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I enjoyed this. I am eating more zero carb right now than carnivore - maybe a little cheese, teaspoon of heavy cream, some ghee if I am cooking a steak in cast iron, etc., however, I am interested in learning more about “carnivore.” What I loved from this video was when the author said she doesn’t feel guilty eating a “20 oz. steak.” I eat one meal a day, which consists of a large piece of meat, or a couple pieces. I’ve been feeling guilty about the quantity of my portion size, as I can easily eat a 16-20 oz. pork steak or two hamburgers, etc. It was giving me stress as I wasn’t sure if this was okay.

Another thing that resonated to me was how the author commented about the ease of eating carnivore. I agree! I take out a piece of meat from the freezer in the morning to thaw for dinner, pop it on the grill or in my cast iron skillet, and that’s it. I don’t like fussing with cooking, but I do enjoy making our meals now - it’s just meat. Sometimes I’ll fix my husband some brussels sprouts in bacon grease, but that is the extent of my “cooking.” I love that about carnivore. I also enjoy cooking and prepping for guests once in a while, but I never indulge in what I make them. I taste a small amount of what I prepare for salt/flavor, and then immediately spit it out. I only eat meat when it comes time to eat.

Love this community of folks.


I know you are heading toward carnivore alot of times and you do better off alot of plants then having them thru your journey but what I focus on is YOUR including some heavy cream IS FINE…your cheese IS FINE and you are carnivore…always remember a carb from animal source means nothing, we don’t count, hence the word ‘zero carb’ meaning zero carb from any plants so your few carbs from any dairy or animal is FINE if you keep it just right there.

So don’t give yourself no troubles on any I am zc or just quite carnivore or not…to me you are carnivore and doing great!!

I also am not a chef/kitchen person and my focus is on BIG meat and then throw some sides together the kid and hubby like and I just dismiss those and let them have their meal and I do all the big meat :slight_smile: I so get your life on wanting simple kitchen life!!

You hang in there truly cause you see the path forward which is drawing you and let the time tick away on this lifestyle and changes come, might be slow, but darn they do come!!

also you can have some salt and flavor…even a tad of herbs on meat or spice on meat you cook is OK…as long as your body accepts them and if you do great on it, love the taste and it makes you happy you are ok to do just that.

time on carnivore changes our taste.

like when I started I used a smidge of fresh grated garlic on my steaks…omg I loved it, til about a year in it was ‘oh so sweet’ and was ruining my steaks more than giving a taste I wanted so I dumped it and these are all carnivore ways we make the plan work for all of us to hold plan, change, adapt and just learn thru it all.

You are doing great in my eyes!

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Thank you so much, @Fangs! Again, I don’t know exactly about “carnivore,” and thought maybe it was just meat. I feel great knowing that I am doing fine! This WOE really suits me, and I am continuing to lose weight, slowly but surely. I don’t weigh and it is always a nice surprise to go to the doctor’s and see that I have lost more weight. Went Thursday for a routine follow up (don’t ask me for what), and I was down three lbs. (I have another “follow-up” in three more months(?).) I have 7-10 lbs. left to go to a weight I’ve only seen two other times in my life. Exciting! I’ll get there, but I am super happy right now.

Exactly! :hugs: Couldn’t be easier.

Thank you so much!


Great info on dairy and ‘about dairy’ and how and why it truly doesn’t ‘suit us as humans’ but darn we all love our cheese HAHA


always watch that dairy intake to all carnivores :slight_smile:

dairy is ‘a side option’ and not a food source, keep that in mind most times and ya got it made for those who can have some and do well…but dairy is that carnivore wild card we all deal with at some point :slight_smile:

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a little humor :slight_smile:

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Oh goodness, I am laughing so much I woke my dog who was sleeping on the sofa.

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“No, no, no! You’ve got salad!” :rofl: :dog::bacon::bacon:

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I suspected that excess dairy might be a no-no. I do LOVE cheese (gouda, Havarti), and can easily want to overdo it on that, but most often stop myself because I didn’t think it was a great choice. Definitely a comfort food I can eat to excess if I allowed myself.

I have to spend more time on the carnivore/zero carb thread and watch all these videos. So much to learn.


yea I do ok on dairy but even with that, I watch the amts also cause in the end, it is really still a comfort food for me. I know any snacking I did was with cheese and alot of it, in the bitter end of it tho, alot of cheese isn’t great for any of us darn it HA but it is good when we realize it, to put it in that side category to enhance taste on our plates but keep it in that category of being controlled.

oh yea we got a wealth of videos and stuff on this thread for sure. All stuff to watch a bit at a time just to gain some inside knowledge about why carnivores do what we do :slight_smile: So many have posted such good things here!

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Watched the video. Do you get enough calories for fat adaptation on carnivore?


What does calories have to do with fat-adaptation? If you dont eat carbs, but only protein and fat, then the body must start to use fat as fuel. This process is fat-adaptation.

It takes the body a few weeks without carbs to get efficient at this, in the meantime you can feel tired, but it will pass.

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If you are lower than a BMR losing muscle more calories help in the first days of keto I was informed

Ive been told it takes 8 weeks , 12 or more actually

Not sure if you’re talking keto or ZC, seem like ZC


Not a good idea.

(Ivy) #236

u answered ur own question


Dont eat under your bmr, its not a good idea. You dont need to loose weight. Carnivore is NOT food-restriction. Eat all the meat you need and want.

When you eat no carbs, you will get fat-adapted!

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What does calories have to do with fat-adaptation? Again, you answered your own question


Do you get enough calories for fat adaptation on carnivore?

Im trying to answer YOUR question, and provide information to YOU.
Did you see any of what i wrote to you?

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Yes. I replied with how calories have to do with fat adaptation. That is info to you. I already know what you posted. No offense or anything.

& can still eat minimal carbs under 20 gr and get fat adapted.