JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Laurie) #463

@SecondBreakfast Sorry about your bad experience. It is human nature to mistreat the most responsible and helpful person in a work situation, family, etc. Sometimes we need to assert our rights and “show our teeth.”


The vast majority of my lunch was this and 5 eggs:

I actually ate it in 2 parts with 1 hour between them. Not so bad satiating effect from some mere turkey… And it’s not a whole wing as Alvaro ate a little bit of it yesterday. But it didn’t last as long and didn’t give me same perfect satiation some pork roast or red meat can. Still, I will continue my experiments as there are so many factors.

About 64 dkg meat for today (1.42 pounds). More than average but nothing unusual.
I ate 7 eggs in total.

I finally got out the half headless piglet from the freezer, we will feast tomorrow and the day after ~

Oh, coffee is back again. I don’t focus every day and it just reappear and grows in number… I have an open box of cream anyway…
Still, I drink more water than before. (Tea is boring now and I don’t actually drink coffee all day so I need lots of water as well.) Nice direction. I must appreciate little things.

(Karen) #465

Hope you get you day off, that sounds dreaful where you work! Also wish your daughter all the best xx

(Karen) #466

What a day! Went out to clear snow off car and check tyre pressure and saw i had a flat! Got some air in to it and off to tyre garage. Screw embeded so 1 new tyre and 3 with tread getting a bit close for comfort that need changing over next couple of weeks. Then battery died as i was about to drive off!
Just as well i am doing overtime at work tomorrow as it may just cover it :roll_eyes:
Hey ho could be worse, if I hadn’t checked it i could have been staring at a flat at 6.30am tomorrow.
Same old same old sauted chicken, a bit of stilton, a mug of chicken stock, some corned beef, 2 egg with some bacon and 2 bratwurst which i didn’t enjoy. Didn’t like the bacon either! Everything apart from bratties quite small portions.

Early night, in bed already, up at 4.45am.

Oh and just 100 stair runs this morning.

(Vic) #467

For some reason, I’m very active lately, to much energy?
Full day of work and then have to do a lot more at home, can’t sit still.

I switched to 1 meal a day, give me more time to do stuff, makes me happy.

Todays meal:

For those who are i interested in quantities: I eat 2 pound’s of food a day, most days a little less, now and then it will be more, like 2.5 pounds.

(Edith) #468

You are male and tall if I recall. If two pounds is good for you, it seems that less than two pounds should be good for me.

(Edith) #469

I’m having a hard time getting up the quantity. I will look at the amount of food on my plate and think it looks like a lot and then I weigh it, and it is about 5 ounces.

Breakfast: 4 ounces pork belly and 1/3 pound hamburger, so 9 ounces of meat.

Afternoon snack: polish hotdog

Dinner: 6-8 ounces of chicken tenders with shriracha mayonnaise dipping sauce.

The afternoon snacks tide me over until dinner. A breakfast of meat hangs in a long time but not quite enough to get me to dinner.

@Fangs, I know you said to mix up the meats. I just didn’t have time this evening.


Imagine being woken by the sound of a boiling kettle. The sun is topping the tall trees in gold with the blue sky behind it. You have slept in. The kettle bubbles and you ease into a luxurious stretch feeling the echoes of yesterday’s physical activity and realise those well earned tight spots have become infused with strength and energy. Mmmm, bed is warm and a sleeping cat personal trainer pins the blankets down at your feet. But you feel energetic, the need to move and investigate the kettle and the day to which it calls you. This is waking up in JanZC - No Plants! Smaller Pants! It’s so good, it feels like a dream.


Wonderful photos in your posts to go with your thoughts and descriptions.


no no we can’t go by that at all literally
we got 5’4 gals eating 3-4 lbs per day and doing just fine actually so never think in terms like this, our individual healing and life etc. means we are very individual in our zc ways. just saying :slight_smile:

oh yea just mix up meals when you feel like it. actually in zc we do have alot of options on how to eat thru our day, just do what feels very natural for the day…could swing around on ya and that is fine too…any way we do best is the right choice for our day!

remember when newer a person’s intake can vary greatly. our appetites will change as we heal and change and hormones balance and everything ‘resets’ so never box yourself into a ‘thought’ of what ‘you think you should eat’ ya know…Vic being longer in years and me too have walked thru alot of eating changes and kinda ‘found our area zone’ just thru our time on plan…so you keep yourself open truly to just eating as you need! Do you at all times :slight_smile:


wow FB I think carnivore is starting to treat you very well…time on plan changes us truly…a whole new you comes out, I love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: beauty pic! love it!


Feels so good to be back on track! Getting my mojo back, slowly but surely. I know things sounded pretty awful at work, but its all good now. The top boss usually leaves the leads and assistants with massive piles of work to do - before they leave. I got my stack of jobs, and totally KILLED it by the end of my shift! Almost never happens. Got a couple other things done on top of that. So…I felt great by the time I got off work. Tired, but good. I ate about a 2/3 pound of ground beef, a bit of cheese, and 2 Benadryl for dinner.

Whatever this new form of hormonal hell is that my body has encountered required the Benadryl. I have the Natural Calm - which has, in the past- done nothing to help me sleep other than to calm pulled muscles in my feetsies. I slept a solid 4.5 hours. That’s a record. Woke up, stayed awake for an hour or so, fell back asleep and got up for good- around 515am. The hot flashes are so intense- worse than before. I just did housework quietly, and have been cuddling Rufus for awhile. She feel asleep on my lap. Nothing better than puppy cuddles to start the day!

I feel its time to start back to my previous workout routine- which was only about 10 minutes - but time well spent. Planking, pushups, stretches… Eating carnivore seems to bring about this desire to push myself physically, so, that seems like a reasonable activity. Might start back to the gym and do some weightlifting, too. Time will tell.

Off to kill it again at work today. =) Cheers!


Cool…so true :slight_smile: eating zc makes us feel like we must move. must move. Our bodies vibrate a bit with energy right? I love that feeling of must having to move, just so natural ya know! Glad you are doing so well.

You are a beast at work! I am like that, give me a work to do list and boom, I go on the attack. Get’er done fast. Always been like that, even in school long long ago teach would say homework and I would have it done in the next class HA I hate anything being left hanging over my head, any get’er done stuff!


12 oz NY strip
some slices of taylor ham

12 oz NY strip
1/2 cup beanless chili and little shred cheddar

Doing great on eating plan.
Feeling wonderful on eating plan

All just good here. Brrrr tho. Got some nicer days coming they say but I am sure ice storms are not far behind those reprieve days we are getting…omg the rain last night! Thank heavens it wasn’t snow, just rain, or it would pile up so high LOL

Just doing my thing…

(Kellyn ) #477

My daughter and I went on a 5 mile hike on Saturday. It was beautiful and a great workout. I have still been eating zero carb, but have started drinking hot tea. It is just nice to have something hot. I have taken up knitting to keep me busy when watching tv. I have never been one to mindlessly snack when watching tv, but do have a habit of scrolling through my phone. This way I am doing something productive.


I like that KP…productive vs sluggy and bored with just ‘filling time’. I think that is cool and on zero carb our clarity of thinking does kick in and ‘we grow’ as a person and this is a step that way cause heck I had it too…we just wanna grow :slight_smile: I love your post!

5 mile hick is fab! great accomplishment and think further, a few days big hike with camping involved? oh yea wild HA but cool if ya wanna go there :slight_smile:


ok so hubby is off doing his work and I have no phone for pics and my’vampire 15 yr old is up to’ 5 am--------so I go in and grab her phone for a pic of my food whcih is rare and she is ALL over me HAHA

so pic is my lb. pork tenderloin with a ‘smidge’ of buffalo sauce, like 1/2 teaspoon cause I hit on sale and wanted taste change but I can tell now, before I eat it won’t do so I got 2 NY strips ready to go for other food :sunny:


chowing down now and with a bit of yum LOL
don’t get me started on fight about a simple grab of kids phone for a pic and OMG it was like HOW Dare I but not that person so I guess? phone use is never a good thing to grab :slight_smile: :slight_smile: omg me too old

(Heather) #481

My DD and I are just cruising along on ZC. I’ve been baking a tube of 73/27 ground beef for lunch every day. I bake it at 375 for one hour. It’s like a “tube” meatloaf. It gets a little brown on the top, which is better than when I was making it in the pan on the stove.

I didn’t eat enough yesterday, as I struggled with my weight routine this am. I’ll make up for it today! :grin: I had my typical “meatloaf” for lunch and I have 2 (smallish) ribeyes out for dinner. That should do it!

We got about 7" of snow here in wonderful Wisconsin and our snowblower is broken. DD’s school was cancelled, so her and her dad got to shovel this morning before he headed off to work. I left for work at my usual time (to get out of shoveling :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention - I went to get my hair trimmed yesterday. The lady that cut it said, “You’re hair is really healthy!” My last trim was in May! I told my DD that and she said, “Does ZC give you healthy hair?” I said, “It can.” That launched in to a big discussion of all the things ZC can help with - acne (her complexion has completely cleared up), stronger hair, nails, smoother skin, minimal body odor. She says, “'I’m going to make a list!” She’s even telling her classmates how there wouldn’t be a toilet paper shortage if everyone ate ZC, because your body is so efficient at using all that it consumes - LOL!

Glad to see everyone is continuing to do well!

(Vic) #482

One meal again today.

Cod liver, blood sausage, chicken with cheese crusts.