Brands of packaged jerky with lowest or no carbs, please?

(Derek I. Batting) #1

I used to really enjoy beef jerky (Oberto, Jack Links, whatever) and now, even though I know better, I still find myself flipping a pack over at the grocery store and recoiling in horror at how much sugar/carbs they’ve added.

Can someone please direct me to a pre-packaged brand or two that are more keto-friendly (and preferably don’t cost as much as a Rolex)? I have a Costco membership and have no qualms with ordering online.

No “just make your own” comments, please.
Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

(Christina Hansen) #2

DuaneReade / Walgreen’s has a bacon jerky brand called Delish, which while it has SOME sugar, has less than 1 g carbs per serving (or less than 3 g per bag). 11 g protein and 8 g fat, so it’s also higher fat than a lot of other jerky.

(Dustin Cade) #3

(Chris Bair) #4

“Jack Link’s Original Beef Steak” you can get them at Sam’s Club, has 2g per package.

(Jo Lo) #5

We like the Epic bars. Bison, bacon, and more. Reasonably low sugar.

(joe churchill ) #6

I found People’s Choice Beef Jerky at Smart and Final in Los Angeles…

Really tasty!

Both Carne Seca Original and Limon con Chile do not have any added carb. Others might too but i don’t have them handy.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #7

It ain’t jerky but Hormel sells pepperoni stix at under 1 carb per. Nummy with string cheese, like a tubular pizza.


Have you tried KetoCarne? I am interested in what their “Spices” are, since their ingredient list is, beef, spices and water.

(Dustin Cade) #9

I’ve not ordered any, i’m too cheap… that will be the inhibiting factor for just about any keto products… the price


Very easy to make your own

(Candy Lind) #12

Krave jerky is all keto-friendly. You must be way better off than I, for I see a weekend of loading up the oven to make a 6-month supply of jerky as far preferable to paying $22-25/lb or more for the stuff. And … customizable flavors.


This is beef sticks, and not technically jerky, but I have to admit, while they are expensive, I like the PaleoValley grass fed grass finished beef sticks. With Leann Vogel’s discount code, autoship every three months, and buying 80 1oz sticks at a time, I get them for about $1.25 per stick. My favorite flavor is jalapeno, but they are all good. This is $20/lb :(.

(Brian) #14

Hello Everyone! :wave:

Brian, here. Wanted to jump in and offer another option. My family has owned and operated People’s Choice Beef Jerky for over 90 years and four generations. We saw an opportunity to serve the Keto community with sugar-free jerky options. Our Old Fashioned style jerky has zero sugar, and zero carbs. We also have Small Batch Beef sticks that are the perfect blend of macros for the Keto diet - High Fat (7g), Moderate Protein (6g), Zero Carb (0g), plus zero sugar.

You can click here for all of our Keto-friendly snacks:

Anyways, happy to answer any questions.

(Genevieve Biggs) #15

I love Old Wisconsin beef sticks. :blush:

(Justin Jordan) #16

People’s Choice Jerky is REALLY good.

(Daniel) #17

Wild Bill’s jerky is keto friendly. As is Duke’s Smoked Shorty Sausages. Most bacon jerky I’ve seen is as well.

(Darlene Horsley) #18

Me too!!!


Thanks! Just placed my order and can’t wait to give them a try!!

(mary6aros) #20

TOTALLY a staple when out with the kids, such a saver!


Nick’s Sticks and Chomps are really good. Duke’s is pretty good, though tiny bit of added sugar.