JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Vic) #342

A little steak for Dinner.


All the photos looks so great again…!

I try not to buy spice in the future, it feels I never run out of them and I barely use any anymore… (I never used much. I just loved having different ones. And then I had little idea what to do with them. Maybe a recipe called for them and I used a pinch and that’s it.)
Alvaro uses curry and a few others but not much.
Of course we use lots of paprika for certain dishes. I was a huge black pepper fan but I don’t even use that nowadays. I guess meat is tasty alone, not like vegetables and eggs aren’t… But they need spices more. And I usually spice my eggs with meat so…

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That is wonderful :joy:

(Karen) #345

Been having the munchies today and thought I would do some scrambled egg. So I mixed the eggs in a mug ready to cook and thought I would add a can of crabmeat. Went in the pantry and spotted a medium sized cam of tuna and decided to make a kind of fish cake. So I scooped it out into a bowl, added some grated cheese mixed it together and without really thinking, cos my mind was still on scrambling the eggs I chucked in all of the raw mixture and then thought oh b**ger thats a bit sloppy and not going to make a fish cake.
So I heated up the pan chucked in some butter and threw in the whole lot and left it to fry, flipping it over half way through Well it turned out really well, like the egg became the sandwich filled with the tuna and cheese. It was almost crispy on the outside. Not at all like an ommelette cos I do make a number of them.
And I have to say it was really filling but I still made room for a few prawns afterwards. Don’t know how I managed them tbh. Probably still have a bit of corned beef later!!!

(Edith) #347

I was just thinking about you and your cooking situation. My daughter bought me an air fryer for Christmas. I LOVE IT!!!

I can cook all kinds of things in it, including steak. Is that something you could possibly find useful?


Sounds and looks good! I don’t know what fish cake is but I mixed fish and eggs before, it’s basically my original carni bread I rarely make but never forget. Eggs mixed with something else - what could possibly go wrong? I am very choosy about adding cheese, I never liked them in most cooked/baked dishes (it changed a bit on low-carb but if a dish has meat, it usually doesn’t have cheese - only if it’s a sandwich so the cheese isn’t cooked/baked but I use a tiny amount of meat then so they share the “spicing it up” and “making the food more substantial” roles) so I don’t add that.

I packed food for tomorrow, turkey, cheese and boiled eggs. Only 600 kcal so I wouldn’t touch it unless there will be something substantial (surely there will be, I will go shopping first). Hunger when I am well-fasted (and ate carni the previous day) is nothing compared to hunger after a tiny meal and I felt more than enough hunger lately. So I am quite determined to stay on track. I need more variety (I don’t have liver now and it’s quite troubling. IDK why I am like this: I try out something nice, interesting and very useful and after that it’s uncomfortable not to have it. I can accept not having pork and chicken liver at the same time but no liver at all? sounds bad) and it will be fine.

I am a bit curious about corned beef but I will survive without it somehow :slight_smile: Maybe one day I will make some. Maybe it even exists somewhere in the country. Probably, the capital city has about everything, I just never go there.

(Laurie) #349

Thank you so much for the thought, @VirginiaEdie. An air fryer uses 1200-1500 watts, so I wouldn’t be able to have it in my room. (Anyway, I don’t want any cooking smells in the room. We’re not even supposed to have food in the rooms, but everything is topsy turvy nowadays.)

I do have access to a kitchen; however, my kitchen time doesn’t coincide with my meal times. That’s why I end up eating everything cold. It’s not really a problem, just a fact of life.


Working through Monday now. Got some long shifts in there- so - I’ll have to bring meat, or fast. Local grocery store had chicken on sale - $.99/# So I got several massive packs of chicken thighs. I;ll be cooking some up for this weekend.
Pretty tired though. Rufus woke me up during my REM sleep one night, and its thrown me way off. I had grand plans to clean the kitchen tonight, but, sliced my thumb open with a serrated knife - so that’ll have to wait. Think i;ll just toddle off to beddy bye and attack in the morning. Cheers!!!


I had to wake up at 6am, it’s dark, I slept a bit too little and I am so, so out of it… And try to imagine how I could handle if I couldn’t buy meat in the villages nearby and if I ate more meat at the same time. Or if I had a family who ate a lot of meat. How people buy much of it? (This question is much more hard when my brain is sleeping.)

Well that would work with hypermarkets… But probably supermarkets has a lot too just mostly in their cold storage area somewhere… I never went and said I take all that I see but if it’s fowl, it probably will happen. Harder with really big slabs of pork and beef. There was about 5 kg of those in the meat counter last time.
I never bought a ton of anything before. 10 packages of something was the most and I felt a bit odd already but if they have tiny packages and we need the stuff, it has to be done. Shopping once a month is serious.

Stupid thoughts. I never was a morning person. Waking up at 8am was a challenge all my life and didn’t happen very often.

Black tea is way too sweet to me now, it seems. But I am a bit more awake. Water works just as well but a warm liquid is soothing for my sleepy miserable one in the dark. I remember my childhood mornings now.

I couldn’t resist the turkey when I finished packing my nice carni box for today and had a midnight meal again. Sigh. I realized I only feel a tad off in the morning if I did it unnecessarily or if I ate something not right. If it’s a necessary feeding, I am quite fine. N=1 for that as it’s quite unlikely I need fuel that late. I have plenty of experience with unnecessary or wrong late eating and I know I feel it a bit the next day. Only lately. My body gets more and more sensitive. Not in the wrong way.

And now I gotta go and dress. Oh my.

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Lunch, beef and pork

(Karen) #353

@Shinita A typical fish cake is a mix of fish, which can be cod or tuna or salmon or anything that takes your fancy, mixed with mashed potatoes, salt ,pepper, herbs, again whatever you fancy and make into patties then dip into a beaten egg and then dipped in breadcrumbs and fried. Very tasty but obviously can’t add potato with this woe.

(Karen) #354

@SecondBreakfast I did the same thing carving meat when i was newly married, first time around, and had to have stitches in my thumb. Can’t remember anything more painful as the doctor injected the anesthetic. Hope you don’t need it stitched and you manage to get your mojo back x


yea SB, just bring some meat with you. I know I carried food with me alot of times thru the years. .99/lb is a good deal.

Sorry on your finger! OW! I got some knives that scare me actually. Mine are sharp and big and I do watch me when using them :wink:

So many are just like you :slight_smile:

I am opposite. Morning person here…very early. Having my farm meant I was up so early to do crops work, etc./livestock or head to farmers market to set up and sell.

My eyes pop open around 5AM everyday and once that happens, no going back to sleep for me.

I am envious of those who can wake up early and go back to sleep. I just lie there and it irks me, best to get up but when I do get up early I am ready to move move move. Funny, the way my day goes, anything after, say 11am is just wrong. I do all my work/chores first thing and then shoot for an afternoon of my day being easy.

interesting how we all roll!

@Carnivoor----great pic of your plate. beef and pork, kings meal!

-------------good morn carnivores!

food was

2 sausage patties
6 chicken wings
1/2 lb cheeseburger patty
few slices deli turkey

that is a lower eating day for me.
My eating big zc to get thru craving time has caught up to me. I feel full so ate smaller, lighter kinda.

I defrosted a big Tbone steak but had no desire for it yesterday, but I sure do today!!

Control is good. Feeling very well fed. In a good vibe at this point so zc is going back to normal for me.

(Edith) #356

That’s exactly how I am. Unfortunately, I’m married to a night owl. We try to meet in the middle.

(Kellyn ) #357

I am an early riser. I have always loved the mornings, the quiet. I can’t sleep past 8am even when I try. I am usually up at 6:00am every morning. My husband is the opposite. He is a night owl and sleeps a good bit of the day when he is not working. My current struggle with sleep though is finding the right pillow. My neck has been sore most every morning for a few weeks. It started when I washed the pillow I was using and it fluffed it up way to much. I have tried different pillows around the house and even bought a new one, but just can’t find one I like.

(Kellyn ) #358

I was able to avoid the catered meal mostly. They did have some grilled chicken that I ate, but I avoided the carby sides and sugary desserts. We went to the grocery store last night and found some duck that my husband is going to cook tonight. I am quite excited for that. I am doing fine now without drinking coffee. I am not as tire in the mornings and do not crave that cup of coffee at work. The main reason I quit drinking it was that I was adding too much dairy to my day by drinking HWC in a cup of coffee 2 to 3 times a day. But also because I wanted to stop drinking so much caffeine. Another added benefit from this is whiter teeth.

(Laurie) #359

@KellynP Good going on the catered lunch. Also on quitting coffee. I’ve quit drinking coffee in the past, but don’t feel motivated to do so at the moment.

I used to have trouble finding a flat enough pillow. What I did was buy a pillow, open the seam, take out half the stuffing, and sew it back up. Good finding a solution for your poor neck!

(Kellyn ) #360

Great idea! Thank you, Lauire.

(Karen) #361

@KellynP I feel for you. I struggled forever with pillows. I would wake up through the night and the ear I was laying on would be so painful. I had tried a contour pillow during my trials and tribulations of finding the right pillow and couldn’t get on with it, then I happened upon Dunelms own brand memory foam contour pillow which I cover with a silk or satin pillowcase and I love it so much. Don’t think I could change it now, I am on my 2nd one same brand and still as good.


It’s another beautiful summer’s day here. But I still eat a cooked breakfast at about noon and then a meat meal at about 6pm. All around me people and restaurants are eating ‘light’. I thought only plants did that. But what they are doing is mainly eating plants. They allocate the term ‘heavy eating’ to eating steak or other meat. Language is weird and psychologically influential.

Where people let me down sometimes with what they do and say, I can count on my wing-dog Billie the Labrador to be my low-carb buddy.

I cook her dinner at the same time as mine. For breakfast she gets a frozen, raw chicken frame to eat. I eat an omelette with some meat and cheese (e.g. sausage, bacon, mackerel). In the evening Billie gets beef mince (ground beef) pan fried with sardines and an egg, then topped with full fat Greek yogurt. Last night I had steak and two eggs. Billie is 9 months old, strong, athletic and shiny of coat. I don’t feed her any processed, industrial dog food. In feeding my dog, I inspire my self.

This morning I have done some blood tests. I have been back at work for a week last week and the transition back was not smooth. Looking at my blood results it is interesting how non-diet things can affect food cravings and choices. Blood ketones: 0.1mmol/L, blood glucose (fasted, no coffee, 1 hr after waking): 6.8mmol/L (142mg/dl). This happens to me when I do low carb carnivore mixed with work, I get a high blood glucose. When I fall back to a ketogenic diet, the blood glucose drops. I’ve written about this before how a ZC diet can, in the correct environmental conditions, set the autonomic nervous system into a fright-flight sympathetic response. Remedying this is a main health challenge for me.