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I like Grass Fed Girl. Even tho some of her vids. can get long :slight_smile: but this one is a shorter, easy listen, fast.

She makes great points why her switch from keto to carnivore has helped her improve immensely.

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Thanks @Fangs, a few of her reasons are similar to mine. 1) Brain clarity 2) weight loss 3) sugar cravings, 4) Never having to buy, store, eat or throw out another vegetable. ( I’m terrible at wasting vegetables that sit in my fridge )

I’m always looking for new carnivore videos to check out. Appreciate !

I found this one the other day who I felt her story was really compelling.


oh yes this is me also. I threw out so much. I get ya on that. veggies in the trash is money in the trash!

Very good video Moo. Very compelling her story, you could hear the desperation in her voice trying to find any relief for herself. wow.
good post!


have you looked at Karnivore Kurt? He has some vids. out also.
He looks kinda crazy but he isn’t LOL

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Ya I like him, very down to earth and straight forward. I’m not sure what it is about him that makes his video interesting, maybe it’s because it’s not technical, and I seem to have problems sometimes with anything technical, which I think might be due to my brain fog. :wink: .


I do like the videos that are not just science. The ones that have a personal victory and change to the person that is massive to them, how they feel changing their eating. People who gained big benefits physically to the better and they know deep down they followed a path into carnivore that was right for them. And they are passionate about getting that out to others as it might help someone.


This has a lot of why her veganism failed but she throws in a ton about how carnivore has fixed her. She was desperate for nutrition, carnivore is her new path.

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Another good one, fast and Nicole says after a year on carnivore she is doing wonderful…dropping the plants from her keto menu made all the difference for her.


Yep, I really enjoy the real stories beyond the theory. That’s why when someone who has thrived at this for years says something I listen to what they have to say. Lots of people come into this with all their own ideas of how to tweak it… I wonder how many of those will be posting angry “I tried Carnivore and it Failed” videos in the next year or so. They’ll, of course, fail to mention they ignored the vets advice and did things their own way.


Keep those stories and videos coming, guys. So encouraging! :+1:


This was great. Thanks for sharing. Those two are awesome.


Will find some more good ones for us to share!! If anyone else has some goodies, post up ya’ll :slight_smile:


PKD video.

Asra Conlu. Very interesting her info. She fought 20 yrs of bad oxalate buildup. She has other vids out there too.

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Watch “Introduction: My 120+ Pound Weight Loss on the Carnivore Diet!” on YouTube

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Oh My, and that’s about all i have to say about this video, haha

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Not a big fan of Judy, but I really enjoyed this discussion with Dr Wiedeman. Especially with respect to her “nose to tail” philosophy of “not gonna do it” haha, her struggle with cheese ( my struggle too) and her casual approach to carnivore of “just eat meat” do what you can, and don’t complicate it I have to check out more of her video’s , Thanks Elizedge.

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I’ve watched this a few times in the past, really good video. Probably one of the video’s that convinced me to give carnivore a try.

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Laura and her husband are quite inspiring. They have overcome so much in the last few years and are both thriving on zero carb.