JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Vic) #503

An opportunistic meal, a friend went hunting a shot a few pheasants.

Wrapped in bacon and in the oven.

Before I realized 1 + 1/2 birth were devoured.

(Karen) #504

What a treat for you Vic

(Karen) #505

I didn’t sleep well last night as always happens when the moon is waxing and tonight is full moon. My fitbit says I had 9hrs 36mins … it lies! I was more awake than asleep through till 4.20am and thenI slept till 7.20am. Went back to bed and slept again till 9.45, that was the best sleep of the entire night!

Got up and could have just not done the daily stair runs but I got my act together and although I took it a bit easier, doing them during the ads and the bits on tv I wasn’t interest in, got them done within about 40 mins. Wasn’t going to grieve over that or beat myself up, they got done and glad I did them.

Been a hungry type of day which usually follows a bad night sleep.

Brunch 12.30pm - 2 beef burgers and 2 fried eggs
Snack 2.30pm - 1oz mature blue stilton
3.45pm - 4-5oz beef brisket
4.15 pm - 1oz med cheddar
5.45pm - 1oz chorizo & 4oz canned corned beef
6.45pm - 6 pork chipolatas

When I wrote that down it didn’t look half as much as when I was eating it, probably because I have grazed throughout the afternoon. Don’t feel overly full and I think today was about having a different taste in my mouth but having said that I don’t feel hungry either.

Been a pleasant day and had a long phone chat with a friend who lives about 3 hours away. He had been feeling a bit low this morning so I guessed a call would cheer him up. The lockdown was getting to him a bit. I feel very fortunate that I have almost shrugged it off. All this business will come to an end eventually so just digging in for the long haul. Back to work for a full shift Saturday and a half shift Sunday so tomorrow will be a prep day for weekend pack ups. Then back in for overtime again on Monday. 3 days on the trot moght kill me off :wink:

(Laurie) #506

Karen, I feel hungry when I’m tired too. Good for you on doing the stair runs in spite of being tired.

(Karen) #507

Thank you Laurie, i have known for years about the correlation between lack of/disrupted sleep and hunger which was confirmed in a very interesting book i read during the first lockdown about ‘why we sleep’. A very scientific book which I got totally engrossed in and found hard to put down. Everything in it made sense.

(Edith) #508

Yesterday was not the best quality food day:

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs

Lunch: 2 McDonald quarter pounder patties with bacon and a touch of ketchup, 5 chicken wings

Dinner: pork chop and 3 chicken Italian sausages. There were some carbs in the sausages, but I’m not at the stage where I will refuse to eat something if my husband kindly cooked the dinner.

This morning was busy and I didn’t eat until noon. By then I was pretty hungry.

Lunch: 2 1/3 pound hamburgers, 5 chicken wings, 2 ounces of liverwurst.

This evening I’m not feeling great: low energy and mild nausea. Maybe that means I need to eat, but the nausea makes me not want to. It also hasn’t been that long since lunch.

I’m still having heart palpitations. They are worse in the evening. I stopped taking the magnesium citrate a couple of days ago because I had something strange happen. There were two nights I took the Mg and soon afterwards I could not sit still. The third night I took it before I went to bed and then about 30 minutes later I could not lie still. I had to move to the couch. :woman_shrugging:

I’m really not sure this WOE is working out for me. Somedays I just feel terrible and then I’ll have a day or two where I feel great and my back feels great, and those days make me hopeful that carnivore is helping. Then I go back to the cruddy feeling. So far, cruddy outweighs great. I am now at the five month mark. The jury is still out, but it’s not looking good.



yea I hate to say that tiny bit of nausea does come with changing into this lifestyle. It can hit any time, brand new to plan, or months into plan but it will go away but again, very individual on it. Don’t panic on it tho ya know. It is a normal thing while we change over for most zc people. Alot of times it can come from eating lower quality fat intake, like fast food burgers or eating chicken fat or hamburger fats. Just seems to be that trend when people get a bit nauseous and those fats are related into that kinda. Also don’t pair up drinking water right before eating or while eating if feeling bit icky. The water just makes it worse. Drink water after your meals and sip between til that next meal kind of thing.

I think you might be hitting on your troubles. Food quality…well, food choices.

There is top zc food like beef. #1 and not even burgers which are great homemade and not store bought truly, but steaks. rump roast. chuck roast. steaks. beef tips. beef short ribs. steaks. :sunny:
Then lamb, bison, elk etc.—big heavy hitting red meat.

Then pork is great if you handle pork well. There is pork intolerance some get so? but many many do fab on it.

Then you step down to lesser zc choices. Anything processed by anyone. Like McDs burgers. Chicken is way down on satisfying factors. Eggs are just a side item, there are no way a meal truly for a zc person. Chicken is mostly a side dish too. Along with seafood, anything processed like sausages, bacon, my taylor ham product I eat.

My best thoughts for you. Go all in beef for a week as every main meal.
Then add some side when wanted, like steak and eggs. beef brisket and some chicken wings. just a honking nice big steak cut to eat. or filet mignon cut with seafood side of choice.

Take your magnesium in the morning. Don’t take anything before bed and see.

Food journal? maybe showing ‘I ate’ and then it is ‘I feel’ might help you too?

But I did a food journal in my head cause I was eating alot of chicken and sausages and bacon as meals and never felt up to par when doing so but when I hit back to steaks and beef roasts I was in top shape so eventually I was like, darn, I do better eating beef vs anything else.

That is how I started my pairing eating. Steak and xyz. Steak and seafood. Steak and wings. Steak and… it suited me best.

Sounds like you are tired, dealing with the heart palps and more and getting irked now cause of it all. I know that one :wink: Too much on ya at one time.
So when that happens for me I break it down. Take mag early AM and see how you do. Change eating over to the best zc food…beef truly, as your priority eating. Get good rest and slow your roll in thoughts (well I needed that HAHA) and just work on you a bit in tiny changes and see effects.

You are at a critical moment in your journey. If you bail you will never know if that next month was the one where it all flips and you hit the best lifestyle you ever known…see it went that way for me. I had troubles too around that 7-8 month area and I thought of bailing but I only said one thing, omg I put in so much time like this, know I feel great but still am having troubles and another zc person, ahhhh, but what if you are just a month away from the best life you can live? And I thought, darn it, I will hang on LOL and I did just that and now I can’t even think of going backward in my eating.

just some person experiences and thoughts on might help VE.

but also, if going back to heavy meat based ketovore suits you better, then later when ya do dump back into that you might do very well. you never know. Or you go ketovore and find your worse? but only time on that will show you changes ya know…but for right now…I say you hold strong and ‘where’s the beef?’…at VE’s house, she is eating it all LOL

These are kinda situations that all carnivores can hit in changing over. While they suck, I think ya got time to go further and change up your eating a bit. Sending great carnivore vibes to you :100:


I did hit ravenous eating yesterday and enjoyed all I did eat :slight_smile:

early 8 AM 12 oz NY strip steak before hitting the road.
rare for me to ever eat that early but yum

home around 2.

driving home I wanted to stop at ALL fast food places I was so hungry LOL but as usual I won’t. It never satisfies me…yea for the minute, taste is eh, usually just borderline alright, but in the end it is like useless for me to buy fast food anymore…so I held on cause I said ‘at home I got 2 lbs of snow crab legs’ and oh yes I held on for those!

2 lbs crab legs with alot of butter.

while waiting for those to steam I was starving so I fried up 2 chicken breasts. Ate 1 while waiting for my crab to get done.

ate the other small chicken breast after the crab LOL

then hubby fried up a Tbone around 7 last night and I was like-----omg I am hungry now.

So I was on that fence…start to ‘carnivore snack’ which is never a good thing for me cause I end up hungrier actually…or fry up a steak.

So I fried up an almost 1 lb. NY Strip and yum. I thought this steak is too much, then when I got it done, oh boy I hounded it down.

So my day was

12 oz NY strip steak
2 lbs snow crab legs and melted butter
2 small chicken breasts
14 oz NY strip steak

and I woke up this morning ‘very satisfied’. Feel my ravenous ways are at bay right now.

Got NY Strip for later and probably hit into shrimp and got my mind on some pork loin I defrosted. Got the day covered.

HOLD on zc’ers! We got this! and heading into a FerociousFatFabFeb very soon!


The farmer rang up today. Gifted me 2 dozen farm fresh eggs and fresh lamb for the freezer. I just put the rib racks in the oven at 180’C with some tallow.


oh wow, you lucky…
sounds delish! I know that is going to be a fab feast


Opps a small change in eating


I just spatchcocked the duck and seasoned it.

will cook for early dinner time.

duck, while 6 lber…3 lbs each with kid trying some but not sure if she will love or not? won’t be enough meat for this old gal so I will be pairing up with a few steaks in my day LOL

DUCK DAY…can’t wait :partying_face:

(Edith) #514

Thank you for that wonderful post. I found it very helpful.

I never did eat anything last night. A few hours after my post the nausea went away and the palpitations settled down. I still haven’t eaten yet today, and I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. Maybe I needed a little food break. I’ll probably have a big meal in a few hours.

I will give your suggestion a go about having beef at every meal and see what happens. Pork is a tricky one for me. Like you mentioned, sometimes it agrees with me and sometimes it doesn’t . I rarely have it as an entire meal.
It’s more like a side dish.

The other problem I think that could be complicating things is the oxalate dumping. It will make me feel crummy and I’m not totally aware I’m dumping until it passes. You know… hind sight, blah, blah, blah. I always feel great after the dumping passes. I would say strict carnivore has put me in a state where I’m frequently oxalate dumping.

Thanks again for the very thoughtful reply.

(Edith) #515

I’ve been thinking about ribs lately. Now I really want some! :yum::drooling_face:

(Kellyn ) #516

I got an air fryer yesterday that I am so excited about. I put a steak in this morning that I will reheat for lunch. I can’t wait to try cooking other things in there. I am going tonight to buy some more meat and was thinking about getting a cornish hen to try as well. I’ve been working some overtime this week and dealing with some work issues so I haven’t had time to post much. I have started drinking hot tea and am really enjoying it. Tomorrow I will be cleaning, doing laundry, and taking down Christmas decorations (which I am kind of ashamed to say). My husband wanted to leave them up all year. I told him I would leave them up through January, but if we left them up all year then Christmas wouldn’t be as special this year. I will also be doing some more work from home this weekend. I wish I had the time to do another hike, but will plan that for another weekend when I am not working overtime.

(Karen) #517

A better nights sleep even though i got less hours

Did my stair runs 100 straight off this mornkng to start my day.

Had to collect prescription from chemist but it was shut for lumch so i had to fill time for half an hour, which is dangerous as the butchers is just around the corner lol so couldn’t help myself i bought 2 rolled portion sized lamb breasts, 8 sausages of different varieties and 1lb steak mince which i made into a kind of steak tartare to try add8ng raw meat to diet.

Eaten so far …
Brunch midday - A lovely rare ribeye steak, 2 fried eggs and 2 leftover pork chipolata sausages
4.15pm - raw steak mince and last 3 cold pork chipolatas dragged through the fat they were cooked in to add fat as i know the steak mimce was very lean.

Hope you like the smiley faces. A bit of silliness does us all good :grin:

(Edith) #518

Broke my unexpected 24 hour fast with:

3 slices of deli ham
3 slices of bacon
2 large shrimp
1/2 pound wagyu ground beef - I was going to try for the entire pound, but just couldn’t eat another bite.

Yes, @Fangs, I will work on getting heartier cuts of beef. :grinning: I have boneless short ribs for dinner.

(Vic) #519

2 meals today.

Some raw, some cooked.


wow guys we are eating good in the neighborhood!

I just polished off a 14 oz NY Strip steak which was so tender

and then I had 1/2 lb of pork tenderloin I just seared fast in little butter, just cut very thin, almost potatoe chip like slices from the loin and man it was delish.

Duck maybe tonight…hubby got called into work, he said if he is working way past dinner time that the duck can’t be cooked til tomorrow, he wants ‘us to eat it’ together…omg right? HAHA

no problem, I got another NY Strip and shrimp for me if needed.

Also guys in general, make sure you are drinking good water. Keep that intake up ya know. I ate that nice steak and pork loin and literally was wandering the house for more food…then DUH…I did not drink my wake up bottle of water and it was around 11 I ate that food…and no water all morning! I was like HUH, I am never without water LOL I drank a whole bottle real fast, 1/2 another bottle and boom, all hunger gone and I feel ‘balanced’. Didn’t even think about water this morning for some reason?? but it is little weirdo things like that which can throw us off a tad sometimes.

Plus ----who here said their wrist, possible carpal tunnel symptoms have lessened. I remember some posted about it and I said, huh, interesting that zc helped carpal tunnel? cause that is more physical issue but then I went off reading more about oxalate dumping AND what oxalate dumping can do and it said this: Sometimes mysterious lingering pain gets diagnosed as fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome without any knowledge as to why the pain is occuring.

I posted the oxalate info over on the zc video info thread for more to read about it all. Plus upon more oxalate info…it can last many months into changing our eating and it said some people it can just be a very long time on dumping situations, cause the big crystals break to small, then it takes time for the body to release the small ones and more…so it said it is all unpredictable for many people, can be such a longer time line for many and it was just, like, you go thru it as you have to go thru the dumps when it happens. So I have to say they are nasty little buggers :slight_smile: What he said in the article about them. HAHA

Now I want boneless short ribs for dinner!

and now that air fryer is on my mind, a few people use them and love them…hmm, waiting for good reviews on it KP!

I bet very very soon with FBs lamb ribs and VEs short ribs pretty soon I will be gnawing on bones for sure. You guys get me drooling over what you are eating and the pics and more just are wonderful.

boy do we love our food on ‘our diet?’…uh, lifestyle change :slight_smile: we sure do!

(Karen) #521

@Fangs qoke up to this this morning. Forecast is no more rain in the area until Sunday … let’s hope so!

First photo is from my loft room and is about 4 or 5 gardens down from me. The 2nd photo is the horses field just at the end of my row of houses. Got quite a shock when i saw it. This is worst the flooding has been since 2013.


Karen the second photo isnt showing

That amt still around you is incredible. Is any of this receding at all yet?

If you have no rain til Sunday you guys might have a chance to get back in safer space, let some of that run off and give you guys a chance not to get so bad again fast.

Thankfully your ok so far!!