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very important to eat on carnivore and alot of other great info in this post.




this is wild and wooly using real liver and making your own capsules etc. but you can buy capsules premade and you can buy freeze dried liver already…but this is a fun read for those who are interested…this lady tried it all LOL


another great video showing dehydrating and making your own pills


remember everyone…your mind and body will trick you every single way it can to get sugar back! Don’t fall for it at all…let sugar go! Don’t allow it to rule you ever!



FANTASTIC READ from the ‘olden days’ HAHA
not THAT long ago but before S Baker, or Paul S, or Charles W or the Petersons there was big knowledge on why a meat based menu was best for life and healing.

The carnivore knowledge was out there ‘long ago’ :slight_smile: and was just as important back then as it is today, but with all things, this world moves so fast day to day, what is great can be dismissed in a flash as the ‘new BS’ takes the stage LOL

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I love these lines from Chapter One:

Even in those days [1919] we thought there was nothing to the treatment of obesity but to see that patients exactly adhered to a low-calorie diet. If the output of energy exceeded the intake, weight loss had to be automatic. It was not realized that low-calorie diets mean relative starvation with attendant weakness and hunger. . . .

At the end of a year a brief survey of clinic patients on low-calorie diets showed that the results were something worse than terrible. And they were no better in my office practice.

It was understandable perhaps in clinic work. Dispensary patients may be born failures with a tendency to fail at everything. But if more intelligent patients in the office were unable to lose weight successfully there had to be something wrong with the method.

If they could see this a century ago, you’d think someone would still remember it!

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It’s an exellent read he was often quite blunt with his patients but even he saw back then what a few drs are saying today …and he often makes the point thats grains are to feed animals so eat the animals and its flour that hardens our arteries not fat not meat…the sad part his treatment was out there and in the hospitals in New York such a shame it wasn’t kept up…but I think for him having treated patients from then all the way up til he wrote the book in 1961 goes to show that it def works, its sustainable and its not just a “fad” diet.


I absolutely agree. Why are we so blind?

Also I SO agree :slight_smile:

----------What kills me most in a way is just hospital food…the one place you go to heal is the place they feed you the worst?? With my mother in law having a full on sugar meal for breakfast when she is in for diabetes issues? I truly truly am dumbstruck sometimes on the crazy of it all out there!

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Interesting paragraphs from Chapter Four of Strong Medicine:

In the effort to work out an effective anti-obesity routine, and in an entirely arbitrary way, a half pound of fresh fat meat without salt was chosen to be eaten with each meal. Apparently it was a fortunate choice, for that is the amount I still recommend.

From what I have observed, a half pound of meat per meal [in the context of three meals a day] is the minimum quantity needed to maintain the work of repair of body cells.

Trial-and-error work seemed to show that the proportion of lean and fat had to be about three to one. Fat by itself is not easily digested. It must be mixed with something else. So the portion of meat after cooking should consist of two ounces of attached fat and six ounces of lean.

Most fat people don’t eat enough fat meat three times a day to start the fire that will burn off their own excess fat.

Lots of food for thought, you should excuse the expression.

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Yes because alot of groups are now choosing to push this high protein low fat keto and carnivore I’ve noticed to the point that they are promoting low cal eating on carnivore…i


very true…so many ‘heavily and wrongly’ tweak a good keto plan or a zero carb eating plan…tweak it truly to where it doesn’t work!!! and then they go off and bad mouth the eating plan LOL

Fat is massively important on keto/or zc and yet it ‘gets super overly controlled’ by people sometimes who ‘think they know’ it is best to control it…all I can say to that is EAT WHAT the body is telling you to eat, eat how it is directing you.

everyone has wants for big big fat intake days and days where we truly don’t need it or want it, that is just the body saying, hey I don’t require big fat eating day! Your physical body won’t steer us wrong ever, we just have to listen and react and not get in our own way sometimes guessing we know better.


wonderful chat but listen carefully in it :slight_smile:

dairy is the biggest issue for all carnivores truly…start with ‘hearing that!!’ and this is not a video for NEW CARNIVORES!!! this is more for those who are going longer and longer and more veteran status of over at least 6 mos. on plan and no results in weight loss…which is rare cause healing hormones and more MUST take place and that is SO individual a timeline for all of us…but newer carnivores should just EAT! But for longer term people, coming from Keto Plan or Very Low Carb into Carnivore and are not getting results after a decent amt of time on plan should realize a few things and can ‘try a few things’ but be very very aware while doing anything different. Tweaking up carnivore is never a great way to roll…alot of bad can come fast when we monkey too much, so listening to your body is key on trying stuff.


No fiber is required!