Second Quarter 2024 Maintenance Check In


I posted in the May fasting thread and tagged you. Did you see it?

I started yesterday about 3:30 pm. I’m aiming to go until Monday afternoon. Keep me posted.

(I couldn’t find this thread at first…)

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

I was not able to go past 24 hrs. The fridge died, we had just done a major shopping trip so it was loaded with frozen and fresh foods. I was stressed out so much, we had just had to replace our grill and the drinking water filter system as well. I ended up eating some things that had to be cooked because of the fridge situation.

I do plan to try again next Friday as the above issues are settled for now.

(Robin) #23

My condolences for your fridge. and you.
You’ll be back!

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

I’ll be attempting an extended fast this coming weekend. I like the new fridge, the new water filter system is working great, and hopefully the contractor to set up the new grill will get that done before the weekend.

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

No fasting. Hubby reminded me this weekend marks 32 yrs. of marriage, we have been a couple for over 50 yrs. now.

Also the grill was damaged and that became a major drama. The whole experience was very stressful and more costs involved as we had to rent a truck to pick up a grill that was already put together and no way it would fit our car. We spent most of yesterday dealing with all that. Finally got to use it for lunch today.

I think I will try fasting mid week, hopefully no dramas will come up. Wish me luck!

(Robin) #26

50 year anniversary is worth it all!


(Oh my good, my SO and I am together since almost 25 years now that I think about it… We have no marriage (it felt useless paperwork in my world) and no idea about when we met or got together, I am bad with dates… But I want to reach 100. We won’t even break the Guinness record for longest living persons at that point yet… It’s barely that now but those ages will go up in the next 75 years for sure.
I have plans, hence I need a good woe, among others.)

I diligently weight myself every morning since some time (I do my fat fast days and have lots of OMAD, it made sense to me. I am super hopeful anyway, even after many years of stalling and very occasionally gaining). Dressed (not to the same level, my room got too hot for my usual nightclothes), holding cups and my tablet or whatever, it’s just before I go downstairs, before the bathroom… But no one can expect me to put any more effort into this, it’s not like it matters anyway.
It seems I do weigh a tad less. Believable but -1kg or something (with my weighing circumstances :smiley: sometimes I forget and weigh myself after drinking too, though the bathroom is done so I just put back the water… at my low accuracy, it doesn’t matter) is so tiny that it’s just a hint I may go into the right direction…? Whatever, it’s nice.
I weighed myself again, just my 2nd today, I never put any limitations to weighing as it makes no sense in my case. It’s more like -2kg so I actually believe I lost some weight. Okay, whatever. I continue my plans, frequent OMAD days and lovely fat fast days hoping they will lead to EF some day… Staying close to carnivore most of the time as usual, as well. I use all the good methods :slight_smile: