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I have been talking about this lately, kind of fitting. @PaulL I know we also talked about some of this as well as the carnivores

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Watching the video you linked @Naghite (Everything You Know About Keto Is Wrong). He’s talking about the downside of constantly trying to keep insulin low (+/- and ketones high) out of a belief spiking insulin is bad etc. He’s talking about how essential insulin is for all sorts of essential body processes. I can’t remember where I heard it but what I heard is a response to food only accounts for 1/3 of the insulin our bodies make throughout the day. If this is true, where does that fit into continually trying to keep insulin being a potentially bad thing? Our body makes a lot regardless of what we eat and don’t eat…

Also, what are the chronically high ketone levels needed to develop Hyperketonemia?

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My cousin is type 1 diabetic running Keto. Most of his insulin is a baseline drip with less than 30% being bolus for meals. So absolutely constant carbs are bad but equally zero insulin spike tells the body there is no food around regardless of energy reserves (fat).

Not sure of hyperketonemia, but in general I would think it is about signalling, meaning it is not the level of ketones per se, but the time without leaving ketosis. Just a guess here.

While hardly new information, the internet is full of people who are stuck on the antiquated carb insulin model so much that they cannot handle any information which tells them to raise insulin in any way…… akin to not seeing the forest from the trees.



as much as it has become an evil, it is vitality and massively important to the physical body truly. Balance of knowing when the evil we made insulin becomes the ‘good guy’ and thinking must flip. so agree.


and ‘they could say’ these 2 cows DID all this damage to the Earth? hmmm…

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Here’s Kelly Hogan on the need some people have for more fat, and her experiment with eating more fat. She cautions that it is not a panacaea, but it does help some people.

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Good video, I like how she puts it: If what you are doing is working for you, stick with what you are doing. If it isn’t you may want to give this a try.

It requires you to enjoy eating fat tho, which is what I really struggled with when I tried it for 5 or 6 weeks. I hate the taste of butter and ghee (even hidden in stuff like carnivore hollandaise sauce) and really dislike the taste of beef fat. I ate mostly pork belly and very fatty pork shoulder, and the pork belly made it quite expensive.

I also didn’t feel good eating this way, in fact I felt more and more awful, physically. A huge confounding factor here tho is I was sleeping very poorly at the time. Half way thru my trial I decided to stop the 2 meds I take at night to help me sleep (especially stay asleep) and I was waking every 30 to 90 minutes, all night every night. After 2 months of this I restarted them because the toll it was taking on me was getting extreme. Anyway, this confounding factor really messes up knowing how I’d feel eating very high fat, much lower protein (for me, b/c I tend to eat a lot of protein), but I definitely noticed my very low energy get even lower as soon as I started eating this way.

I question how healthy a diet of mostly pork belly and shoulder pork is, too. Commercially raised pigs are fed rubbish and they aren’t ruminants, so all that rubbish goes from their meat to my body. Plus, from a micronutrient profile, it’s not ideal.

I’m still steadily losing weight so I’m continuing with my usual form of carnivore, eating whatever the heck I want from my list of carnivore foods I enjoy eating (which is quite short), eating however much the heck I want, and whenever the heck I want. Zero tracking, zero windows in which I’ll eat and not eat, zero care for the time of the day or how big or small my meals are etc. At some point I half expect it to stop working and I’ll probably need to take a look at my macros. I don’t eat a lot of fat and I eat more protein than my body requires, especially for someone who does next to no physical activity. I need a woe to be sustainable tho, as soon as it feels like a diet (like if I have to start limiting protein, for e.g.) I’m going to struggle. Lots of emotional baggage attached to things like deprivation and have to’s which I will need to find ways to work thru and overcome.

So far on carnivore I’ve lost about 17kg (started May this year) and have another 8 or so to go. I’ve very tall for a woman (6 foot 2 inches/188 cm) and in tights and a fitted t-shirt I’m looking awesome. Height really does help you look less overweight :crazy_face: Some of my skin isn’t wanting to bounce back to its youthful elasticity now I’m 61 and have gained a lost off and on throughout my life, so I’m probably going to be stuck with these progressively emptying batwings and a flap of hanging skin on my lower belly, but I can live with that.

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You are probably one of the people who do not need extra fat. You might be someone who needs extra protein, in fact.

I’m surprised to read, in several posts, not just yours, that pork belly is so expensive. In my supermarket, it’s about half the price of bacon, and comparable to the price of ground beef.

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Hey Paul, I’d love you to be right about me being someone who possibly needs extra protein lol. Rump is the only steak I can afford and it’s not at all fatty. I really don’t like mince (ground beef), but I have discovered a way I can eat it. I mix a raw egg and a wee bit of grated cheese in it and make patties, then eat them cold from the fridge. I try to keep as much of the fat from the pan on the patties by not draining them on a paper towel, but still lose quite a bit from the cooking process. Pork is the only truly fatty meat I enjoy. Thankfully pork shoulder, when on a good special, is also the most affordable meat I eat. The cheapest beef mince here is $15 a kilo! The cheapest rump steak is $22. Bloody criminal if you ask me. I could buy all sorts of ultra-processed “protein” at the supermarket for half the price. Crap like chicken nuggets, for example. Mince used to be poor persons food here when I was growing up, now it’s almost approaching a damn luxury.

Pork belly is expensive because it’s become trendy. I bet when it un-trends it’ll stay expensive.

I’m thinking about becoming a cattle rustler! :crazy_face:

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If my arithmetic is correct, A$15.00/kg is about what we pay for mince here in the northeast U.S., too. But the other cuts of beef are all more expensive.

I like pork shoulder, too (which my supermarket calls a “picnic”), and in my local supermarket it works out to a little over a quarter of the price of beef mince. And it’s tasty, too!

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On a really good special pork shoulder is just over half the price of beef mince here.

Still thinking about becoming a cattle rustler…

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Wow! That’s not cheap. Since you’re from NZ, how do you feel about lamb? We get a lot of New Zealand lamb here, and I like it a lot. I’d have a tough time choosing between pork shoulder and lamb.

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Lamb is around $22-$45 a kilo, depending on the cut and who’s producing and selling it. It’s not often on special either. The cheapest available is usually shoulder chops, they are gristly and chewy and really not that nice. I think almost all of our lamb is exported.

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lol yup! New Zealand is a great place to live, but it’s not a cheap place to live anymore.


All items has a range but I would say pork belly is way cheaper than bacon and ground beef here. Beef and bacon are both so expensive I avoid them but I have many other problems with bacon so no big loss :). (I still have some bacon cubes in my fridge, that is half price compared to slices and it spices up my eggs, I just need to add 1 egg for every 10g or something to balance out the salt. It’s a great ratio so fine :slight_smile: I do like bacon flavor, I just hate the salt burn and not sure about the fat, it depends.)
I never buy pork belly seither, it’s sometimes tempting but waaaaay too fatty to me and a tad more expensive than my cheap porky favs with way more meat. Fat is cheap, I want protein for my money! (And my taste points towards fatty but not super fatty meat and I tend to overeat fat anyway.)

Just fat tissue is super cheap (unless you buy some smoked fancy-smancy home-raised thing), a tad below chicken on sale… Or IDK, I am very lost lately with this inflation where some prices almost double in a few months but cheaper and more expensive prices change very differently, they get closer… And one supermarket may sell the same item for almost twice as much sometimes (I think it’s just a trick to make one wanna use their cards and apps and therefore going there more often. no way the super price sensitive average Hungarian would waste so much money on already luxury item butter… the new price is 3-4 times as much as the sale price last year while salaries don’t change much. but the special price is easily way more than the normal one elsewhere, the latter is only a doubled price from last year. crazy. I didn’t remember this from before. okay the apps and cards in every chain are moderately new).

Same here (except a leaner, nicer pork with a price cap since many months), along with 70/30 scrap pork. But they produce too much lard so I can’t eat them often - and pork shoulder isn’t one of my favs (it’s fine but not chuck the perfection…), I just can’t resist the price and hey, it gives me very many calories for its price and pretty much protein too… And I
used to overeat it like crazy but it’s fine now I think.
But it’s one of my chosen cuts so yep, I grab some when I see it on sale. It would be definitely my first choice if I wanted to (and could) eat higher-fat lower-protein. Or if I didn’t like the taste, the other, lean cheap pork with a bunch of even cheaper fat tissue.
Do other countries even have pork fat tissue? In slabs with skin or cubed… It is a thing here as it is used for so many things, scratchings, sausages, zillion dishes optionally or mandatorily start with frying it…
I am aware we Hungarians have a thing with fatty pork so the variety and fattiness is probably quite pronounced here compared to many other countries but I don’t know details and there are so many other countries…

But we have light pork loin too. I still can’t process that (even though I get it, people are into super lean meat. but still…), pork loin is, like, super lean to begin with (okay, it has a thin fat layer but the super lean meat requires that. and more) so I never liked it… But normal cuts never get trimmed. That would be the end of the world or something similarly tragic. And we have especially fatty pork breeds like Mangalica. It’s trendy now, again.
So I am immensely grateful for my body to like pork. My extreme low-carb is only possible with it. Maybe I could eat 100g gluten every day too but I doubt it…

You use NZ dollar, right? That’s even less than the Australian one…
Yep, beef is that expensive here too (not like I know the prices now and our Moms taught us never to buy mincemeat anyway. but it sounds right it it’s in NZD) and 620 NZD is a not uncommon salary (and not everyone is alone for that amount)… No wonder people barely eat ruminants here and the amount diminishes even more. It did before the inflation but now? Beef mince or any of the cheapest beef cut is a luxury for many of us, maybe something for special occasions. I never tried steak despite my curiosity, that’s another level entirely.
My SO’s Mom don’t even buy pork, just the cheaper chicken. But it’s still thigh, that’s not sooo bad.

Sorry. This topic and me shouldn’t mix.

That was chicken frame, buttered bread (??? butter is insanely expensive! why not lard on butter?), a potato dish with the cheapest sausages and the cheapest sausages themselves here. Never mincemeat, pure meat was considered expensive.
No, even worse, cheap and bad Vienna sausage (we don’t call it “sausage” in my language), it’s watery and various things go in there, especially soy at some point of time… (Of course there are good Vienna sausages. And ones even not choosy cats don’t want to eat.)

No idea why eggs and meat are considered expensive here still, it’s the cheapest food for me or very close (obviously only for chosen meat) but I can’t get satiated by fat or carbs so yeah, I must have protein. Without much carbs. Almost all plants are out. Gluten is the only exception.

I think it is trendy here since many centuries… Okay, that probably helps.
And if it was more expensive, people would buy all the other super fatty pork I suppose…
But it’s just my guess based on my limited knowledge.
Fattier meat is usually a bit cheaper here. Widely available but cheaper. See pork shoulders. Pork loin always was among the more expensive ones. Chicken breast was super expensive compared to thighs, costed multiple times as much - but now it has a price cap so they got closer. But chicken breast has a rapport with dieters and bodybuilders while lean pork hasn’t.

Of course. That’s how things work. It would need some very serious drop in interest to change that I suppose.

It’s “scapula” in Hungarian… :wink: I think I never shared that info.
And I still don’t know how to translate “thigh”. I usually just say leaner pork, it has the price cap and I learned to love it, it’s leanish but tender and it has lovely fat layers… And I can use other tricks when I ate off that part… But I suppose “thigh” is green ham and I suspect it’s often the butts of the pig… If I buy it in the right supermarket chain, it’s at least 3 times less expensive than the cheapest beef (lower leg. a bit sinewy, more work but makes great stews). Price cap so it couldn’t change since last October. But all pork stayed affordable, it’s amazing.

Lamb is VERY expensive here (maybe not as expensive as in NZ but close…?), rare too though the hypermarket I frequent has it.
We almost bought red deer meat at our last shopping as it was the cheapest ruminant :smiley: We would have bought that little amount of beautiful temptation but we had freezer space problems and seafood plans. Next time.
We had some mouflon this year (a beautiful wild sheep, not rare here, the wildlife park nearby have them so my SO who often crosses the forest to work after 5am sees them sometimes), that was cheaper than beef too and more interesting :slight_smile: Never had mouflon before.


a good read on carnivore


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Oooo, I can’t wait to listen to this!


eh, I thought it would be a tad better but I guess Chaffee could not ‘really’ give big info because he just doesn’t know the guy’s real life med history or ? I thought it contained tho a bit of good info to pass on to others tho.