Did a pullup!


I am impressed and envious.
I have injured both shoulders, left working out with a coach, right fracturing and dislocation. I love that you did a pull-up with, as you described it, a monoceps…and moved on to six!
Well done!!!

(Michael) #22

I destroyed my left rotator cuff a few years ago, including a complete tear of my supraspinatus and partial tears on the infraspinatus and Teres Minor, so I feel you. I would say that 4/5 years later and mine may finally be mostly healed at this point. Great work on your progress - keep it up!

(Bob M) #23

Well, I hit 9 pull ups. These are what I call “reverse grip”, meaning that my palms point toward my body. I start with these mainly because my system is strange, has a dip in the middle of it just to the inside of the bars that hold it to the ceiling. I can do reverse grip but not normal grip there.

I then do 4 “normal” grip but wider (outside of the bars that hold the entire thing to the ceiling) pull ups, then do 3 pull ups on handles on the system. (Then, I do negatives where I start at the top and slowly go down, for all 3 types; then do 1/4 reps where I start from the bottom and go up a bit then down again, for all 3 types.)

It’s taken me YEARS to get to this point. So, if you’re exercising and not getting many results, keep at it. You will improve over time.

And if people tell you that everyone progresses at a certain rate, it’s bunk. They are the ones with the genetics to do that. Not everyone has those genetics.

An example. When Arnold Schwarzenegger came onto the scene, me and the friends I hung out with all wanted to look like him. We all exercised, many of us for years. While we got bigger and stronger, none of us came close to looking like him.

My repaired shoulder does really well. My not repaired one goes through phases. Sometimes it’s fine. Other times, it hurts. If it hurts too much, I back off, and will drop any exercises I think exacerbate the problem.

Oddly, what seems to make it hurt the most is when I do overhead work on the house. I think that’s because the exercises are very controlled and slow. But doing overhead work on the house is exhausting and in bad positions many times.