I believe I have nailed keto pasta

(jketoscribe) #166

It takes some practice to get it right: right Pan, right temperature, right timing, right trimming and right slicing.

I always triple the batch so I have plenty of batter to play with. Today I had pretty good results and it’s my 4th time doing it. But still some duds.

Hint: err on the side of a little more thickness.

(Anne Brodie) #167

These look beautiful! I made two batches when I first learned about them and it was kind of clunky. You have motivated me to try again a bit thicker.

(Wendy) #168

I’m really hoping this recipe will be the missing ingredient to get my son to follow Keto.

(Karen) #169

That would be fantastic! One of the frustrating things out in Denver is that there’s a number of things that you cannot get. You cannot get Fox Hill bread here. You can’t even have it shipped to you.

(Jane) #170

I pre-ordered the cookbook. Are you still targeting it to come out in July?

(Deborah ) #171

Oh Yum! That makes my mouth water. I love buttered noodles. :slight_smile:

(PJ) #172

It’s nearly July. Is the book ready? :smile:

(Susan) #173

Looks very delicious, @carl

I signed up, I could make this for the whole family as a meal, and tell them after they rave about it, that it is Keto =)!

Thanks =).

Ohhh… I now see this thread has 168 posts, it was showing up as new for me, oops… =)

(John) #174

just preordered

(Paul) #175

Pre ordered. Looking forward to it.

(PJ) #176

Carl! It’s July! Any news on the book??

(carl) #177


Version 1 is being sent out on Saturday. That will have the basic bZoodle recipe and all the tips that go with it as well as 7 recipes. Version 2 comes out August 1 with six more recipes. Version 3 comes out September 1 with at least seven more recipes for a total of at least 20. No matter when you purchase the book you’ll get the two updated versions when they come out.

However, Saturday at midnight it’s no longer a preorder. The $15 price goes up to $25, so you can save 10 bucks by preordering before Saturday.


(Jane) #178

Can’t wait!!!

I hope it is sent out before midnight on Saturday LOL so I have a chance to make them. Leaving on Sunday at 10 am to catch a flight to Houston and won’t be back until the following Friday.

I guess I could make them for breakfast on Sunday! :grin:

(carl) #179

The cookbook is on schedule!

(carl) #180

Here’s Haluski, a Polish dish with noodles, cabbage, onions, Kielbasa, caraway seeds, and sour cream. Unbelievable.

(PJ) #181

Looks yummy! I bought the book online at your site sometimes in the last few days. Looking forward to the weekend!

(PJ) #182

PS: have you tried fridging or freezing these for later? What were the results if so?

(carl) #183

You can do both.

(carl) #185

The cookbook is done!

(carl) #186

Version 1.0 anyway…