After 90 days of keto, I strongly dislike the taste of coffee. Just me?


you know I don’t think anyone wishes they could drink coffee if they hate it in some fashion that you are implying here :sunny: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tell ya what I want is carbs and crap food but that ain’t gonna happen :100::pleading_face:

just joking thru it all

(Bob M) #22

If it were up to me, I’d love to live on pizza and pasta. Oh, and ice cream. And beer. But those things don’t agree with me.

Some people who have quite coffee have experienced benefits. I’ve had to cut down to near zero coffee per day and can’t say I’ve experienced anything, but I’ve never given true quitting a chance.

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A lot of ketoers would be dead by now if coffee was a poison. And obviously as an ex self admitted addict, you are not dead either.

Plants have substances that protect them. This is a good video on that topic:

But lots of carnivores do continue to drink coffee. It is a choice, if you no longer enjoy your coffee, stop drinking it, it isn’t required at all.


Sometimes I read things about other people and feel very lucky :slight_smile:
I eat all the pizza, pasta, ice cream and beet I want :smiley: It’s about zero all the time.
Ages ago I decided I will allow a pizza in a good pizzeria every 5 years or something. But 10 years later I still felt no desire towards it and now I probably would hate the flour flavor… I did eat some homemade not-pizza but I stopped that as well. I like to make them for my SO but I rather eat some pork :smiley: Best thing ever except when I am bored of it at the moment.
And I so, so wish to make and eat ice cream sometimes but carnivore killed my relationship with it so I never can bring myself to make some. Sigh. (Carnivore-ish ice cream, very good, I made it once and couldn’t again. I dislike traditional ice cream, I was pretty choosy even on high-carb.)
Beer was nice in summer but nope, not that fun. Maybe I will taste some special beers in my life but normal beer is useless to me. My SO feels the same so we simply stopped drinking beer several months ago.

Coffee is another matter, another world, hardly anything can keep me from it… How stupid.
But now I have run out of my better coffee, only have some horrible one (I really STOP buying unknown stuff) so hopefully I will stop drinking any. I already cut out cream, that always triggered coffee drinking (as if it needed any trigger from another item…)
I am stubborn. I will fight and failure won’t do anything to my spirit. 2022 will bring changes. I had enough.