Getting Started So you have decided to go keto. Maybe you have done a load of research and have a great plan laid out. Maybe you just want to skip all that and dive straight in today. Getting Started is just that - the basics, nice and simple, to get you going. You can worry about the finer points later. Not Losing Weight Newcomers: This is the place to put your topics about not losing weight yet on keto. Members can help you troubleshoot what you might be doing wrong. Tips from the Oldies Shared experience is so valuable and we can learn much from those who have gone before us. Tips from the Oldies is a place to collect that golden information and pass it on to the Newbies starting out.
Keto Is This Easy ( 2 3 ) [Newbies] (52)

Keto is this easy (aka Keto for beginners) Quick Version This is for Phase One—the starter phase. It’s still not complicated later, but this is the really easy-to-explain version which will help you no end. Eat under…

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