November 2023 Maintenance Check In


I few days late with this, sometimes life just gets in the way.

I hope everyone is doing great with their maintenance during this holiday season.

I am focusing on getting in more activity. A new facility just opened up a couple of blocks from my house, so I have been taking at least one hr. of exercise there since it opened in October. I am doing mostly yoga/stretching/resistance training classes. They also have an indoor track for walking in cold weather I will be needing to use soon.

OCTOBER 2023 Maintenance Check In

It’s no holiday season for me yet (that will be Christmas, just an evening but as I still plan to bake, things may get carby earlier. it’s unavoidable but I will just taste things, mostly. I suppose. who knows at this point?) and I finally do my carnivore month (with some carnivore-ish days with very very tiny extras. If I eat a stew, it already isn’t pure carnivore but it’s fine by me)! If I won’t quit early. This far I had 8 very easy carni days and 1 carnivore-ish :slight_smile: It’s surprisingly easy even with the protein minimalization (I have that since months. I really had enough of overeating protein), focus on lean meat (I prefer fattier stuff but I do like my leanish pork and organs. and it’s not like I don’t eat scratchings and butter, I just plan my day around lean stuff, mostly. and try not to go overboard with the others… sometimes I am even successful) and I don’t drink coffee by default. It’s not a hard rule (as if I ever had those… but I do take carnivore seriously this month), I had 4 days with coffee but hopefully I won’t have much more.

I try to focus on exercise too, hopefully my leg is good enough for running now. I already resumed my longer walks, sometimes I go shopping to the nearby town and that is over 2 hour walking (mostly through the wildlife park, it’s pretty). My small walks are 50 minutes and sometimes it’s just a tiny one to the hilltop and back but I try to run as much as I can there. It’s a start :wink:
Thankfully I don’t need to worry about overheating in winter.
I have my weekly 2 workouts (I still don’t improve much but at least I don’t get worse… and I do get very very slowly better), some stationary bike riding… I couldn’t do the latter in summer and even in September, it was way too hot for it. Now it’s nice though I get overheated in 5 minutes. But I can restart after a little break.

Let’s have a nice and successful November, whatever it means! I want to lose fat but in my case it’s basically maintenance :smiley: Others fluctuate significantly more than what I can possibly lose. But it’s fine.

But I would choose more energy over fat-loss, actually. Or even muscle gain, that would be nice. Can’t I have all of them, though?