M/47, 400lbs to 207lbs, so... down 193lbs

(Marianne) #21

Body type is a subjective preference. I should have qualified with “IMO.” Good luck on your journey.

(Edith) #22

Thank you for posting! These kinds of postings are my favorite part of the forum!

(KM) #23

Wow. I’ve been a fan of Bryan Johnson … well I’ve been watching him like you’d rubberneck a car crash at any rate, wondering how well he’s going to do in the long run. Didn’t realize there was actually an olympics with other people who aren’t, maybe, quite so crazy. Maybe. I have to wonder if chasing markers with vast amounts of supplementation is the way to go, but I guess that will become clearer in time. Thanks for the link!

(KM) #24

Just an edit, I didn’t mean this to be snarky, it’s just that you’ve done so well you’ve obviously got a handle on this. Glad to have you on board!

(Jane) #25


Welcome to the forum.

(Robert Tinsley) #26

Nope, you didn’t come across snarky at all, but I understand your trepidation, it’s difficult to convey emotion and subtext in text.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #27

An amazing transformation! Thanks for sharing the pics.

I, too, would have said 160 was low for 6’1", but that picture of Mr. Pascoe does look good. Our sense of what is “normal” has shifted over the past 50 years, that’s for sure. I remember watching Houseboat on television after school in the early 1970’s and noticing how well-padded, though shapely, Sophia Loren looked. She was quite zaftig, for those days. Returning to the movie today, I am struck by how thin she looks.

I’ve been collecting pictures of people from World War II and the 1970’s, and remarking how “emaciated” they look now. By comparison, in the picture you post, Mr. Pascoe doesn’t seem to be as thin as they. And I notice that even the fittest young men today have a layer of subcutaneous padding that guys didn’t have in the past.

(Edith) #28

Yes, yes he does! :rofl::wink:

(Bob M) #29

When I was in my early 20s, I weighed about that at 5’8". With way more muscle than he has. It would be interesting to see what his measurements are: chest, upper thighs, arms, shoulders.

To me, he looks thin, particularly his legs. But I grew up idolizing body builders. This guy for instance (Tom Platz):



I consider a body like Frank Zane’s at his best way better myself but that requires wonderful genetics, tons of hard work and a young enough age :smiley: For the super muscular guys in the last decades, lots of steroids are a must too…

Of course a normal not so young person should have quite different expectations.

(And a lazy one who isn’t even male, like me, oh my… I just want any muscle gain :smiley: And getting a bit stronger. And losing fat for bigger visibility…)

(B Creighton) #31

I just ran across this guy earlier this week… I am his age and size…maybe an inch shorter. I got down to 173 in the spring of 2022, but look nothing like this dude. He could pass off for 35 easy. I went over his supplement stack, and found I am doing a lot of what he is. This winter I concentrated on gaining more muscle, but gained more fat than is to my liking, so now I am going to do a short burst of keto before going into my spring walking. When I did this in 2022 I lost 20 more pounds down to 173 in about 8 weeks, which would put me a little shy of this dude if I did it again(back to my college weight).

(B Creighton) #32

Wow. I am impressed!.My dad has post-polio and as become confined to a wheel chair. I got him to pay a little attention to me, because I think he could see the difference in my body(unfortunately, not like Mr Pascoe), as I tried to teach him a little about keto. I just might show your before and after pictures to him. I think you are an inspiration dude. I appreciate you being in this community!

(Jane) #33

Not to be a wet blanket…… but how do you know the pics of Mr. Pascoe haven’t been “touched up” as in Photoshopped to make him look younger like they do for other celebrities?

If not , then color me impressed!

(Robert Tinsley) #34


David Pascoe is not a celebrity, almost nobody knows who he is, or what the Rejuvenation Olympics are. Before the one rich guy Bryan Johnson went viral on YouTube for spending 2 million a year “trying to grow younger”.

NOBODY knew who these guys were, they are kind of kooky guys doing very fringe stuff. David Pascoe eats a hundred fifty plus vitamins and supplements a day, eats like a hypochondriac doctor, runs marathons, and does tons of lab tests on himself, and has been doing it for years and years.

He is fairly well off, because he had a good job, but he’s not rich, that’s just his personal webpage you visit in the link I posted, he probably gets a few dozen visits a day from other weirdo’s who saw the Bryan Johnson viral video, and looked further into it like me.

Us doing keto and intermittent fasting are a thousand times more mainstream than those guys.

Now I do know that a couple of the secrets to looking that nice aren’t actually secrets, IE stay thin, moisturize, and use a sunscreen every single day even if you don’t go outside starting when you’re younger. He has his skincare routine on his website too.

Also, he has taken a few “supplements” that are technically legal-ish, but I looked into them and I wouldn’t take them. He might end up a really good looking corpse. He used melanotan I and II for one, an injectible hormone that gives you a fake tan, as well as helps keep your weight down, which is probably why he looked so good in that sauna pic.

(Robert Tinsley) #35

Whoa, you don’t hear about polio much anymore, I’m sorry to hear about your Dad’s struggle.
You’re welcome to show him my pics, I’d be pleased as punch to think I could help a fellow wheelie a bit.

(Edith) #36

I ready an article about him a while back. He takes a ridiculous amount of supplements a day. My kids and I were joking that if you picked him up and shook him, he would rattle like a pill bottle. :crazy_face:

(Sid) #37

Holy sh*t what an amazing job you’ve done for yourself! I’m impressed!

(KM) #38

Lol! He was apparently also using his son’s blood to rejuvenate himself. “Where Obsessive meets Abusive”, I’d say. (It doesn’t work, just in case anyone’s considering it .) :laughing:

(Edith) #39

Yeah, I read about that, too. It creeped me out!:nauseated_face:

(Central Florida Bob ) #40

If you hang out on YouTube, you’ll see that there’s a buzz going on now in the alternate health care world - like carnivore, keto, and such - that some of our country’s health issues are coming from using sunscreen far too much and not getting exposure to real sunlight. Fear of melanoma had led to many other health problems.

No, I haven’t watched any of them, just seeing their click bait. So FWIW…