JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!


That is wonderful Scott. So glad you passed on info that clicked and that fight against the sugar intake etc. is so important just like you said…diabetes is a rot disease. You slowly rot inside and I told my mother in law the same thing, it isn’t ‘a cure or great thing’ that insulin ‘fixes’ you to some level ya know…the damage is still happening and over time when older, oh boy then the big med troubles can kick in. She has circulatory troubles, liver, kidney, and eye troubles that were all compounded worse thru just years of ‘wonderful insulin shots’ that fix the 1 minute trouble but never will fix the long term damage that she has now. I think alot of people absolutely don’t understand that about diabetes at all. You made a big point there for sure.

Amen KP…it truly boils down to big money profits from pharmacy and food advertisers don’t care about your nutrition levels at all, they just want ya to buy their crap LOL

@FrankoBear, :partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Fed Up? Now what could make ya Fed Up thru February? You will have a wonderful carnivore Feb…you and Billie :100:

------------------good carnivore day

2 steaks
and those wonderful shrimp I bought

shrimp were so delish. I am hitting store up again before sale price goes off and buying more bags. Hubby had some last night and said, wow, delish and I thought, darn it, he is gonna want more too :crazy_face:

Holding plan, just chilling thru January…we are close to ending so everyone just work their plan and enjoy their lives :100: ZC ON!

(Karen) #424

Blimey a couple of days at work and i have so many posts to read to catch up on you all.

Well if i was allowed to wear my fitbit to work (security reasons) i would eaasily have clocked up over 40,000 steps at work alone plus an extra 60 flights of stairs clicked up on my clicker over and above my daily 100 at home! I have had two busy busy days. Night before last i only managed 3-4 hours sleep before up at 4.45am for shift so by time 7pm came around i was nodding in my rocking chair lol went straight to bed and DING wide awake! Fortunately that didnt last too long and i dropped off for just under 12 hours!!! Woke a couple of times through the night for a wee but other than that a great sleep yesss.

A point on the sleep side. I went back to work after a couole of weeks off (adhoc leave) i have been sleeping so well, even the night before my first shift and had been drinking water water water… at least 4 ltres a day there abouts. The first shift back at work i had every intention of getting plenty water but i didnt, I drank approx 1300ml if that and had such a crap sleep that night. Yesterday i drank more at work and had a couole of pints in the evening before needing to go to bed at 7pm and slept .i know i was tired but that hasn’t stopped me having a poor nights sleep in the past. I am going to keep drinking lots, filling the glass as soon as i have drunk it and sitting it in front of me and see how my sleep goes. Just a thought.

Food wise i have eaten pretty mich the same over past 2 days in my pack ups.
Chicken butter and melted cheese
Topside beef slices
Corned beef and chorizo and yesterday had some cheese when i got home from work.

Not been feeling too hungry. I have not eaten till 12/12.30 and then 5ish wed and 6.30pm yesterday. Had absolutely no time while at work and didn’t feel hungry.

This morning i have just made myself have the sautèd chick and cheese cos i wasnt particularly hungry. I think ribeye later with eggs.

Floods have been bad in leicestershire and derbyshire but they haven’t arrived at my back fence thankfully. I couldn’t check the fields till this mornings first light. Beautiful sunny day and floods at bay Yay!

(Heather) #425

Ha! I’m that way with my DD–a little possessive over my CV foods. She’s CV as well, but I still find my mind saying, “Hey! That’s mine!” LOL.

Funny (or not so funny) salt story - I have not been having any salt on my foods for about a month now. I’ve been doing “okay” with is, but my workouts seems to have suffered a bit. On Monday morning, my workout went really well and I “felt” as though my body had more sodium in it, even though I hadn’t salted anything (I can always tell by inflammation).

I decided yesterday, that since I was having a workout out today, I would have a bacon wrapped chicken breast for dinner. The packaging says it had about 100% of the RDA for sodium. I thought, “That should do it!” I woke up in the middle of the night with the most horrible charley horse! I haven’t had any issues like that before or after giving up salt, but I think that with amount of sodium in one sitting, my body decided to rebel. I won’t be having that again anytime soon.

I’m just amazed at how our bodies are so fine-tuned on CV and they will really let us know when they don’t like something!

(Vic) #426

Beef Tongue

(Edith) #427

Hi Everyone. I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to post. This was not the best few weeks. I’m back to having histamine trouble and evening heart palpitations. Oxalate dumping? I’m not sure at this point. If I take an antihistamine it helps with some of the palpitations and other symptoms that’s why I think histamine intolerance has reared its ugly head. I don’t know why it started acting up. I upped my magnesium, but digestively I’m past tolerance. It’s helped a bit, but not completely.

I slipped up a little, too, with a couple of Diet Cokes and some nibbles of non carnivore food here and there. I think I’m just a little self-control- fatigued with always thinking about what I’m putting in my body.

I would love to say my carnivore experiment has made me feel terrific, but so far it has not. It could be that I’m not eating enough. The Zero Carb Health says two pounds of meat. I just can’t seem to eat that much. Who knows, maybe that’s why the palpitations, not enough food and therefore not enough micronutrients. :woman_shrugging:

I still have February to go for my six month trial. Posting here this evening has me recommitting myself. It’s so nice to have our little carnivore group.

(Laurie) #428

I can’t seem to eat more than a pound of meat (or the equivalent) either. Good luck with your experiment.

On another note: Today I gave away a pound and a half of cheese, which I had just bought this week. Dairy seems to be bugging my tummy.


Wow. And I thought I eat little meat… Well I do when I don’t make some roast or stew for some reasons… But if I do, it seems I automatically eat around 1.5-1.6 pounds…? I don’t actually track but try to guess and it’s very often around that.
I eat much though. More eggs and less dairy lately, I like this direction (my no dairy plan didn’t work yet).
But I really had enough of turkey and no proper meat so I start to have a lot of pork and some beef now. But I eat the last turkey wing tomorrow (and beef!). Unless I won’t be hungry but it has a very low chance even though I ate much today.
Without enough proper meat my automatic control breaks apart too easily (if I am hungry for a long enough time, it tends to happen). I thought liver will be enough help (super quickly fried this time, it’s way quicker in the pan and it has other benefits, I keep this method), it’s nice and satiating for a lean meat but not enough for me. I ate over 300g liver again (as I made only 500g for two), some sausage, bresaola, eggs, cheese (well that isn’t satiating I guess), bacon, meat soup but without meat… It wasn’t enough, I had a hungry day.
So I will focus on meat now (I wonder how many times I decided this). I would have done it already but first I had some time I didn’t want much meat and I was happy with more eggs than usual then Alvaro didn’t want meat and I didn’t want to make a big meaty dish then (Zornfast came too, not like it’s realistic that I don’t eat much every day). I had turkey and liver anyway but they just aren’t good enough. Okay, I tried and now I really know. I am sure it would be fine if everything else was done right but I am not nearly that great so it’s dangerous. I have a bunch of pork or red meat and it’s easy… I hope, at least as my past experiences were good.

Another sunny day, it’s amazing. Warm too.


very happy to hear you are spared any direct trouble with your home from those floods!

water is super important to me. I have water with me at all times in my day. Like you I absolutely require it and I know when I ‘need a hit’ LOL

your new nickname is ‘Step Queen’ for sure :sunglasses:

Yea I sure hear that! Sodium is whacky for alot of us. OW on that charley horse! I know when I do bacon I easily ‘can feel the salt lick’ hit my body. I used to inhale bacon by the lb., now it is just a more rare side item for me. It is amazing truly how we change and adapt thru carnivore, and years into our plans too :slight_smile:


You nailed it. You are not eating enough. Your feelings about this are correct.

I have to say when we undereat it is not a good thing for us carnivores. We truly require a fair amt of food but we require it as our bodies ask for it. There are days we can easily eat alot less and do fine, but that can’t go for too long for most of us, our bodies then jump back up and say feed me and we eat more and we just do fine as our appetites change up.

How much are you eating in a day VE and what are you eating?

If you are not eating cause you are not just that hungry…you probably are hungry :sunny: The diet coke and few other non-carnivore nibbles are showing you just that. Your intuition is spot on with what you wrote, if you are eating and drinking other things that is a direct sign you are undereating and that opens us up to troubles.

Your hitting a rare point on zc. around 6 months you are here ya know, but not really and I say this cause in truth it can take some of us longer to ‘find our re-balance’ and ‘our sweet spots’ in our eating.

Like remember I said I was doing fab and full of energy and eating well and just ‘was carnivore full on’ and living the lifestyle and in month 7-8 I went down for just over 2 weeks with the most crazy fatigue and exhaustion I ever had in my life…I was like, but omg I am SO far on plan?? I was shocked it hit me and I had no idea why it hit me but every long term veteran on the zc forums said eat well, nap when you can, just relax and go with it and I almost wanted to pull my hair out literally I was in such bad shape. But one night I went to sleep thinking I can’t take this much longer and woke up a whole new person in the morning :slight_smile: I was full speed ahead, everything went back to normal and I was like, WHY? did that happen? and to this day I have no answer but it was ‘my personal walk’ ya know and we all have some form of it in our journey. That was my weirdo time :slight_smile:

But you are saying exactly what is wrong…you are not eating enough and it is tipping you around now…you have to increase food.

If you are hungry enough to nibble and drink some soda (and I know these are small amts you are talking here) but key is, you are needing carnivore yet not eating enough to keep ya off the other things.

You might want to check your fat intake. Lower it. I say lower it cause fat is what gives us the ‘high satiaty’ factor. For most of us the higher you up your fat, the less you want to eat BUT this can work against us also. So you might want to focus on leaner proteins and less added fats when cooking your foods and if you lower your fat intake some, your appetite should ramp back up more.

I flip fat around. I wake up and I know if my body requires alot of fat today or lower fat intake. Like I might eat 2 steaks and sausage and gear towards higher fats like with eating a ribeye over a NY strip which is leaner-----or I wake up ‘not that hungry at all’ and know that this day I can eat seafood and chicken and do fine on that without troubles. But if I do eat leaner for a few days I can tell immediately upon waking that today is the day I up the fats cause I start to feel hungry again.

Play with our fat intake can give and take our appetites and ‘feel if you need it’ or not, if you need higher fat then have it, if you feel like you are ‘not so hungry’ and eating less it is a good chance you need less fat in your day to get some hunger back so you do eat enough.

Fat is fab for keeping our hunger at bay, but at that same time it is not solid food containing all the nutrients we do need for our active lifestyles, therefore the solid food has to be eaten ya know so one thing you might want to do is when you want to ‘just nibble’ do the opposite. Make a meal. Sit down and eat. Even if slowly you eat all you want of what you made and you will probably eat alot more than you think.

When I am wishy washy not being hungry but know I have eaten alot lighter I say to myself…make a burger. No, make 2 burgers :slight_smile: and see how much I do eat. Most times the first one goes down easily and I think, hmm, and start on the second one and eat that down but slower LOL and then I say, omg I ate 2 burgers even tho I was not hungry in the slightest but in reality, your body wants this food, cause if you can eat it, you need it. But alot of times we go off that first impression of I am just not hungry so we don’t even try to eat but this is when you should try to eat. Not a nibble, you make a delish meat/seafood meal you enjoy and have a go at it :wink:

Hope some of that makes sense to you! You are truly doing wonderful but you are also still in a ‘learning to read the body signals and signs’, the ones that will now put you into a very specific sweet spot of what foods you need in a day. This is a normal path for longer type zc people.

I know that self controlled fatigue thinking but your body is truly trying to tell you, so when ya wake up think, what do I need—do I want higher fat cause I am very hungry or do I need a lower fat intake cause my body is not all that hungry, and eating a lower fat meal means your body’s hunger signals will ramp back up to keep you eating.

Hold strong, you are on a cool journey truly! It is fun to zc and learn about what your body really wants when it needs it!


happy carnivore day!

yesterday was

16 oz NY Strip steak
few slices taylor ham
can of tuna/mayo (used reg. old mayo in it, it doesn’t effect me and I rarely eat it so I used some cause I was in the mood for it, not a problem for me)
1 chicken breast

Let me explain my eating a bit…but this is where I AM at the moment so ‘don’t compare’ to where I am to how you are eating, whoever you are reading this LOL On carnivore we are all at different levels of our healing and adapting but this is my zc life at the moment.

I wake up and eat heavy as my first meal. High fat intake also. This ‘sets me for the day’. Also you will notice most of my second meal of the day is usually a lighter version, a leaner meal and less fat. Because I am ‘just not that hungry’ on meal 2 after I eat my heavy first meal of the day.

So this is how I am rolling at the moment. I ‘like my first meal’ to be the heavy hitter. The satiaty power. The ‘I am darn well fed already today!’ meal. Then any food in my second choice meal can truly be whatever I have a hankering for and lighter, like shrimp, chicken etc…I don’t have any pressure on what to eat as a second meal cause meal 1 set me up so well for my day that this is what is suiting me right now for my personal lifestyle.

I don’t do well on the flip of that. Eat light on first meal and then come second meal I am ravenous. I can go into bonker land. I need my first meal to be the big kahuna for me, it takes all eating pressure off my day for me. Once that big meal is eaten I am ‘good to go’.

So that is how it is setting down in my life right now.

I had troubles when I didn’t eat enough. I hit into that omgosh I am so not hungry and didn’t eat hardly anything for weeks on end and very slowly that chips away at you, you then start to nibble off plan, get cravings, wonder why you are not feeling so well and more…and we usually know why…we aren’t eating enough but somehow it is the simplest answer yet the most hard one to comprehend as the real fix to whatever is going down for us.

I say it all the time. Eat. Eat well. Eat what you love and adore and enjoy!! You do this and then you find yourself balancing out over time and your appetite can flip around on us, but key is to listen as much as you can…I truly figured out for me personally it is based on fat intake of my meals and if I require big fat intake meals for the day or lower fat intake meals for the day…I flip my food around to reflect that now.

So just some chat on how I eat in a day. ZC is that plan where not eating well each day is a big problem as we adapt thru and we don’t ‘do well’ on eating lighter as some eating plans have eating salads and such. We can ‘eat lighter’ thru our protein choices and meat cuts/seafood/fish options we choose to eat on any given day, but if you can, think of ‘fat being a controller’ for us on zc. Your fat intake will definitely effect your hunger signals. If you are not hungry at all for a longer time then when you do eat, cut back your fat alot. Eat way leaner. Your appetite will then come back to you cause you took your higher fat intake away and your satiaty level will show that…you will become hungry again :slight_smile: and when ya do become hungry again, don’t be skimpy, you eat well then and eat a higher fat meal.

again just a chat and ramble on it.

(Vic) #433


(Karen) #434

What is your lunvh Vic? Looks tasty but cant make it out!


Cripes! I have just eaten a massive tomahawk! It’s called a Cattleman’s steak :cut_of_meat: Basically a brontosaurus rib eye. No problems eating it as had a physical day working around the property.

This is how I cooked the steak. It was a few inches thick, so could be treated as a mini-roast. In a 140’C oven baked, no added fat for 40 minutes. Then flash fry in a high heat pan to sear it off. The high heat pan had remnant bacon fat in it. Then I let the steak rest and cook my dog’s low carb whole food dinner.

@VirginiaEdie - hard physical work in the summer sun usually is a kicker for my heart palpitations. I pre-empt these days with a large mug 350ml of beef bone broth with added pink salt and 75mg magnesium aspartate. I know you know, but I’ll repeat it for any newbies who may get palpitations on ZC. That’s over and above my usual daily 600mg magnesium citrate divided into two doses with meals. For those carnivores aiming at no supplements, I take these mineral supplements to mitigate a potential heart beat problem.

Other 2MAD meal is on plan 3 egg omelette with added protein. Today it was short cut bacon, but for the last few days it has been fish, mackerel or salmon. Then I add fermented dairy. You guys know it as cheese. Same amounts as before.

The coffee addiction persists but the added heavy cream habit has been well and truly broken during ‘smaller pants’.

Unlike Fangs, I have NoFUN. No Food Until Noon to create a feeding window of between 6 to 8 hours. But I will eat outside that if I am hungry. Fangsy points out to me that the morning coffee is an appetite suppressant and she’s right. It’s that and an addiction. You won’t find ZC perfection in my reports.

Keep going team. It feels like I’m in a team. Who has the meat ball next? Next comment. And who else is kicking goals, or getting crushed in tackles?


I reckon he is frying up some cod. Vic has such an amazing variety in his ZC approach. I think it’s brilliant.


Could not have said it better FB!

In truth all our time lines will not match up with our time on this carnivore plan and it is super important to always remember just that. We change and adapt even years into this eating plan. Adapt, bob and weave thru life is literally the survival of our lives ya know…thru so many aspects of it. Just a very natural course for human survival. Adapt or die LOL

Yes some who has med issues will be special. Unique. Have to truly find their path thru it as you have been doing and I so applaud you on that! Many would say oh hell no and quit. Quit. But you got that burr in your saddle that says I know how to go…just gotta do it and you are, you adapt thru exactly what is required of you keeping the plan in tack cause the final thought in your mind, is this plan works! And ya know it does :slight_smile: and you want to be here. As I do. As I learned how it suits me.

oh and I want that darn Tomahawk…bet that was a meal to be enjoyed to the max! super yum on that bad boy! felt great eating it too didn’t it? :slight_smile: I know it did, and did ya throw that bone to Billie and did she get any? HA

WE ARE A TEAM. Team ZC health! If we want this and those here do and wanna see how this plan effects them, only the more time you do on it shows absolute more real truths about us as individuals.

but sadly many won’t ‘go longer’ cause at some point we all have those days of OMG, WTH? yea I had them too

but on my zc forum one guy always stood out years ago. he kept going and going thru tons of med issues, bad ones and he never ‘got the zc benefits’ at all, just struggled but HELD the plan thru true faith and one day he posted that he had the best nights sleep ever and he ‘felt improved’ in a tiny way that he couldn’t put his finger on but ‘just felt it’ and said, if I can do this for years hoping, many can do it also and hope change comes. Then this guy got another good blood report on his issues and more and he was damn near over the top on saying how things were changing. And this was a guy thru the years just kept saying nothing was improving at all and we all felt so much for him ya know…but then…that one darn day, about 2 years into it----HE GOT benefits that fit him personally. He posted that and all of us cheered him on like insanity saying that if someone should be a zc poster child it should be him LOL

So who we are. What we got in us to move forward. Our dedication to plan based on science/health/research we do for ourselves and TIME on this plan mean the world if one can commit to this big change but if we do…what we find can be a ray of hope and rainbow we never knew existed but it was there the whole time, but it was waiting for you to put in the time required to find it.

omg I sound so corny on my zc chat HAHA but this plan is the world to me truly. Can ya tell? :100:

and who has that next great meat ball cooked? Who has troubles and struggles? Who needs some info? Darn right a group like us will hold strong…chatting on this thread is key. Support thread!!! Chat the heck outta what ails ya thread!!! You commit to the plan and as it changes we can all throw out experiences as we experience them, might give some ring of truth that suits a person indivudually and then we can just learn more about ourselves.

ZC SUPPORT! We got it here LOL and this thread is so darn fun and great cause of all us participating :slight_smile:

yea corny post but hey, I am corny sometimes

(Edith) #438

Okay @Fangs, I will start tracking (as in quantity) and post what I’m eating at the end of the day and you all can critique it for me. :grinning:

(Karen) #439

@Fangs Step Queen lol more like Stair Crazy i think :grin:

The flooding has stayed at bay but the days change so much from one to the other at the mo. 4 days ago 10° and sunshine, next day dropped those 10° to minus° and a bitterly cold day, then yesterday was glorious sunshine and today snow and then a bit if sun and now overcast and looking like snow or rain is iminent. British weather at its best eh?

Daughter had a positive test for covid yesterday but is fine and no symptoms. Numbers are rising in our prison and more staff isolating. At least the healthcare are going round all the wings testing the prisoners but we still have to work with them so i am staying indoors till my next shift on tuesday. I have had to tell my friend/dancing partner who i keep an eye on and shop for (he’s 83) that i won’t be able to visit. Got to protect him so just phone calls for the next few days. I was walking with my daughter last Sunday but i haven’t had any symptoms thankfully.will get tested on tuesday and weekly thereafter.

Still stuffing chicken down me until i have finished it. Love it so it isn’t a hardship eating it over and over. I have a leg of lamb in the oven which i will enjoy later.
Definitely cut down on cheese though not cut it out entirely as yet. Not half as hungry and today didn’t have the chicken till past 1pm and then i made myself eat. I think the cheese is what makes me want to eat all the time. I have found over past week i haven’t wanted to snack at all though i still like a nibble in the evening but not anywhere as much as before, perhaps thats combination of extra water and better sleep.

Oh the sun has got his hat on again and is blinding me through my kitchen window! I can smell.the lamb, must be …alarm just sounded as i was going to say … ready

(Karen) #440

(Vic) #441

Its SeaDevil (Monkfish)

(Karen) #442

Cheers Vic i haven’t had monkfish for a very very long time. My mum used to buy it. She worked for the White Fish Authority in Edinburgh as their PR officer. We tried all sorts of fish. She was always bringing some home. When i was a child i lived on the seafront right opposite where the fishing boats came in. There was a little fish hut where they sold the fish and i used to love the smell of the fresh fish … and still do. You can imagine Fish was a staple for us at that tine. Memories eh?