JAN 2024 Maintenance Check In


Hope everyone is having a good New Year.

I was happy to enter the new year slightly below my goal weight.

How are you all doing?

JAN 2024 IF/EX Chat Thread
(Geoffrey) #2

I’m doing great. I set a goal and surpassed it so I set another goal and surpassed it so now I’m through setting goals. I’m now just looking at my WOE as a weight optimization diet so I’ll just keep on doing what I do and let my body decide what weight it wants to settle at.
I’m already past where I was in high school and that was 49 years ago.
I’m curious to see where this takes me.

(Mark Rhodes) #3

Thrashing new frontiers even after 8 years in. Even with a rotator cuff surgery in September, a 2 month layoff and a 2 month 40% reduction I smashed my lifting goals by 25%.

started the New Year out like this: after eating some cheat cookies, some mashed potatoes. Our New Year Eve dinner was scallops, shrimp, brie, Midwest Sushi, Crab Dip.

My health is still resoundingly good. Lp(a) remains exactly where I want it. APOB and A-1 as well. I am going in for a DXA to see how composition changed since my surgery. I was at 15.7% BF. I would think it is about 18% right now. I keep gaining and losing.


I am way heavier and it’s not something I normally do… But I still haven’t weighed myself without clothes and in the morning and maybe I managed to get water weight, December had its wild times… So I will report in some days! If I will remember weighing myself and will be willing to undress for this unimportant thing. Well I am a tad curious…

I don’t really want to maintain in 2024 (either), it seems I am not so much into food now so let’s hope for the best!

First goal is going back to my usual 75kg, it should be easy…? (I always went back to 69kg before my stress gain. Why can’t I have that now?)

It’s good my weight isn’t among my few most important things I want from my woe…

Happy New Year, I wish success for you all! It should be my year as I am a dragon! :upside_down_face:

(KM) #5

I felt like I did the best I could, but somehow I have gained about 4 lbs over the holiday season. Most likely from not being in ketosis; I didn’t go wildly off beam but there were a few cookies or slices of pie, and alcohol. Hoping the excess is primarily water and glycogen storage, I really didn’t feel all that decadent.

But yeah, off piste, now piste off.

I’m not quite in maintenance mode at the moment, but I should be there within a month. As has been the case for the last half year or so, I wouldn’t mind dropping a couple of pounds below my average 118, but if that’s where my body wants to be I’m fine maintaining it there.

(Chuck) #6

I have a lot more energy, my brain isn’t fogging up anymore, my headaches are all gone. My weight is up a few pounds but my clothes are fitting even better. I did make a few less that good choices over the holidays but I am now back on track. I know winter is just now starting but I am so ready for spring.

(Robin) #7

4 pounds is not as bad as it could be. And getting right back on your normal menu/routine will get you on track in no time.
118! You must not be very tall!

(KM) #8

A little over 5’. My 94 year old Mom has shrunk down to about 4’ 9", so I assume little person-hood is in my future! We’re like a family of garden gnomes. :laughing:

(Robin) #9

A family of garden gnomes…
What a great image that is!

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

There was no Feb thread, so a tad early but here is a March thread to get things going again.

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