11 Months Keto Carnivour

(Sammy J Shuford) #1

Glucose running 75-90 fasting, Ketone at 2.0-2.5.

occasional 48 hours fast. Weight now 174

(Robin) #2

I’m guessing that’s the weight you want to maintain?
Good for you.

(Sammy J Shuford) #3

Im OK with it, not sure if i’ve lost all im going too

(Robin) #4

Good point. I reached my goal weight a couple years ago and slowly kept losing weight, while supposedly “maintaining”. I’m 20 pounds less than I ever imagined. Cruise control is awesome.

(Geoffrey) #5

I’m experiencing that right now. For the last three months I’ve been fluctuating between 170-174. So I figured that’s my optimal weight and of course I’m fine with that since that takes me back to high school weight. Then last week, all of a sudden I hit the scale and I’m at 167. So now that’s fluctuating between 167-170. Ok, cool, I’m down with that.

(Robin) #6

Kinda crazy, eh Geoffrey? My clothes are looser, but I mostly notice it in my love handles. No love these days.

(Geoffrey) #7

Yes it is and it’s a good crazy.

I don’t believe that, I love you.

(Rossi Luo) #8

Months ago, I met a friend and I told him I had went back to my college wight, he said “no, you have went back to high school”.
He was struggling with his over weight and his sever fatty liver, I told him the Keto diet could help him, but he didn’t really believe it.

(KM) #9

I understand that frustration. Ran into a neighbor the other day. I said I was doing simple whole food keto. We are about the same height and age but I would estimate she weighs at least 60 lb more than I do. She stood there nodding and eating a huge ice cream cone and said, “yeah well at our age there’s really not much you can do about it.”. :wave::roll_eyes: