M/47, 400lbs to 207lbs, so... down 193lbs

(Robert Tinsley) #1

Well, I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I’m probably within about six months of it. I’ve got my A1C down to 4.7 from raging diabetes(30 plus mmol BS, sometimes the meter would just read “error”), I’m off the statins, my fatty liver has resolved itself and liver enzymes are now well within normal range, my C reactive proteins are very low, and I’ve quit smoking weed, drinking alcohol, caffeine, and best of all I’ve quit chain smoking cigarettes and my lung function has significantly improved according to spirometry.

There are some questions I have, and improvements I could probably make, I didn’t really have a guide on this, I just read Dr. Jason Fung’s two books, Diabetes Code and Obesity Code, and have been stumbling through it myself so I appreciate you having me in this community.

Artificial sweeteners, increased appetite
(Allie) #2

Absolutely amazing, well done! :heart:

(Rebecca ) #3

What an inspirational testimony!! Thank you for sharing!!

(KM) #4

Welcome to the forum! You clearly don’t need our advice, but I hope you stick around, how inspiring! How long ago did you begin?

(Bob M) #5

Wow, very impressive!

(Cathy) #6

You don’t mention it, but I bet you are feeling quite a bit better!!! Congratulations on your impressive success!

(Robin) #7

Well, holy cow… That, my friend, is an amazing transformation and inspiration!
Seeing that you are in a wheelchair, I would imagine your victory is even more impressive and multi-layered. I am so glad you’re with us and can’t wait to hear more.

(Marianne) #8

Wow, God bless. Looks to me like you are at an ideal weight.


Absolutely fantastic! You look like a different person, so healthy! Well done…… :clap:

(Robert Tinsley) #10

Oh, cmon Kib, I’m sure there’s lots to learn, and timeline? About five years, with some relapses here and there.

(Robert Tinsley) #11

Yes Cathy, when I was four hundred pounds I went to the doctor and asked for anti-depressants, because I was sleeping twelve plus hours a day and I had no energy when I was awake. The pills didn’t “work”, so I stopped taking them after a few months and only years later after losing the weight did I realize I was never depressed, I was just fat.

I sleep normal hours now, and I feel mentally lighter and more alert and have loads more baseline energy most of the time. Also I don’t feel so sad, and down, I am just naturally about twenty percent happier and significantly more able to deal with stressors.

I now see the body and mind really aren’t separate, the brain is our meat computer, and if the “power supply” body it’s attached to is degraded and failing, it’s not going to function optimally.

(Robert Tinsley) #12

Well thanks Marianne, and I do feel I look pretty decent, but according the the white lab coats, optimal health and longevity for my height 6"1 is about 160lbs, and that’s people with normal sized muscular legs, not the withered sticks I’ve got.

But I’m going to try and hold some extra muscle in my upper body to help with functional strength and transfers, (and Vanity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) so maybe 175-180, which is still an extra 27-32 pounds down from where I am.

(Geoffrey) #13

What an amazing transformation. An inspiration to all.

(Laurie) #14

Congratulations. Definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. Good luck with your finishing touches


Thanks for sharing your story Robert. Absolutely amazing!

(Robin) #16

Nice to see you again! I hope your journey is still progressing well!


Great transformation, good luck for the future too!

That’s the spirit! A very smart decision :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #18

That’s a completely crazy projection. At 6’1", you’d be skin and bones, not an attractive look. Dude, honestly, I’d shoot for 200 and I bet that would be perfect. You’ll know it as you go. Don’t shoot for a size (of clothing) or some pretty arbitrary weight chart (that is obviously way off).

Good luck!

(Robert Tinsley) #19

Hi Marianne, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate your opinion. For reference, this is what six feet even and 167lbs looks like, his name is David Pascoe and he’s competing in the longevity olympics, and is 61 years old.

It’s quite lean, I give you that, and leaner than I want to be, but I’m not sure that it’s “completely crazy projection”, and 160 lbs at six one is a BMI of 21.1 and about the middle of the healthy range according to the CDC.

Davids Website is here, https://www.davepascoe.net/


Not necessarily. We can’t really tell these things without knowing much about the one in question and there are the thin legs too.
My SO is 5’9", now he is 152 but he still has a not flat belly and he hasn’t a really low bodyfat at 140 either. And he has very very muscular legs. He was 124 when he slimmed down at 17, he didn’t have much muscles back then. But knowing his height, many people think he should be way more. Like 176. Nope, he would be way too fat even with his leg muscles and he doesn’t have much elsewhere! He was less at his heaviest and he was fat! Not every man are muscular and 10-20kg extra fat just isn’t that pretty especially if it mostly goes to the belly.

200 for 6’1" can be good for someone, sure but it requires a decent amount of muscles, at least. Possible a quite muscular body. But tastes differ, of course. It does look different on different people, it’s not just the muscle mass, obviously. My SO doesn’t even have some fragile base with narrow shoulders… Some people do.