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Day 3 carnivore. I feel good. Just finished eating steak. Hubby decided he is going to do something like ketovore for awhile with the intent to transition to carnivore. He has some medical things going on and is at his end with pills and drs that aren’t helping. I’ve been telling him “Eat Meat” on repeat and it seems it’s finally maybe going to have him try. He is very focused on what he can’t eat which I know will lessen once the sugar addiction and cravings pass. We just have to get to that point. Hopefully he will give it a good try because I really feel like it will help.
I’m thinking about making a YouTube channel to document my journey and maybe it will help someone who is in my shoes. I think it would also keep me motivated and accountable, although I don’t seem to have that issue, but just in case!
My daughter and I explored another grocery store today out side of my normal one. Their meat dept. had some different options like lamb and bacon ends, ribs, all stuff I haven’t ever cooked before. I am going to branch out and try new things to see what else I like. I did buy a huge pack of NY strip steak that was on sale (never cooked before) but I will research it and learn for tomorrow.


Good luck for you both! I am sure it’s worth a try even if it won’t be your final destination in the end. But maybe it will :wink:
Lamb, bacon ends, they are nice :slight_smile: There are probably many carnivore items you never tried yet :wink: There are so many options, after all.


Tmi warning…
Day 5 on carnivore and I’m not feeling super great. I ate breakfast this morning thinking it would help and it did not. The bathroom is my bestie and I’m googling things I have never needed to before. Ugh. Some YouTubers say the bathroom crud lasts for a week or two. I’m not sure I can stick this out for that long. I’m half wondering if maybe I have a tummy bug, because my blood sugar has been a little higher today as well. Maybe it’s carnivore maybe it’s just sick. Either way, I’m resting as much as I can today. Do a little, rest, repeat. 🤷😴


Congratulations. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of people do not lose 100+ lbs. Some do, and maybe you do too, but most do not. I would recommend Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Obesity Code, as a starting point. He talks a lot about fasting as a very effective tool. He does not recommend fasting every day. Keep in mind that eating or not eating is just one part of the equation. Walking offers tremendous benefits in the beginning. Sleep is also very important. Sleep apnea can present as the Dawn Effect due to the increase in stress and cortisol levels. Master the basics. I see many people plateau and then force themselves to eat OMAD (starvation). When that stops working, they move over to Carnivore. Also, go get blood work done so you can see the improvements. Please keep in mind that this is a keto forum, and we are generally ‘pro’ on keto, but not everyone thrives on this diet or protocol.


Well… I WILL be one of those that loses over 100+ pounds. It’s either that or I’m 6 feet under and that’s not my choice anymore. I chose life. 🤷🤦


You can definitely do it. And it won’t be nearly as hard as you think once your body has switched fuel source. The more you have to lose, the easier it comes off once you get to eating enough to feel sated.

The less you have to lose, the slower it comes off. You’ll see, it’s not that hard, just make sure to teach your body to use fat instead of carbs. Go, go!

Us fatties actually have the advantage here. Now go eat!

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Listen to @velvet, she’s spot on.

From what I’ve learned when it come to the early onset of Keto/carnivore dietary indiscretions is that it’s your gut changing over from digesting mostly carbs to mostly meat. It can cause some issues for some people. It will straighten itself out. It stayed with me for a month but that may have been because of my IBS, which btw is cured now.


Getting our nutrients once a day is definitely NOT starvation… We are humans, not shrews! :smiley:
If one is starving, it matters little if they eat once or 10 times a day, starvation is starvation.

Forced fasting is bad, we agree on that. Starvation is bad too. And I suppose some people need a bigger eating window. It doesn’t make OMAD not the best idea ever for some of us.

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Maybe not starvation, I agree there, but still a bad idea that leads to metabolic slowdown when used long-term. Here and there no issue at all, I do that at times as it just happens, but every day… bad idea.

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I have a paleo outlook about it - most likely we ate food as we came upon it. Maybe once a day, maybe three times, maybe in the morning, maybe near sunset, maybe not for 3 days. It’s hard for me to believe there was just a roaming pack of zebra available for the taking whenever we decided to eat one, and that we could successfully take down prey every time we tried. Lions fail all the time, and they’re a lot better equipped for the hunt. Maybe I feel that way just because our current wildlife is difficult to find, but I agree with the philosophy that says 'change it up sometimes".

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I follow no pattern. I listen to my body. If it says feed me then I do just that. Sometimes it’s OMAD and sometimes it’s twice.
I’ve been absolutely amazed how this woe has changed how I look at food now and how hunger has changed for me. Food serves one purpose in my life now and that is nutrient fuel.


[quote=“Shinita, post:48, topic:119815”]
Getting our nutrients once a day is definitely NOT starvation…

This a big if. Trying to get all of your nutrition in one meal consistently on OMAD is hard. Malnutrition is a condition that is potentially common among long-term OMAD users. It’s a protocol to be used temporarily to lose weight. However, doing it day after day, year after year, is not going to work. Humans were designed with a feast-and-famine approach. For tens of thousands of years, we ate what was available, and at times food was plentiful (a feast), and at other times it was not. (famine). This is why IF can be very successful. But, as Dr. Jason Fung says, it’s a protocol to be used 2-3 times per week. Trying to go against your evolutionary biology will result in failure in the long term. Newer research coming out of Europe suggests that the body sees fat loss as an injury, and over a period of time it tries to fix this loss. The body overcompensates, and you end up with more weight than when you started. Furthermore, you have very little control over it.

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Same as me. Sometimes OMAD, sometimes 2MAD, even some days I easily put away about 6000 calories… :rofl:


Yes, if it’s life, survival, it happens. I surely could survive EF and various changes.
But if I can choose, I eat the way I like :slight_smile: I do have variety (sometimes I eat once, sometimes 5 times, I can’t help it. I can influence it and I try but it’s tricky) but my body apparently love having similar days. Well, maybe similar workdays and similar weekend days, I notice some difference there :wink: And I hate eating in the morning about all the time. Some of us have more fixed rules, some of us have days all over the place (me too but it’s mostly about macros, not everything mentioned), some have great control, some have minimal…

The only type of really useful variety for me is having high-cal days when losing fat (therefore eating at a deficit normally). It sounds right but it’s not why I do it. My body just can’t handle deficits well, definitely not long term… And I like to have a day with much food now and then anyway…

Basically the same. But my body tends to follow a pattern on most days. I am naturally an afternoon eater. I automatically eat the same amount of meat if I have enough and I like it at the moment (there are exceptions but the pattern is pretty clear). If I do my best to eat as little as I comfortably can, my protein and fat intake tends to be in a smallish range.
But of course, I am not a robot and sometimes my body wants something different and it gets it.

I don’t think so. It IS hard, even impossible for many, sure, they shouldn’t do OMAD then.
But it’s not OMAD’s fault, it’s the fault of the persons in question.

Sorry, I just won’t, can’t force-feed myself ever. It’s not in my options.
I am a natural IFer, it’s laughable that even IF would be unhealthy if one just eats their nutrients - but I overeat in a big eating window so of course I aim for a tiny eating window where overeating has a smaller chance. I still can’t lose fat at a decent pace ever as my meals are just too big for that but that’s fine.

I see no reason to avoid OMAD every day, it’s another thing I can’t do that. That is fine too but my OMAD days are the best and I need it for fat-loss and many other things. And anyway, it happens sometimes, it’s not like I control my number of meals, I just attempt to.

But everyone may think whatever they want and can, I don’t mind. I just know that without OMAD I overeat and stay fat. And while being fat can be pretty healthy, I am sure that staying healthy over 130 years old requires doing everything right and having an OK fat mass is even healthier. Prettier too. So I won’t give up on it.
Trying to lose fat with multiple meals would be a stress fest for people like me! OMAD isn’t for everyone, why of course just like low-carb isn’t for everyone. Each to their own. But WHY people think that OMAD would harm the metabolism I never could imagine. Maybe there are some unfortunate persons who functions like that, I can imagine that but we are humans, 23 hour is such a tiny time without food… OMAD isn’t a new or extreme thing, people ate that since ages. A minority but such people exist… Oh well, maybe I just try not to talk about it with anyone anymore. It’s just my mission to do it as it’s the best for me. Not every day but usually.

Wow. I always stop counting after 4000 but I tend to stop eating after 4000 too :slight_smile:
In my case, it’s sometimes OMAD, sometimes (I have times when never, now I am lucky and I can do it well) TMAD, sometimes 3MAD, sometimes 4MAD and sometimes 5MAD. 4-5 only came with carnivore due to too easy satiation. Oh and there is grazing all day too, not my style normally but happens especially when I eat very off. Tricky as human food is so super dense and my satiation is so needy that I get my energy need very quickly… But sometimes it still happens.
But I usually don’t do clean OMAD, I have one bigger meal and a few bites here and there… Still good enough.

Today is wonderful, it’s almost 6pm and I am not hungry yet. So it will be OMAD as I never can skip a day.

EDIT: I realized my comment got too chaotic, I tend to do that normally but my super bad sleep last night definitely didn’t help. I will try not to write on the forum in the future, it would be good for me because of my food addiction but I know I will fail.

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Phew! thought it was just me lol

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Definitely not! There are days when I just eat non stop and I’m only little :rofl:

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That’s what I made the Biltong for. If I really have to snack for hours on end … at least it’s not nuts or crap


I only eat non stop on my Unsatiable Hunger days. It’s still just for my eating window so I probably start eating at 3pm and when I eat about twice my energy need (possibly protein too but it’s not necessary), I just give up and stay hungry until it passes… Fasting is great as it makes my hunger go away eventually. If I keep eating, it won’t happen in that odd state. WHY someone has such days to begin with? My satiation just breaks? :smiley: But for ONE single day, once in a blue moon… Weird.

So I stop when I lose patience but partially because my stomach and belly gets full eventually, I need to stop as it feels weird to eat more…
Stomach fullness is hard to reach (my food is dense and 2 liter is a huge volume) and it changes quickly so that wouldn’t keep me but I still feel some weight inside if I really eat a ton. So fortunately I stop.
And I don’t enjoy it at all as I am SUPER hungry in the whole time.

I probably don’t have it with proper food. I only had a few days over 4000 kcal on carnivore (and not even due to fatty dairy and zillion eggs! pork shoulder. it’s dangerous).

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Yes same for me, I put them down to hormonal or maybe training related (possibly both), but no matter how much I eat throughout the day, never after about 6pm or it messes with my sleep.

I have never lost hunger when fasting, IF easy, that happens naturally as my eating window is earlier in the day, but EF was always a struggle with hunger and I honestly felt awful so stopped doing it.


Some days I am not hungry and do OMAD, some days I am ravenous and graze. I just flow with it and watch what I eat, not how much or when. I am doing fine, lost the weight, maintenance just fine.