Second Quarter 2024 Maintenance Check In


This is the first of the quarterly threads. Since we are not daily active, this new format should be appropriate.

I am holding steady. Doing a few OMADs and mainly 2MADs.

How is everyone else doing? Is it easier with Springtime’s arrival?

March 2024 Maintenance Check In
(KM) #2

I can’t believe we’re in the second quarter already.

March was a very stable month for me, I do a daily weigh-in and I don’t think my top and bottom weight for the month was more than 2 lbs apart.

I’m up about a pound but have spent the last 3 days working through a giant pot of chili with beans, so probably out of ketosis. Unusual for me, tomorrow I return to steak and most likely drop it again.

Our weather is still crazy, every time I think I’ll get out and enjoy it, more cold rain or even snow. But I’m feeling spring on the way, looking forward to some nice April days.


(Geoffrey) #3

No change or challenge here. Just status quo with fat, meat, salt and water. Only when I’m hungry and as much as I want until I’m full.
I’ve been at my optimal weight now for over three months. It fluctuates between 170 and 174 on any given day but the average 172. Even though the weight is constant I’m still seeing a little mass coming off. It’s very slow now but still noticeable. The markers on my sleep apnea have gone down from a 22 to 11. So I’ve gone from moderate/ severe to mild. Nice improvement. My cardiologist has now reduced my last heart medication in half and in 90 days we will talk about taking me off of it completely. I have now gone one year without an AFib attack.

(Pete A) #4

Status quo still. 7 years in Sept.


I remembered weighing myself 2 days ago! It was afternoon but I am a morning zombie :smiley: I was 79kg. At some point I went up a few kgs for some reason (it’s annoying as I never did that before and yes, I went off keto as I do it all the time but I ate way more and waaaay worse stuff in the past without any gain but it seems I got older and changed or something. or my body wants to motivate me, who knows? it doesn’t make much sense but I am lost).

I expect April being my best month eating wise, closest to carnivore. As it is one of the months without fruit in my garden (January-May is typically like that, this year we will have strawberries way earlier but they aren’t one of my favs taste wise despite being red) but December is far away. Normally I am all for keto/carnivore in January but I messed up something this time and my citrus-y holiday desires lingered. Oh and I had a baking phase too.
February probably was better but still not good enough. March was better but the bar was low and it still wasn’t really good. But only 2 months are left and I had enough and anyway, the end of March was pretty okay, I felt ready for a carni month! Or 2 weeks or whatever I can do.

It’s pretty good this far but it was only 2.5 days. I have an air fryer now to make things more interesting!

I can eat leaner than ever now! It was hard as I strongly prefer fatty food, I got used to it on high-carb and never could avoid fat overeating for long despite my efforts since many years.
But now it is… easy? I LOVE my lean pork now. Of course I eat fattier things but I need plenty of fat, just not nearly as much as I had when I ate as little as I could before.
So I am pretty hopeful but what I definitely don’t want is gaining fat. I am around my heaviest ever now, maybe a bit below, I didn’t own a scale back then and while I measured 84kg on a digital scale, even that thing measured 82 a minute later… But I probably was a tad fattier. I probably am a tiny bit more muscular now…? I did lift and my weights got much heavier so hopefully it wasn’t all willpower and improved mind-muscle relationship? Surely not, I even see my biceps is bigger now. Still tiny! But curvier :smiley: My arm is the place where I never had much fat and it’s close to my eyes so I see it… :upside_down_face:

Good luck, everyone! Feel better, maintain or lose, gain muscles, whatever is your goals, get closer to them! :heart:

I heard about that from certain parts of the world… Meanwhile our February was warm and it’s warm since, basically. For the month, at least, we just stopped heating, it wasn’t THAT warm before! I don’t even remember when we had frost! We normally have it until May (and a tiny bit even in May sometimes but that doesn’t bother even the sensitive plants like tomatoes)!
We had snow in mid-March some years ago, super cold weather happened on 1st of March 1-2 years ago…? And now it’s very, very warm and I go to walk in t-shirts since several weeks, not all the time just on the warmest days and I don’t feel cold easily but STILL!
We used as much electricity in February as in a normal March (not the cold ones)! We heat with an A/C so it shows how warm the month was…

My garden is FULL with flowers, zillion spring flowers on the ground, (sour) cherry and pear flowers on the trees… Very pretty.


April marks my 7 yrs. ketoversary as well Had almost forgotten about it being this month.

Thanks for reminding me and congrats on the longevity. I’m proud for both of us.

(Pete A) #7

It seems funny after all this time to go on about it haha


Yea, just the way one lives now.


As I keep forgetting to weigh myself…
My long pants (I rarely wear them now as we have warm weather and the serious black jeans aren’t comfy or needed) are just fine for my morning walks if I use the 5th hole on the belt. We will see if things will progress here.

And it has nothing to do with maintenance but I can’t stand that I only told my SO and the carnivore thread… I have proof my (very very few this far) white hairs manage to go back to dark brown in about a week or maybe 1.5. Tiny thing but wow. I just wondered about this (in either direction). I know it’s a thing that a pigmented hair falls off and grow back white but changing the color during its lifespan? But I have found 2 that did that, changed color in the middle :smiley: Others stayed white (more like silvery, my hair is shiny! sometimes I see a lighter brown and think it’s white but nope, just shiny and lighter than average).
Did you see or hear about such a thing? It was new to me!

(KM) #10

As hair turns gray or white, yes, as long as the hair is still growing, it will change color “in the middle”. I think it’s pretty rare to have it turn back to having pigment though. Congratulations!


Thanks :slight_smile: I heard about it from others on this forum but they are others, not me :smiley: I never had such interesting benefits…

Before this, whenever I have found a white hair, it was all white. I have long hair so I would have a bigger chance to find a dark to white one if that would be common - though I had very very few white hairs this far… I surely will look out for these changes now :slight_smile: Not a big significance but interesting to me.