Stall point Some of us have reached the weight beyond which our bodied defend against further weight loss. This is an area for discussing strategies to convince our bodies to be happier at a lower weight. Non-Scale Victories Not every victory is on the scale, some of us have reached the body weight beyond which our body defends further weight loss - but we are still getting healthier every day. Public Before and After Shots This category is for people to share PUBLIC photos of themselves with before and after shots. Anything that you post here is fair game for anyone to share on Facebook, Instagram, or however they see fit. By posting here you are giving public permission for your image(s) to be shared freely on the Internet. It is for THAT reason that we have some guidelines as set forth by our social media manager <a class="mention" href="/users/2kdsocialmedia_nak">@2kdsocialmedia_nak</a> (Nak) in her own words: Fell off the horse So you had a bad day, don't let it turn into a pattern - get back up on the horse. Maintenance Weight loss is not just about loss … but also maintenance n=1 The place to share your n=1 findings and planned experiments.
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