JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!


you did wonderful. we are all about our allowances and decisions and ya stayed right on plan. Glad it went well for you!

you rocked dumping coffee! hard feat for many but you dug in and did it and are getting good benefits from it…cool!!

yea your dog is tops! and you are right, if your pet is thriving literally on her meals, then you will thrive on yours :slight_smile: I took mine to the vet the other day and a little mixed chi-wowwow type dog came in and so overweight the poor thing was struggling breathing, just huffing and puffing and I thought, damn that little body frame must be close to 3 times easily its weight. Probably should be 6-7 lbs. and was easily into the 20 lb mark. Sad. Truly sad. I thought how unfortunate we do this to our pets and how many people do it to our children now, being obese and how many do it to ourselves…it hit me just in that little old sentence of ‘it is just so wrong!’ when it never has to be this way…but I guess that is life out there now and has been thru the eons of issues we face. I don’t know…I just go so sad seeing that little super morbidly obese dog. Your post made me think of that dog…sorry ranted off a bit LOL

Sorry on the work FB. Nothing easy about some situations we have to deal with and have a hard time dealing with what is involved with it all.

Remember one thing, health trumps everything. It must. Without it we have nothing of quality in our lives. Finding your remedy is important to you I know, and you will find that balance.

funny with eating lighter means ‘no heavy meats’ but my light days are eating just less meats HAHA paired with leaner meats or seafood :wink:

food yesterday was

3 scrambled eggs, 3 sausage patties
Tbone steak…yum, that baby was delish
finished a few hunks of that last pork spare rib

feel great
zc going well
just doing the zc thing without incident and chugging along in life.
nothing is out of sorts in my eating and feeling very strong on my lifestyle.


8 weeks carnivore for me today :partying_face:

(Vic) #365

Lunch: fish and yogurt dip, Laurie style.


Alvaro would be jealous… He sometimes wakes up at 4:30 (that’s quite often), sometimes earlier… Once he had 2am… And he just can’t go back to sleep.
I lost that ability too (10+ years ago I could sleep whenever. I lied down with the intention and it happened immediately. well, lying wasn’t needed, I slept in buses and trains too, very easily. once I managed to do it standing but it was morning and I was sleepy… oh good old days when my thoughts were lighter) but I never wake up before 7-8 except under extreme circumstances. I am always awake at 2am anyway…

But it’s interesting. Alvaro almost always wake up in the middle of the night to pee and he can go back to sleep then (as far as I can tell, he doesn’t really wake up… :D)…
I never wake up in the middle of my sleep, it’s just not me. I may drink 2 liters of water before bed, I still won’t wake up :slight_smile: I will pee a waterfall in the morning but I sleep well. Proper sleep is extremely important for my body, I can’t have a serious lack of sleep. Basically ever other person can but not me. fall asleep soon, no matter what. Maybe not when I want at 2am but at some point in the next half day, it will happen. No, my body doesn’t wait until the next night, out of question.

I always envied people who sleep 3 hours and it’s enough for them. Sounds good. Or do they have some problem then? Worse healing, higher stress level, anything? I don’t know. Sleeping is nice but I don’t remember most of it and it takes so much time! (Not like I couldn’t waste the won time… I am bad at using my time well and I feel I need plenty of rest.)

I use little BUT it means I always have an open bag of whipping cream and that’s dangerous and I end up drinking a little cream far from my meals… If I have cream, it triggers coffee drinking and vice versa and neither are ideal for me.
But I have stress and headache lately. I will stop drinking coffee later. Sigh.

I have wonderful flat pillows :slight_smile: I love my current “bed” (I never had a proper bed. It’s just 2 very comfortable mattresses on the floor. Perfect. No hard stuff to hit myself with and I use out the part of my room with sloped low ceiling. For the “pillows and plushies” part as I would hit my head in the ceiling if my part wouldn’t be high enough. I am glad if I can open my eyes in the morning, I can’t be not clumsy too.)

I never really understood people who don’t desire the same meal all year round. I always wanted alot of fatty protein. Maybe other things too but fatty protein was really important, no matter if it’s too hot or too cold, sunny or foggy. My body requires about the same stuff all the time and it’s smart enough to tell me that. So I never was the type who lived on some fruit for the hottest week of the year. I am dying there, drink a ton and even that can’t change my desired food.

When someone says “heavy food”, I never know what they mean. We surely think of different things.
To me, high-fat very low-carb food feels light. Substantial in many cases but I feel light afterwards.

I just couldn’t keep away anymore but I tried not to come as my life is chaos now. Yesterday was too stressful and it seems THIS level do affect my eating. I keep trying to eat right and I did my shopping well (except in the end when I - probably first time in my life - told Alvaro we need some comfort food. And he said indeed. we are so not that type. I have no regrets, I swapped a tiny bit badness for my body with a tiny bit of good for my mental state due to some strange reason and my body could afford feeling worse but the other had to get better. still, I try to figure out something better, I dislike compromises and I truly prefer my normal food if I look at it objectively when I don’t have weird circumstances. I surely could handle it better at home but I already ate when Alvaro had to wait for 5 hours in the hospital - it surprised us both. I ate some of my food, had some nice duck soup but it wasn’t enough. and I realized my usual, seemingly around zero control isn’t anywhere zero because I saw what zero is. scary. but useful to see how I eat at my almost absolute worst. the answer isn’t surprising, it’s low-carb but without my normal restrictions. it could be worse, I suppose. But I am back now. I suppose.)

I bought bresaola! I didn’t even know the word a month ago. (Alvaro always find something else to eat, now he heroically go through the big bag of quark… I like quark but in tiny amounts so I need his help with the bigger bags. and he has no problem with it. So he always eat something else and still didn’t even think about making the beef we bought last time. Oh well, it will happen eventually and I have my own portion anyway. But even I have things to eat first. Like some sausage. And hopefully the beef membrane didn’t go bad yet… Poor cats wouldn’t like the ton of spice on it.)


It hits me very hard every time… Obese kids, obese pets… Horrible.

My cats are wonderful, never too thin, never too fat :slight_smile: Now even Tofu has a proper weight, the girl eats well but manages to be so active or maybe it’s her metabolism, I don’t know, she is usually the lower end of the healthy weight (as far as I can tell) and now she isn’t that light but definitely not nearly as well-fed as the big boy all the time (including when we don’t see him for weeks) and he isn’t actually fat either. He’s a big, muscular boy who loves to eat but never becomes truly fat. They all looks so great, their fur is pretty and now as it’s winter, very fluffy. Especially the girls. Tofu is fluffy too but Caroline is almost always called Cloud in the winter. Hugging, stroking her is one of the most wonderful feeling in the world.
Yeah, I need to focus on okay animals as my heart is breaking when I think of obese or abused ones and I can’t help anything with feeling bad for them :frowning:


No surf today.

Tasted some mango last night after dinner. The experience didn’t match the memory. And I got some reflux in the night that disturbed my rest. Blood glucose 6.7mmol/L this morning with 0.1mmol/L blood ketones.

Breakfast after 1pm. Work around home today finishing a cat enclosure and some rammed earth back steps. I’ll take Billie to the beach this evening for a swim. The summer twilight lingers on a warm summer breeze.

(Vic) #369

Snowing here, short depressing winter days, but they are getting longer slowly.

Eat piece of beef liver for dinner and after that we had a party at home with my neighbours and a few friend. Ran completely out of hand :crazy_face:
Had 5 beers, and a huge amound of snacks (all carnivorous eccept the beer).
Now I feel like crap, hungover with a lot of cleanup to do. I deserve it :innocent:


COOL AND WOO HOO!! 2 months in is great, congrats! And just think, more time on plan the better carnivore gets :slight_smile: :100::partying_face:

@FrankoBear, yea something we gave up and think, omg I would love that, like your mango, when ya get it back it is inferior to the memory we hold with it. Plus reflux, who needs reflux LOL not me :wink: or you :slight_smile:

---- Had 5 beers, and a huge amound of snacks (all carnivorous eccept the beer).
Now I feel like crap, hungover with a lot of cleanup to do. I deserve it---------Darn you had an impromptu party…hate to say it, those are the best ones ya know!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yea on zc I have to watch booze intake cause if you have that 1 over, omg you feel it like you went 100 drinks over :slight_smile: crazy_face:
Sounds like a fun time and key was thru it all, you ate carnivore food!
hope you feel better fast and a little cleanup is worth a fun time!

-----------------happy carnivore morning
food yesterday was

12 oz NY Strip steak
1 chicken breast
scraped top off one slice pizza family had for dinner
(blah, like FB mentioned, memory and taste was bleck…don’t even enjoy that scraping off a pizza slice anymore)

wasn’t in big hungry mode yesterday. defrosted nice Tbone for later and I got another NY strip defrosted. might just eat all beef today and call it done. don’t have a ‘want’ of anything right now, tired of pork, sick of chick, seafood isn’t drawing me, so beef it is :slight_smile: and darn that isn’t ever a bad thing :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All well in zc land for me. Just chuggin’ along waiting for spring and summer and hot weather. I feel like winter ‘time’ doesn’t even exist for me I despise it that much LOL oh well…seasons will change!

(Vic) #371


Finally proper snow!!! :smiley: We went for a walk in heavy snowfall, the forest with the small pond is very pretty, Alvaro made a photo with his phone and we almost never do that with a phone but we had only that and it was so beautiful and unusual :slight_smile: Last snow was about 2 years ago, proper I mean, not that few snowflakes here and there we got lately and once last winter too.
My face almost froze off… I hope there will be nice snow, sunshine and no wind later. We have frost days then quite warm ones, weather forecast says.

Our bird feeder is wildly popular and the two female cats spend most of their time inside.

There is bright sunshine at the moment :slight_smile:

I had a tiny pre-lunch (Alvaro ate and so did I, a bit) just before noon, I had some chicken liver and 1/4 boiled egg. I am perfectly satiated now, great.
I start to realize chicken liver is impossible to ruin for me. As long as there is no bile or charcoal in it but I don’t really need to worry about that. It’s not that easy to burn liver.
But I went for a walk and used 60 mins for my 500g liver (with 50g goose fat)… Yep, that was a bit much (the fat too, I didn’t remember this amount of liver needs only 25g). The end result resembled some weird legless big dark bugs with crunchy exoskeleton (that’s fun to me). And it was still good! I almost always enjoy crunchiness (once I ate crunchy sponge cake. we forgot it in the summer house for 2 months. it became some nice biscuit/cookie). I am impressed. The piece I experimentally got out after just 20min was good too (soft, not that fun but I am fine with that too). WHY I needed 90 min for 1000g then before? I think the temperature was the same… Oh well, main thing the end result is always quite good and now I tried something different using the same stuff :smiley:
I have leftover turkey and sausage, oh and the fried membrane stuff, it’s good but the grounding wasn’t near perfect so the cats will get the big pieces I can’t chew. And much more liver, of course. And Alvaro requested cheesy fried whipped egg whites. It’s a bit boring for me, eating the same dull thing every week… It’s perfect for him. I put sausage into some of mine (it always helps) and made some quiche like thing too (with sour cream instead of cream).
Alvaro heroically eats the quark, why I bought 500g of this not so wet and nice type I wonder (but this drier type has benefits too, maybe I want to mix it with eggs)… I do this, enthusiastically buying some and it has a short shelf life and I can’t eat it all. But Alvaro loves it with sour cream and some whole wheat durum pasta I can’t recognize as food, almost no matter how low I put the bar. So it’s quite impossible it would ever tempt me but I had no problem on low-carb either, pasta isn’t that fun except macaroni, my fav shape and all its taste comes from eggs so I can just use eggs.
I have so many various fats, hopefully I can use some of them soon. I use very little added fat. I never again make bacon grease, the bacon fat is for frying the eggs in it right away… But I don’t plan to buy bacon again anyway, I just still have much left.

I hope I finished the day. I had 3-4 meals, hard to say, it was more like grazing but not all the time, only when I was in the kitchen. I am very pleased with the day. My tracking must be somewhat off as I just guessed the cheese and didn’t use exact data for meat (not like I could) etc. but it’s good enough for me. According to that, this day is below 60% fat, it’s very, very, very rare. But my fried liver is very lean just like the egg white based thing. It was about 300g liver in the end, just a few bites here and there but still more than usual.

I ate almost all of this and extra liver and sausage and cheese, just a bit. The first pic is mostly about the snow, though.

This plate happened to be whimsical and I played along with the brie. Silly, oh well. I wasn’t silly enough in the last months. I didn’t eat the sausage. My hunger was very low today.

(Karen) #373

Daily 100 stair runs done first thing followed by CF workout, followed by an 8 mile power walk with my daughter. Walkedl around the nature reserve which is on my doorstep and the river was so swollen and all the fields on the other side of it totally flooded and just looked like an extension on the river. Some of the paths were merged with the lakes and totally cut off. We have more rain on the way for the next week or so! Hopefully the floods won’t reach my garden!

Returned home and just had tine for a cuppa before popping over to see if my friend was okay and take him some shopping. Returned hone at 4.45pm and my tummy was starting to rumble so i finally got some food down me.

Finished off the brisket
Succumbed to some cheddar
Canned tuna

This little robin came and joined me as i was videoing a chubby little squirrel

Couldn’t believe how wide the river was. The water on the other side is the cow field comoketely flooded making it look part of the river. It was moving so fast too which is rarely seen. Just like little swirling eddies and gushing along.


Surely, now surely Vic, you would eat some horse at this time. Just to say you “got back on the horse”. :slight_smile:

(Vic) #375

Back on the horse, not eating it,yey.

Eating this:


wow that is some flooding you guys got hit with! any water damage like that is the worst, thank goodness it didn’t nail your home or anything like that!

Great pics, and a little cheddar never hurt anyone :wink:, well maybe some LOL

@Carnivoor, nice food pic. What kinda sausage is that Vic? I buy an elk sausage that comes in that same type of red wrapper and my kid eats the hound out of it. I figure that one isn’t elk tho…just wondering.

---------good carnivore day

6 slices bacon
12 oz NY Strip steak
4 pork chops
1/2 cup chili, no beans

I had my Tbone planned and then hubby begged me for it instead of the pork chops I had defrosted for him…so we traded. I eat steak every day and when he said, pleasssseeee, so nicely cause he hasn’t had a steak in a bit, I went ahead and was nice, gave up my Tbone to him :slight_smile:

Chili I made for family…that little 1/2 cup. Didn’t kill me but I just don’t want this kinda crap anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not a spice fan really anymore but it was alright, those chops weren’t a draw to me and wanted a tad ‘more’ and that little chili did it for taste I guess.

Again, nothing new here on zc. My zc is going well. In a good head space on my eating plan and all well. Hope everyone else is tight on plan and doing great too!!

Got 2 NY strip steaks defrosted for today, and no, hubby won’t be getting one of those LOL

(Vic) #377

The sausages are blood sausage and chicken sausage.


ok, borrowed hubby’s phone and took pic of my kids love, this elk ‘salami’
buy it every year at Xmas online for her cause she loves it. not a local buy but I am not a fan, never took to it but your ‘sausage’ and her ‘salami’ just looked the same to me LOL


upper right in pic, my jar of bacon fat for use on the counter…yum

(Kellyn ) #379

update on the pillow issue: I found a memory foam thin pillow from Walmart for $20 and it has helped tremendously with my neck. I am now just stretching my neck daily to finish working out the soreness.
I had some major temptations this weekend. I took my daughter to red bowl asian bistro for lunch. So many tempting items on the menu, but I ordered Sashimi and miso soup. I only drank the broth from the soup and then had the sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce. I think I did fairly well with that temptation. Saturday was brutally cold and my daughter wanted Starbucks. All I could think about on the way there was how wonderful it would be to drink some Flat White made with HWC. I would try to talk myself in to it and then talk myself out of it the whole way there. I eventually did not order anything, which was a huge win in the “overcoming temptation” department for me. I am glad that I was able to get through those temptations but they were a struggle and I had to do a lot of talking to myself in my head to get through them. All of it paid off as I have lost another 4.2 lbs today. I meant to take my measurements last night, but forgot. I may wait another week or wait until the scale stops moving to give me more motivation when I need it later. The duck I had Friday night was delicious. I definitely want to eat that again. Today I brought 2 steaks to make sure I am full and tonight will be chicken wings. I have begun stretching each night before bed. I want to become more flexible and I think it will help me sleep better, too. I figured that being more flexible will help when I do start exercising again beyond just the daily walking.
Thank you to @Shinita, @islandlight, and @Karen18 for the pillow advice. I appreciate that each of you took the time to help.

I have realized that I am an all in kind of person when it comes to challenges. Sometimes that bites me in the butt though because of the withdrawals and the temptations that I put myself through.

(Laurie) #380

Kellyn, lots of victories there! Good for you.

(Kellyn ) #381

Thanks, Lauire. :blush:

(Karen) #382

Happy to hear you are feeling more comfortable on your new pillow. I take mine with me whenever i sleep away in a hotel as i find it so difficult to sleep in a strange bed. I kept the zipper bag it came in and that keeps it lovely and clean and easy to carry.