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Yes, it’s sad. Are people that stupid or not caring? It’s not hard to get carb info, it’s even on the package… I don’t think people need a high IQ to get information… Maybe they trust too easily and don’t check things?

I looked up my ice cream. 250 kcal for 100g, 2g carbs, 22.5g fat, 10g protein. Perfect for me as I developed the recipe for myself. Normal ones are strange flavored sugary watery things, I always was into fattier sweets with some protein.

Mmm, ice cream (it is for my memories, it’s not that exciting anymore. but may be useful at some point). I have some in the freezer now, coffee flavored. I used 12 yolks last time and as it’s a very satiating, satisfying thing so it’s more than 2 portions therefore it didn’t disappear right away like the 6 yolk ones in the past.

It’s Zornfast, the first day so I only eat if I feel the need. Almost 24 hours this far, I am nicely satiated at the moment and mentally satisfied too as I baked a not exactly keto cake for Alvaro (still better than the yogurt bar and he ate a tiny amount after his soup and stew… and his body handles carbs just fine, that matters the most), partly prepared my next meal and wrote and thought about ice cream. I need my food joy every day.

By the way… Didn’t people with diabetes feel sugar isn’t good for them? I am healthy enough but I feel it… But it’s true I didn’t have this until I showed low-carb to my body… It immediately decided nothing else is acceptable anymore and the changes were so good that my mind completely agreed. And (especially not naturally) sugary things were simply out, my remaining carbs were better.


they feel it every minute as we all did, we just never in real truth acknowledged it and when one dumps carbs/sugar they learn and feel even harder truths of how bad it is for us.

Food is ‘so destroyed’ now thru the profit industry that most can’t navigate unless one is ‘all in’ like many of those who will volunatarily go out and find real changes…other than that we ‘listen to those who know’ and find they are benefiting in the wallet from our ignorance so??

tough walk for all of us, we all did it :slight_smile: and we are ‘here now’ but so many are still so off base and it is a real sad truth out there.


hit the store and got a load of NY strips
one steak I never was a fan of back in my ribeye days LOL but now my body says eat the strips :sunny:

freezer is thrilled. I saved $61 on my load…oh yea! and every intention to go back before sale ends to hit definitely alot more packs before I can’t get them.

AND I HIT, Argentian monster prawns on sale. WEE…big big wonderful meaty suckers at a great sale price…almost never happens and I walk by and say I SO wish those who go lower and today they did. Got 6 packages and when I eat one tonight with this brand, if I love, omg I am going to all the local stores and buying them out and freeze.

steak and shrimp gal here HAHA
I had a great day at the market :wink:

(Ashley) #406

It’s not people being stupid, it’s people being misinformed. Doctors tell you to be on a 200-300g carbs a day. I’m pretty sure Carl on the forums was told a similar thing. Most diabetics follow doctors protocols which is wrong.


but my mother in law’s diabetic doctor said stay in that 50-60g area per day and she would not do it. Her Dr said the right info point blank and she would not. He said you want a ‘bacon egg cheese biscuit’ from that fast food joint, then ditch the biscuit and just eat 2 without bread to fill ya up and be happy and SHE SAID I love bread so?

it is never the profession all the time…I truly think info is improving out there mostly, BUT people can’t/won’t/pretend and that truly is there trouble but

in full truth, carb/sugar info of body effects and destruction use is not where it should be out there in the world definitely.

(Ashley) #408

That may be true with some doctors but most do still recommend very very high carbs. It’s been like that since diabetes became larger in the late 70’s and 80’s. Your mom is lucky she had a doctor even recommend something aside from the normal. Most diabetic clinics follow very old guidelines.

(Ashley) #409

Keto is getting traction, as is low carb, carnivore etc. But majority of people would tell you that is a diet trend and not a diet fix. Most people only think keto is a weightloss regime, but long turn unsustainable, yes it’s getting traction, but it’s still got a long ways to go.


Oh yea agree, my mother in laws Dr was telling her real truth. That is my only experience in the diabetic carb land of Drs and patients LOL but IF HE is a small boonie town like ours in the middle of nowhere is that smart to say, omg drop the damn ‘carbs’ then I can only assume ‘out there in LA LA land’ global most see that??? but probably not truly as you stated. Times must change or hopefully people will get so sick they find the changes themselves but people like my mother in law won’t change even if told truths.

I got big ??? as per person, per dr and patient LOL IT IS SAD truly

(Ashley) #411

It’s actually the small doctors who usually tell you the real stuff, it’s larger doctors who usually don’t, at least when I’ve been to them. I live rural and much prefer my rural doctor compared to my very large everyone goes there doctor a hour away.

(Laurie) #412

I think many doctors give wishy-washy advice because they know that the majority will not follow the good advice. Most people would sooner take a pill than change their lifestyle, etc., etc.

I had a diabetic friend who knew she had to limit her carbs and strove to do so. But her boyfriend, who did most of the cooking, disregarded her food needs and even ridiculed them. Nobody forced her to eat what he served, but you know how it can be sometimes.


yea right like those Drs that ‘care and LIVE’ in the community and ain’t all about the big$$$ amt they can achieve thru their profession but of course this is not always the way but it seems prevalent if ya ask me thru just seeing it all…but life is life right LOL but the ‘overall Dr community’ should be on board how sugar/carbs wreck life but then again, they battle those who also won’t give them up so? darn vicious cycle out there. how to change in big way? no idea til the sick have had enough, but like forums like this we all find ways to find others who had enough I guess

(Ashley) #414

Sad isn’t it, most people would rather take a pill. Very true but sad statement.

(Kellyn ) #415

Its’ sad that when you know the truth you can’t share because others won’t understand or will even want to argue. I want so much to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about low carb and zero carb, but some people just don’t want to listen or are ignorant of carbs. They trust their clueless doctors too much to do the research on their own.

I completely agree.
My friend is diabetic and her doctor told her the ketogenic diet was the worst thing she could do. And her husband’s heart doctor told her to avoid red meat because it causes heart disease. :roll_eyes:
Doctors do not even get nutrition classes in school.


wow. I’ve read on forums that there are better doctors regarding these things but here in Hungary? As far as I know, there is mostly ONE style, 150-160g carbs, fixed amount (total carbs, quick carbs) for all 5 meals or something like that… So people with diabetes buy not a completely white bread, use some awful cheap sweetener instead of sugar (Alvaro’s mom pretty much hates them, I know she eats sugar but less than before)… But they basically eat “normal” just with all those tracking - or they ignore it, of course. Hungarian people love medicine, I heard, many prople prefer asking for it and not doing things themselves. It’s weird to me, I would do almost everything for my health and well-being. Huge things. I would be extremely disciplined if I felt the need! And I see people ruining their health…

I don’t trust doctors but if I have some problem, I research and experiment. If we doesn’t totally damaged our body, it should respond quickly in many cases. If I change the amount of carbs, I feel the effect almost instantly. It was the easiest thing ever to realize that yep, 80g without sugar and grains is much better than 300g (?) with all kinds of carbs. Carbs always triggered hunger and overeating, that surely didn’t help - but it’s the case with so many people, obesity is part of their problem.

So if someone focus on their health and well-being, they probably can find the vague right direction.
I am not so great either, I knew and know I don’t eat right all the time (to put it lightly) but I make efforts and came a long way even if slowly.

What if someone loves bread, what it is to do with anything? If someone says they HATE the new woe, no matter what food they choose, I understand they can’t do it. But just because they need to forget something they love? I loved potatoes and I still think they taste wonderful and nothing can replace them. It doesn’t mean it is a problem not eating them. I can eat other, better things.
I quickly lose interest when something noticeably and significantly harms me anyway. Health tops joy any time. (It’s a serious flaw in me that if a food item is noticeably not good but the noticeable harm is tiny and short-living, I don’t necessarily stop eating it. It affects the amount and the frequency and I stop if I don’t love it but if I love it, I need more motivation to stop. Some vague feeling or slight discomfort won’t cut it. Pain surely do, I hate pain.)
I don’t understand people who don’t stop even when it means pain and clear harm. And maybe I mentioned before that there are advertisements about people who want to overeat to the point of severe discomfort and pain. Do it just get this medicine and everything will be fine! Oh my. It should be illegal to make such ads… They could use people who accidentally overeat but no. The guy was uncomfortably full, even he didn’t want to eat more but the woman brought cake and that just must be eaten! Yeah, teach people such horrible behaviour, that will be great, at least to the pharma companies… I never would think the solution to overeating or partying with heavy drinking instead of sleeping before a workday is medicine… Not like it would work even if it makes the effect less noticeable. But the mere thought that a bad behaviour is fine, just get medicine… People did that hundreds of years before too, the rich ones who ate a ton of crap and didn’t have proper digestion anymore, it was the norm at some places. Many of them actually spent hours on the toilet every day and it was normal. The king even had visitors then, to use the time well…

(Scott) #417

My Grandson became T1D about four years ago. His parents had to learn a lot about T1D and were very informed. It would drive me crazy that they would let eat anything and just plug in the values to determine how much insulin to inject. I read Dr. Bernstein’s diabetes solution and bought another copy for my son. It clicked and he now has my Grandson eating much fewer carbs. Dr. Bernstein says “smaller corrections mean smaller errors”. If I had not learned from the 2KD podcast I would not have known that diabetics are managed to a high insulin level that is still causing damage over time. I was lucky to find information here that I feel is now helping him.


I didn’t write about my day.
Well, I got headache and eating was a good idea so I ate, not surprisingly anyway… It was almost a year ago when I skipped a day.

I had soup with 4 perfectly poached eggs (my egg phase continues. I really love eggs now), turkey stew with sour cream (as it’s way better that way) and experimental totallyNotDumplings (fried eggy stuff, what else? it’s me, after all), head cheese, sausage, a little cheese (I dropped the no dairy rule today, it would have made my day worse. I will learn how to do that later) and mascarpone with coffee and a little ice cream. I admit a tiny sweetener was present. Not ideal but I consider it experiment for January as it would be too stressful to be stricter especially when I have too little meat (I have my excuses but maybe I should have fried some liver at least. or I should keep some roasts in the freezer when it’s Zornfast and I theoretically doesn’t know on which days I will eat. but I regretted all my pork is in huge slabs there too).

I tried a little bresaola, interesting but not that great. But if I compare it with other lean meat and not my precious fatty ones, it ranks way better.

(Ashley) #419

Problem is too, most dietitians are taught old information. Nutritionists are learning about stuff that is 20-30 years old. And it’s outdated.

(Kellyn ) #420

This is true, especially since the food pyramid completely wrong. I’m not sure it will ever change since really it is all about the money.

(Ashley) #421

That is fantastic! I am so glad it’s helping him! I think diet heals a lot tbh, all sorts of stuff, problem is we do so much damage before we realize it. Some that’s just irreversible.


Ferocious February gets my vote.:smiley: It’s better than Fed Up Feb.