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Hey everyone. I have been on Keto since April of 2023. To date I have gone from 207 pounds to 156. I consume an average of 10-15 grams of carbs per day, every day. I eat one meal at 7:30pm. At noon I have a So-Lean & So-Clean Protein shake with almond milk. Tonight, I’m thinking of having a small thin crust pizza from my local Pizza/Wing joint. It’s been a long time since I’ve had pizza. I’m wondering if I would experience any “shock” to my system with the high carb dosage? Will I be ok to do this? I plan on a few hours of workout the following morning. What are your thoughts? Thank you much.

(icky) #2

I think it’s hard to tell. I had a similar meal while I was out a few weeks ago and I felt really sick the whole of the next day. Similar to a hangover from having gotten really drunk the night before. On the other hand, I’ve had a few carby foods, that weren’t a whole meal, and I’ve done okay with them.

I’m not sure you can really be sure until you try it.

Maybe make it dependent on whether you can afford to be hungover all of tomorrow, if it does go poorly? If so, I guess it’s worth taking the risk. Maybe you’ll find out that you can afford to eat the occasional pizza.


What was said about if you have anything important to do tomorrow is valid. Also, if you are going to be in any tempting situations tomorrow that you could otherwise control. You could potentially be more triggered than usual.

Personally I think it is a slippery slope. I have been low carb on and off since 2017. My first 8 months I lost about 52 lbs, this was about halfway to my goal. I never got there. I had a big family party that was both stressful and was motivation to look good at the end of that time. During those 8 months I “cheated” maybe 2-4 times and they were planned in advance. One was to eliminate a stall (did not work, bad idea in my situation) and one or two were special events plus my event. Each time when I was still motivated I was able to overcome it

The day of the event was the least I weighed. After that one cheat led to another. I am about 10 lbs over that weight now (was much heavier at various points during Covid) and this is after doing time restricted eating since July

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This is a personal N=1 issue, I think. I’ve seen quite a few people intentionally push their carb limit to see what they can eat and still be ok. We have people here who have pushed it til they’re no longer in ketosis and find that lower-carb works fine for them, they don’t actually need ketosis to be healthy. And other people fail and regret it, or they disappear and I have to assume they’ve gotten swallowed up by the call of the carb.

Personally, pizza is a keto no-no that’s also, IMO, an unhealthy food in its own right. Maybe cheat with the wings instead???

(Alec) #5

This is where I am. I have been keto successfully and fasting successfully and carnivore successfully. The eating style that I have been able to stick to easiest is carnivore because of the lack of any carbs. The other 2 I fell off eventually because I did allow myself some carbs and that eventually led to the back of the wagon disappearing down the track…

For me that slope is very slippery. Carb addiction is powerful.

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Congrats on your weight loss…
Since you are asking for suggestions, I will not feel guilty making a few:

I do protein smoothies. I use coconut milk, because it is low oxalate, while almonds are relatively high oxalate. I do eat some raw almonds, but always with pecans, pistachios, hemp hearts, coconut, etc, and generally maybe every other day. My brother got kidney stones doing almonds and almond milk every day… JFYI

I would go easy on that - many keto participants do carnivore due to intolerances to wheat, bread… etc. I would take any reintroduction quite slowly. However, I am not saying all carbs must be introduced with care. I think you would probably feel no noticeable effect with vegetable carbs and fiber being reintroduced in a moderate amount. I eat cruciferous vegetables all throughout keto. (I am not Carni)

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Go head and think about pizza. Just don’t eat it! Lol

(Shannon) #8

Is there a cauliflower crust option at this pizza place? I occasionally do that and I don’t suffer too many ill effects, plus it satisfies the craving a bit. Of course, it’s not just cauliflower in the crust, I’m pretty sure they use rice flour. As long as you can get back on track the next day, I personally think it’s fine.

(Robin) #9

Good point @dfossey
Some of us can “cheat” and get right back on track just fine. Others are not. Won’t know till you try.

(Shannon) #10

I say this though having done too much “cheating” the last couple of months, and now I have to re-focus and get back on the program. Makes for an easy New Year’s resolution at least. It’s amazing how for many months, I will hover around the same weight, but in only 2 months of slacking off, I’ve gained almost 15 pounds. Sometimes being a peri-menopausal woman really sucks. I started Berberine for the first time last week, I’m hoping that will help the transition.


No one can predict what will happen, it’s highly individual.
I can eat WAY worse and carbier things than a mere thin-crust pizza and I don’t ever get sick (but I can’t get a hangover either). I do feel the carbs, I feel a bit better without but it’s still okay-ish.
Slippery slope or not, it depends. Nothing makes me crave carnivore more than a bunch of carbs :smiley: I run back to carnivore pretty quickly. I had that before carni too, I used to say I just don’t have the willpower (and masochism) not to come back to keto after carby days. But sometimes I have a phase and the carby food is just too tempting (I bake way too well :frowning: and keto things aren’t remotely similar. it’s good I prefer baked goods with lots of fat and protein but the keto version is too far. and my default woe is carnivore anyway)… So even the same person may step into a slippery slope (or certain “doom”) one time and runs back to a stricter woe than before the next.

If you don’t know yourself yet, you can get some experience, that is good unless you fell off the wagon for way too long.
Good luck!


While not the lowest carb option, and is not carnivore but I do like this pizza. I use the crust recipe and since I am not a fan of meat pizza I will put Raos sauce and cheese and some cooked vegetables on it rather than meat but the recipe is pretty good. My kids who are not keto will eat this

(Alec) #13

If you want to eat pizza, make a carnivore one… zero carb.


Me neither. Never was and maybe never will, if I want meat, I just eat meat and salt, simple and much better than any pizza (just different and definitely not what one wants if that is pizza). Or I make a meaty quiche, it doesn’t want to pose as some carby food (I never even had quiche before carnivore).

Not wanting a meaty “pizza” makes carnivore(-ish, it’s rarely fully that) “pizza” (it’s nothing like pizza but it’s fun to have a round flat thing packed pizza-like) a bit tricky but I still have some options (and some processed meats are still fine. or fish).
Not like I feel any need to make a pizza, I usually just bake a normal pizza-like thing for my SO nowadays. It’s still nothing like some really good, true pizza but it’s quite fine that way :). I bake great breads and rolls if I want to, pizza just isn’t my speciality. My SO is pleased enough and I don’t really get tempted. We both win!

Or meat can go into the crust, that works for me if it’s not very flavorful. What I can’t handle is much cheese in the crust, that must go on top! :smiley:
Each to their own :slight_smile: It’s good there are so many options.