Low Carb - A Hair Tonic?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

I’ve had some great results with Keto / Carni but I didn’t expect hair colour to be one.
I’m not actually bothered about my hair, I’ve been going grey (then white) since I was 30 years old, I’ve only every known hair colour go in one direction, lighter.
A few weeks ago I asked Mrs Pjam if my I have some black hairs, ‘You wish’, I think was the reply.
Anyway, about 2 weeks ago she said, ‘your hair really is going darker’! And today there’s no question.
It’s not getting thicker mind you … but then I’m not discounting anything lol

(Allie) #2

I have heard of this before, can’t think where but know it was mentioned… found it.


(Robin) #3

Interesting! You mean your already grey hair has gone darker?
My existing grey hasn’t changed but the rest of it is much darker

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

Yes, I’d been grey for many years before low carb. Probably took 10 months before a noticeable change

(Karen) #5

I am still wairing for that miracle :wink:


It’s a myth that we can’t reverse that, you know “Big Dye” LOL. But seriously, grays can be reversed. Mine wasn’t from diet, I was all drugged up when mine happened, but it still happened, a handful of different things known for that. Not even what I was going for, it was a side effect, I was going for skin actually and I didn’t notice until I regrew a beard and all my facial hair was the correct color again. My facial hair had a ton of grays and I’d dyed it since me early-mid 20’s. That happened about 5yrs ago, so I was in my late 30’s then.

Fo-Ti was one of them, and it’s has a legend in Chinese medicine for that, but I was also using GHK-Cu (copper skin peptide) and HGH. So no way to know what did it, or if it was the combination, but they went back!