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I hope I am posting this in the right section. :thinking::grin: As of today I am 4 weeks in on a keto lifestyle change and down 10 pounds. I have done keto in the past but then there was covid, and family trauma, and moves and I gained it all back. This time I am doing this for health as a fasting glucose test came back as 200 four weeks ago. :sob: I knew immediately what needed to be done and have stuck to it. Failure is not an option this go around. I have read so many knowledgeable posts from people on a similar journey, so I hope to share mine here as I travel the bacon road and maybe someday it will encourage someone else.

In addition to a 10 pound loss…My cycle has returned after a 21 month disappearance act. This while not fun, stands out the most to me as a victory because my body is starting to heal and function again.

The dawn phenomenon is alive and well with my glucose. I am reading all I can about this and hope to tinker more with my eating times in the next few weeks to see what happens.

My starting recorded weight was 298. It was probably a bit more than that because honestly I was afraid to step on the scale to see where I was at. My goal weight is around 160ish. I am female, 46, and committed to this like never before for my health.

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The key for me was to make my health my goal and not a weight goal. I started almost a year ago taking 5 different medications and as of this week I am off all but one and it is at the lowest dose that is made. And I am in the process of weaning myself off that last medication.
I am not a diabetic but have had BP issues since I was in my twenties and I am now 75. My heaviest weight was 289 back in 2010 I am now down to 192. My doctor says that I should weigh no more than 184, well, we will see if that happens sometime in my future. I do fasting of an average of 19 hours per day and eat a moderately low carb diet. Again I am not a diabetic but in my past I have been hyperglycemia, I haven’t had any issues with my blood sugar in almost 6 months now.

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Well done and Welcome to the Forums. 10 pounds is a great start :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah, dawn phenomenon effects most people I think. My highest BS in first thing than lowers through the day.
Keep going. No reason not to! :smiley:

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You’ll get there.
Glad you are here!

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Focus on improving your health above everything else and trust that the weight loss will follow.

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It sounds like you have a healthy attitude about what you need to do and that’s a great start. Feed your body nothing but nutritious food and it will respond favorably.
Welcome to your new lifestyle.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I appreciate it and look forward to getting to know you all better!
Yesterday we celebrated my son’s 15th birthday. We had family over for our traditional birthday taquitos lunch. I bought some pregrilled chicken strips and ate those with some sour cream and a spoon of queso. I also bought rebel ice cream and a little “keto” cheesecake for my portion of the cake and ice cream. It tasted ridiculously sweet and I only ate about 4 bites before putting it back in the freezer. After everyone left I threw two ribeyes on the grill and felt like life was good after a successful party with no cheats and ending with my favorite meal.
I walked around the inside of our house after dinner because it was still a balmy (ha!) 107 outside here in Texas. My fbs this morning was 120! The best reading I have had since checking daily for the last month. I know there is a long way to go, but that made my Monday morning great!

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Great! Keep going.


Yeah I thought (we don’t have keto things here) those things are for newbies whose sweet perception haven’t changed yet (though I have no idea if some people keep it somehow…? everyone in my family who cut out added sugar find normal sweets overly sweet now. it doesn’t even matter if they eat lots of natural sugars, it still changed).
There are very easy keto sweets one can make themselves without much work. I really like that our desserts could evolve with our changes! Today I ate something similar to crustless cheesecake (as far as I know…? never made cheesecake before keto), mascarpone mixed with sour cream and vanilla, zero sweetener :wink: But I needed carnivore to arrive here.

Good meat is better than any dessert if you ask me but sometimes (often) I need both.
It seems you did quite right on the birthday! Best wishes for the future!

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Sounds like we might be neighbors. I’m in Weatherford 30 miles west of Ft. Worth.
How about you?


I am in Brownwood, so hello somewhat close neighbor! :grin: Close for Texas at least! :joy:
I am chugging along today. Had a stressful night last night, but it’s past and onward I go! I am slowly trying to move all family dinner meals towards keto or at least low carb for the family. Last night I made crockpot pot roast and a veggie side with beef sausage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and butter. It was delicious but my tummy was not happy with the veggies. Phew. Leaning more and more towards carnivore everyday.
I tried the new nut pods pumpkin spice almond/coconut creamer in my coffee this morning. It was ok, but not as good as I had hoped.
My bg was still in the 120’s this morning despite the stressful evening. This surprised me and gives me hope. I see the numbers dropping. I know this is working and for that I am encouraged and grateful I have this chance to correct this and live life!

(Geoffrey) #12

Been through Brownwood many times. A sergeant I served with at Ft. Hood was from there. That’s a really nice area.

If you’re leaning towards carnivore then might I suggest you give it a try 30 or 90 days and see what you think.
My son talked to me about it and suggested it for my health issues and I decided to try it for 30 days. After that time was up I was feeling so much better I figured, why not, let’s go 30 more days. Well, 98 days later and I’m still on it and do not see changing anything in the for see able future. The things it has done to improve my health have been amazing and I know without a doubt that this is the proper way to eat for me.

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Congratulations. I have learned so much in the last few years. I have always considered myself somewhat health conscious, but I was apparently not enough as 3 yrs ago my blood pressure became borderline hypertensive. I had lost over 20 pounds from my peak of 218, but was still going in the wrong direction healthwise. I lost the first of my weight just by giving up potato chips, but over the last 2 years have decided to do keto in the fall, and weight training. I do low carb the rest of the year, and that has become lower carb as time has passed, and I have realized how much damage I was doing to myself by holding onto processed desserts. I feel really good when I do keto, and enjoy my food. I do not feel deprived of food. I am now at 175-177 lb, and wear waist 34, which I haven’t seen since High School. I was going to throw out all those old 36s I have kept around, and now they are slightly big on me. I have to wear a belt to wear them or they fall off. Never thought I would see size 34 again. It is totally doable, and did I say I got rid of my hypertension? In fact last time I gave my blood, she read it at around 104/68. I have good energy throughout my day, and eat 2x/day. Getting rid of the sugar and the processed foods will turn your life around. Good whole foods keto, will save your health. Keep going.


I think a 30 day (or more!) carnivore period would definitely be something I am interested in trying. Honestly I am about 90 percent eating that way already. I am going to read more about the fine details…like coffee? I only drink one cup a day, but I really enjoy that part of my day! Will see about starting in September and give it a try!
I love reading everyone’s stories of how far they have come healthwise on this journey. It is so encouraging and thank you for sharing!
Yesterday I was fighting a headache in the afternoon. It’s hard to tell why with my body changing it could be anything. I tried extra salt, electrolytes, eating, and finally took some ibuprofen which didn’t help either. There’s a lingering high stress environment with some family stuff and I know that can’t be helping.
Last night dinner was baked chicken thighs, bacon, and a slice of cheese. I was going to make green beans and bacon but one of the kids tried to help me before I got home and already made corn. I didn’t eat that.
I am down 2 more pounds this morning, so 12 pounds all together. Without sounding boasty, I am proud of myself. This feels different and permanent and my emotions are overcome by how excited I am to see the things the future holds for me. There’s a new spark lit in me that has been absent for several years.

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As Amber O’Hearn pointed out in a famous blog post, a carnivore diet is what the carnivore community generally agrees it is. Many carnivores drink only water, but many also drink coffee. (Amber somewhat humorously suggests it could count as a “medication,” and points out that almost all, if not all, medications are plant-based.)

So if you don’t want to give up coffee, you don’t have to. But there are reasons to give it up, since it is a plant-based drink, and especially since caffeine is used by the plant as an insect-repellent.

Could have been anything from muscular tension to a very mild case of COVID.


As much as I don’t want to, I will be researching more about caffeine and coffee now. Thanks but sort of not really thanks Paul. :pensive::laughing:
I mentioned the carnivore thought to my husband last night and he didn’t have much to say. He is about 85% low carb now, no gluten, but still sweets and junk addicted. He struggles with some things I believe that keto or carnivore would heal, but … Until he decides I just will keep doing my own thing.
The kids and I went bowling yesterday. Earlier in the summer we went and I had terrible knee pain after. This morning my knees feel good! I put a size 4X shirt on last night that I always thought was a little big on me, but realized that the sleeves had little tucks and gathering at the shoulders. I hadn’t seen this before because my body had been filling it out. Not as much now, I am shrinking! So NSV’s all around to be thankful and encouraged by!
We have a family vacation coming up next week and I am going to get some labwork done while we are “in the big city.” It’s not completely beginning numbers, but it will be good to have and look back on I think as I continue to make progress. I am curious what my hba1c is and watch it go down as time passes. My fbs and post eating bs readings have been in the lower 110’s this week. I am so excited to see progress all around!

(KM) #17

I love the big progress, like a number on a scale or hba1c, but what’s really awesome are the little things I don’t notice - until I do. After about 16 months on keto, many things I was bothered by are pretty much just gone. I do an inventory of my body and I just can’t find much of anything to complain about. My extra skin is gradually disappearing, I have no random aches and pains … I feel like I’ve gone from :frowning: to :neutral_face: to :slightly_smiling_face:. Of course I could still aim for :grin::partying_face::innocent:, but being at a happy baseline is awesome.

(Bacon enough and time) #18

Hey, I drink plenty of coffee. Don’t stop on my account.

Of course, I’m the kind of guy who brings the saying about my coffee mug and cold, dead hands to mind, lol!


Coffee is life blood! :laughing:

(Geoffrey) #20

Y’all sound like you’re at an AA meeting with all your talk about coffee. :coffee::yum::coffee: