Maintenance Strategies?

(Karen Parrott) #61

Welcome to maintenance. Hope it’s going well for you and your wife.

APRIL 2019 Weight Maintenance Check-in
(Frank) #62

I downloaded an app called lucky roulette. I’ve started 4 lists. Meal pattern, exercise pattern, dessert pattern, stress relief pattern. Each of these pattern has its own roulette wheel. So for example my meal pattern wheel has approx 10 choices from 3 meals to 24 hr omad. I would spin each wheel the night before which then determines my next day strategy. I’m still working on the pattern lists but I hope to start this little one month n=1 on Monday the 15th. If I were to start it right now this is what my day would be. 1. Lunch+dinner+ black coffee in am. 2. Walk during lunch + 10 min core workout before dinner 3. No dessert tonight :confused: 4. Research new or existing hobby on YouTube in evening. One of the reoccurring themes that pops up is our body’s ability to adapt to patterns and create set points as a result. I figured by doing this, my body would be getting something a little different every day. This is just something goofy that I came up with to keep it interesting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #63

Frank, that sounds like fun. I might have to check that app out. You were thinking outside the box on that approach.

(Frank) #64

When I start I will probably start a thread so if anyone else wants to join they can. At the very least I’ll give my lists so anyone can use or edit them for their own use.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #65

I just set mine up. This will be entertaining, but let’s see what I do when push comes to shove!! I set some of the bars pretty high :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Frank) #66

Oh fun! I did put a 48 hr fast on there which I will only do once in a month. Everything else is within the boundaries of what I do normally so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

(Anne Brodie) #67

Have to say, this idea is absolutely genius. I’ve been developing meal menus to draw from but still have to figure out which to have each day.

(Frank) #68

I guess I’m lucky. I usually eat similarly week over week. As long as I have ground beef, salmon, a steak or two, shrimp, chicken thighs, spinach, avocados, asparagus, and broccoli, I’m pretty set. I think I may add a few extras on the wheel for carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #69

I added those three as well, just for variation. Can’t wait to see your new thread on the subject.

(Frank) #70

I’m kinda jazzed about it too. I am aware though that there are going to be selections that I’m not fond of for sure. I’m not a big EF guy since being in maint so that’s going to be tough when/if I spin that. 24hrs is easy still.

(Stacy Lee) #71

Do you go through keto flu again after the carb heavy?

(Ken) #72

No, never. I go back and forth with no noticeable effects.

What does maintainence look like?
(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #73

Are you still using this method? Is it fun?!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #74

It is fun, and gets me thinking about ways to shake things up, but do I do it every day? Honestly, no.

(Mel Simpson) #75

Uhmm…I want your problem.
You have obviously revved up your metabolism…good for you.
Exercising may actually help.

(Wendy) #76

I am still losing though slower now. I’ve added more nuts and try to eat whenever I feel hungry. I don’t fast except from last meal until usually late breakfast/lunch time so average 17 hours from last meal. Sometimes earlier if I have opportunity and I’m really hungry.
So I’m hoping the extra nuts will do it. I’m about 10 pounds below my goal weight which was 132. I’m a 5’6 ft almost 54 year old woman.
I don’t work out though have an active job. In the summer I liked walking for the enjoyment of it but I live near Chicago/Milwaukee area and it’s just too icky out for me to enjoy at all. So the only exercise I get is at work where I walk a lot and climb ladders and lift freight and merchandise.
Oh and I eat plenty of protein and never have worried about how much fat, so eat the healthiest fats I can, generously.
I did gain a little over Christmas where I “cheated” and ate some definitely unketo foods and drank Eggnog. So if I ever need to gain I can always drink more Oberweis Eggnog. :grin:

(KCKO, KCFO) #77

Well I think I can say that I have driven my set point down 3 lbs. I do not consider myself a slave to the scale, but I do weigh myself daily just to observe what happens. I did a trending chart and see that my new weight is 3 lbs. less than my original goal weight.

I find I am ok with Dr. Panda’s TEW protocol. Most days it is 6 hrs. but on the weekends, I extend it to 8 hrs. Only difference I can tell is drinking coffee starts the clock for TEW as opposed to coffee being allowed on IF protocols. I start my day with a cup or two of hot water only instead of coffee with HWC. I am not tempted as much by late night snacking now either. I eat as much as I want during my TEW, even upped some of the carbs, mostly nuts after dinner. I plan to do the Feb. Zornfast for a 48 hr. fast, but otherwise stick to this til the end of Feb. and will decide then if I want to continue eating this way.

Hope all the Maintenance Crew members are doing well this month.

(KCKO, KCFO) #78

Did the Zornfast, went 66 hrs. I was really enjoying not eating.

Hope everyone else is rockin’ this WOE.

(Mel Simpson) #79

Is there a March fast coming up and when does it start?

(KCKO, KCFO) #80

Brenda will be posting that under the Fasting subforum. It is the third Thursday of each month.

If you want fasting support, there is a monthly IF/EF fasting group that is very active.