is a career I haven’t met anyone with til now. It is nice your retirement is on its way—time for you! We are right near retirement time also. Kinda taking that early retirement step for hubby in his working and at this point I am not working anymore. Nice to have time for only me and how I want to roll but your hrs don’t seem bad at all right now. Cool.

--------------------------------OK EVERYONE
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